Bedroom Storage: 10 Easy Solutions to Have an Organized Bedroom

Sleep is an important part of our daily routine, bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, we spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping and having rest in this private space. As a result, an organized bedroom with aesthetics and functionality will improve the quality of sleep, which affects our life quality. To get our bedrooms organized and comfortable, we should have some clever ideas for our small bedroom storage.

1. Store items in storage boxes under the bed

There is a lot of space under the bed, which usually takes up to half of the bedroom. Due to the limitation of bed styles, it is usually impossible to place items that are too large or too small under the bed. However, it’s being a problem that how to make good use of such a considerable space.

The under-bed storage boxes can store seasonal clothes, beddings, shoes, books, toys under your bed, which saves a lot of space in the wardrobe. The storage bins are made of durable transparent plastic, which lets you find your stuff in seconds without opening. The covers of the boxes protect your stuff from dust. Wheels under the bins let you pull and push very easily. They are also stackable for other larger spaces.

Store items in storage box under the bed

2. Add shelves to bedroom storage

The multi-layers shelves are made from plated iron, very sturdy, and strong to bear decorative items. Triangle design makes it a beautiful and stylish home décor. The shelves are light and easy to hang for any space.

Store items on triangle shelves

3. Save vertical bedroom storage space with a multilayer wood bookshelf

You can always get the most bedroom storage from vertical space. If you are a reading lover and books are essential in your bedroom. Try to store your books in a vertical tree bookshelf. It occupies only a small corner to hold many books. The bottom drawer creates flat storage space for writing materials, notebooks, bookmarks, which also increases the stability of the whole bookshelf. If you don’t have that many books, why not try to put some clothes on the shelf and put socks gloves in the drawer?

Save vertical space with a multilayer wood bookshelf

4. Keep things besides your bed in a hanging organizer basket

The small fabric basket can store all of your small items in the bed, such as remote controllers, phones, cables, chargers, tablets, hair bands, magazines, and hand cream. It can be hung beside your bed, home office desk, chair, and sofa. With the multi-functional hanging basket, you will not have messy beds, desks, and sofa anymore.

Keep things beside your bed in a hanging organizer basket

5. Use vacuum storage bags to store seasonal beddings and clothes

Vacuum bags can increase your bedroom storage without having to clean out your closet. By squeezing every bit of air out of the bags, you can expand 80% more space in your wardrobes, suitcases, garages, and closets. The vacuum storage bags are the perfect home storage and traveling luggage packing helper. They can store blankets, duvet, bed sheets, and down jackets, but remember to leave a bit of air when you put cotton or down jackets and comforters in. Because air-tight packaging will make it difficult for the cotton and down stuffing to restore fluffy. Wash and air dry in the sun, cool them down before storing.

Use vacuum storage bags to store seasonal beddings and clothes

6. Use a hook over the door to organize your accessories

Accessories are easy to get messy. To get all stuff organized, just place a steel rack over the door, hang your hats, umbrella, scarves, handbags, belts, ties, shirts, jackets, keys, and daily wearing jewelry over the rack. The rack is very durable and saves a lot of space.

Use hook over the door to organize your accessories

7. Use triangle shelves and cabinets to get the most bedroom storage corners

To make full use of bedroom space, you can fill the corners with some triangle shelves and cabinets to store daily stuff, such as towels, tissue, books, candles, cosmetics, albums, and jewelry. Corner shelves can be metallic and wooden. Measure the corner space before you purchase.

Use triangle shelves and cabinet to get the most out of bedroom corners

8. Use the floor to ceiling clothes rack to organize clothes in the corner

Adjustable clothes drying rack is another great solution in bedroom storage. It can organize both dry and wet clothes neatly, the hangers are adjustable according to the length of clothes. You can adjust the whole tree hanger to fit any room height. It saves much space in the bedroom and balcony.

Use floor to ceiling clothes rack to organize clothes in corner

9. Use an organizer box to store jewelry and watches

Jewelry organizing is an important part of bedroom storage. Jewelry accessories are delicate and very easy to get tangled and scratched if stored together. To protect your jewelry accessories and watches, you’d better store them separately in a cool dark container. The jewelry container includes trays, mirrors, and drawers. It can store rings, necklaces, earrings, ear studs, brooches, eyewear, bracelets, charms, watches, and hair accessories. The clear mirror lets you dress up easily and classily. The container can protect your jewelry from scratches, abrasion, fading, and dust. You can also save time and effort in getting the necklace you want.

Use organizer box to store jewelry and watches

10. Use dividers to organize socks, scarves, underwear, and belts in drawers

The drawer organizer makes your drawer tidier and neater. It can easily store socks, underwear, bras, handkerchiefs, thin scarves, nail polish, lipstick, and other items. It can be easier to pick your items.

Use dividers to organize socks, scarves, underwear and belts in drawers

In conclusion, no matter how much bedroom storage space you have,  if you want to get your bedroom tidy and clean, you need to do a wardrobe cleanse first, fold sweaters and beddings, put away all items that are not in use, keep drawers tidy, hang daily use items over the rack. You can do it alone or ask your roommate for help. After all, organizing needs patience, time, and effort.

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