Best Anti-Theft Backpacks to Keep Your Belongings Safe For Travelling

If you’re heading out on a trip or just exploring a crowded city, keeping your belongings safe from theft is a top priority. But with so many potential threats, how do you safeguard against them all?

One effective solution is to invest in an anti-theft backpack. These bags are designed with reinforced steel cables that make it virtually impossible for straps to be cut. You’ll also want to choose a bag that is made with cut-resistant fabric, lockable zippers, and plenty of compartments to keep your items organized.

Whether you’re looking for more information about anti-theft backpacks or simply want to learn how to protect yourself from theft, there are plenty of resources available to help. And if you’re on the hunt for a great anti-theft backpack, be sure to check out the models we’ve recommended here – they’re all highly rated and designed to keep your belongings secure.

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What To Consider When Choosing Anti-theft Backpacks?

Choosing an anti-theft backpack can be a daunting task, given the wide range of options available in the market. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting an anti-theft backpack:


The capacity of an anti-theft backpack refers to the amount of space available inside the backpack to carry your belongings. Consider what you will be using the backpack for. Will you be using it for everyday commuting, travel, or outdoor activities? Different purposes require different capacities.

Think about what you need to carry in the backpack. Do you need to carry a laptop, tablet, books, clothes, or other bulky items? Make sure the backpack you choose has enough space to accommodate your essentials.

Look for an anti-theft backpack with multiple compartments, so you can organize your belongings efficiently. This will also help you determine the right capacity for your needs.

Keep in mind that the larger the backpack, the heavier it may be, which can cause discomfort during extended use. Be sure to choose a backpack that is comfortable to wear, even with all your belongings inside.


Look for a backpack made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. Choose a bag with a strong and durable zipper, as well as reinforced seams and stitching.

Look for backpacks made of durable materials, such as ballistic nylon or polyester, which are resistant to scratches, tears, and water damage. Some backpacks may also be reinforced with metal wire or other materials to make them even more durable.

Look for backpacks with reinforced stitching, especially around stress points like shoulder straps and zippers.


Zippers are one of the most vulnerable parts of a backpack, so look for backpacks with high-quality, lockable zippers that are made to withstand repeated use. Lockable zippers can deter pickpockets or prevent them from quickly unzipping your bag and stealing your belongings.

Some anti-theft backpacks have hidden zippers or pockets, which can provide an additional layer of security by making it harder for thieves to find and access your belongings.

Consider whether the backpack has water-resistant zippers, which can prevent water from entering the bag and damaging your electronics or other valuables.
The size of the zipper can also affect its functionality. Look for backpacks with larger zippers, as they can be easier to open and close quickly.


The padding on the back and shoulder straps can also affect the durability of a backpack.

Look for backpacks with thick and durable padding made from materials such as foam or neoprene. Some backpacks have thick and breathable padding that can withstand daily use. Make sure the backpacks have padding not only in the laptop compartment but also in other areas where you may store electronics.

Some backpacks have customizable padding, allowing you to adjust the size of the compartments to fit your electronics snugly. This can provide better protection than a one-size-fits-all approach.

If the backpack you’re considering doesn’t have sufficient padding, you can also use soft items like t-shirts or towels to protect your electronics.


Anti-theft backpacks can be incredibly versatile and useful for a variety of situations. Some anti-theft backpacks can also be converted into a shoulder bag, tote, or briefcase, providing you with different options for carrying your belongings.

Consider whether the backpack’s style and design can be easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe or can be used for different activities, such as travel or outdoor adventures.

Security Features

Look for a backpack that has reinforced straps with steel wire, which can prevent thieves from cutting through the straps and stealing your backpack.

A backpack made of slash-resistant material can prevent thieves from cutting open your backpack and stealing your belongings.

Choose a bag that features lockable zippers and RFID-blocking pockets to prevent electronic theft, which can protect your credit cards, passports, and other sensitive information from being scanned and stolen.

Consider backpacks with hidden pockets or compartments, which can make it harder for thieves to find and access your belongings.

Some anti-theft backpacks come with GPS tracking, which can help you locate your backpack if it’s stolen.

Comfort and Convenience

Choose a backpack that is comfortable to wear, even for long periods. Look for a bag with padded shoulder straps and back panels, as well as adjustable straps and waist belts, to customize the fit and help distribute the weight evenly.

Look for a backpack that is lightweight, especially if you will be carrying it for long periods of time. This can help reduce strain on your back and shoulders.
Padded straps and a padded back panel can help distribute weight more evenly and reduce pressure points.

A backpack with breathable materials and good ventilation can help prevent sweating and discomfort.


When choosing an anti-theft backpack, you may also want to consider the style that best suits your needs and preferences. There are plenty of options available, from sleek and minimalist designs to more colorful and playful ones. Here are some common styles to consider:

  • Classic Backpack: A classic backpack style is a popular choice for its versatility and practicality. It usually features multiple pockets and compartments, making it easy to organize and access your belongings.
  • Sling Bag: A sling bag is a smaller, cross-body bag that is worn over one shoulder. It can be a good option if you only need to carry a few items and want to keep them close to your body.
  • Briefcase-Style Backpack: A briefcase-style backpack combines the convenience of a backpack with the professional look of a briefcase. It typically has a more structured shape and features a handle for carrying.
  • Convertible Backpack: A convertible backpack can be transformed from a backpack to a messenger bag or briefcase, depending on your needs. This can be a good option if you need flexibility in how you carry your bag.

By considering the style of the anti-theft backpack, you can find one that not only meets your security needs but also fits your personal style and lifestyle.


The type of fabric used in an anti-theft backpack is an important consideration when choosing the right one for you. Here are some common options:

  • Cut-Resistant Fabric: Some anti-theft backpacks are made with cut-resistant fabric, which is designed to be difficult to slash or puncture. This can add an extra layer of security to your backpack and protect your belongings from theft.
  • Waterproof Fabric: If you’re planning to use your anti-theft backpack for outdoor activities or in wet weather conditions, you may want to choose one made with waterproof fabric. This can keep your belongings dry and protected from the elements.
  • Lightweight Fabric: To keep your backpack lightweight and easy to carry, you may want to choose one made with lightweight fabric. Nylon and polyester are popular lightweight options that are also durable and long-lasting.
  • Eco-Friendly Fabric: For those who are environmentally conscious, some anti-theft backpacks are made with eco-friendly fabrics like recycled materials or sustainable textiles. These backpacks can be a great option for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

By considering the type of fabric used in an anti-theft backpack, you can find one that meets your needs for security, durability, weight, and environmental impact.

How Can I Prevent Myself Safe From Being A Target By A Thief?

Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe from being a target by a thief:

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Thieves often look for easy targets who are distracted or not paying attention to their surroundings. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas or places where theft is common. If you feel uneasy or unsafe, leave the area immediately.
  • Keep your valuables hidden: Avoid carrying expensive jewellery, electronics, or other valuables in plain sight. Keep them hidden in a bag or pocket, or leave them at home if you don’t need them.
  • Use anti-theft measures: Consider using anti-theft measures such as an anti-theft backpack, a padlock, or a combination lock to secure your belongings. These can help deter thieves and make it harder for them to steal from you.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash: Try to use credit or debit cards instead of carrying large amounts of cash. If you do need to carry cash, keep it in a secure location like a money belt or hidden pocket.
  • Stay in well-lit areas: Thieves are more likely to target people in poorly lit areas or alleys. Stay in well-lit areas, especially at night, and avoid walking alone if possible.

By following these tips, you can help reduce your risk of being targeted by a thief and keep yourself and your belongings safe.

Do Anti-Theft Backpacks Actually Work?

If your anti-theft backpack is made from high-quality, durable materials with reinforced straps, steel cables, and lockable zippers, it can provide an added level of security for your belongings. However, it is important to remember that no bag or security measure is 100% foolproof, and determined thieves may still find a way to access your belongings. It is still important to exercise caution and follow safety tips when traveling with valuable items.

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