12 Amazing Office Essentials Make Working At Home More Effective

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Working from home let you have more flexible time when you’ve had a detailed schedule and achieved work-life balance. To keep productive and creative work at home, a well organized home office space with some smart items in reach boosts your creativity.
After determining the location of your work space, you need to consider choosing some proper work essentials for this space. Home office supplies need to save space if you don’t have a spare room for working at home. They should be easy to assemble, clean and use even kids can do that. The price is affordable. The quality is good and can be practically used for a long time.

1. Office desk corner organizer

If the office desk is placed in the corner of your room, this desk corner organizer will save a lot of space. The sturdy structure can hold up many office tools. Your file folders, notebooks, small artworks can be placed on the shelf. Writing materials can be stored in the drawer. The white and natural wood design can change up the style of your work space. It can be also used to store your beauty items in bedroom.

office desk corner organizer

2. Office desk writing tools and files organizer

The organizer keeps your office desk tidy by putting similar items together in handy area. It saves your time in searching often-used items without pouring out all stuff. It sits firmly on the office desk. The drawer slides out and goes back smoothly. It sorts out business paperwork and office supplies neatly.

home office supplies organizer

3. Wall pegboard organizer

Pegboard organizer makes a full use of the vertical wall space above your home office desk. Small containers can be set in the board to store your often-used items such as writing materials, headphones, tablets, mobile phones, models, monitor and so on. All small items in office can be set up on the wall. It’s super easy to display your office supplies neatly and conveniently in the way you want.

home office pegboard organizer

4. Office desktop display rack

The desktop shelf is very friendly to book and art lovers. It can store books, small potted plants, artworks, speakers, takes full advantage of the vertical space over the office desk.

over desktop display rack

5. Under desk storage drawers

This beautiful storage drawer is made of durable see-through plastic, which enable you to see the contents inside and get them easily. It can store all home office items and make full use of the space under desk. The 4 wheel casters make the storage cabinet easy to move in any room of your home.

under office desk wheel plastic cabinet

6. Small hidden tray drawer under desktop

The small tray drawer can be hidden under office desktop to store pens, erasers, scissors, eyewear and calculators in reach with neatness. It comes with very strong self-adhesive tape and it can be installed easily and securely in any smooth surface. It can slide smoothly, only needs a little space and doesn’t create clutter on top of the table. The little drawers add extra space to your home office.

hidden tray drawer under office desk

7. Standing to sitting office desk converter

Health experts have advised that sitting behind the desk all day long is bad for health. To keep your health and physical fitness, you’d better convert your work posture from time to time. The sit-stand desk converter can be moved up and down very smoothly and sturdily, easy to set up your computer and laptop. The keyboard tray saves a lot of vertical space and can fit well in your home office. You can get value for your money on this.

Standing to sitting office desk converter

8. Cable organizer

Cables and adapters get tangled together? Place a cable holder on the edge of your office desk, keep them separated and label them, so you can get all your cables well organized.

office cable organizer

9. Electric leg warmer

Do you feel cold when sitting at your office desk? This portable heater can keep your feet and legs or waist warm while sitting at your desk. It helps you concentrate on the work and saves energy from air conditioning in the entire room. It can be also safely used for children and pets in your home.

electric leg warmer

10. Home office chair cushion

If you don’t have an ergonomic office chair, why not tie a comfortable cushion to the wooden chair? It helps keep your work day smoother and cozier.

home office chair cushion

11. Office blanket

Home office is a place to keep productive and creative. It can be well organized and cozy. This bohemian style sherpa throw blanket has colorful design and super soft touch. The blanket will transform any space.

office blanket

12. Artistic green potted plant

The artistic green potted plant adds a touch of green to your work area décor like you want. The vase is attractive and rather cute. You will love the little natural color it brings to your office desk.

artistic green potted plant for office desk

13. Flower arrangement

The little floral piece completes the look of your home office and brings instant sweetness to the space, regardless genuine or faux flowers; they are pretty décor in any room without taking up too much space.

butterfly orchid for home office

14. Inspirational artwork on office desk or wall

Quotes artwork prints are modern and can bring an incredible touch to the boring home office wall. It’s a great work area statement piece.

home office wall prints

15. Work wear for home office

The business-casual outfits will keep you concentrated while working from home. The home office outfit can be simple and comfortable but no need to be that formal, wear clothes like T-shirt with blazer and jeans. You don’t need to wear heels.


These essentials get the most out of work space at your home, keep your office supplies in handy place and make a cozy home office to enhance your productivity. They may not be the highest end but the most practical and affordable pieces to make your work environment comfortable.

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