10 Amazing Essentials for Successful Backyard Fall Parties

The autumn season brings to mind colourful leaves, amazing pies, and Thanksgiving. It is the season of plenty. That is why it is the perfect time to gather family and friends. Enjoy the companionships and celebrate the change. To help you achieve this we have put together all the must-have items you will need for your backyard fall parties.

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The proper decorations set the mood for the whole event, and you don’t have to break the bank to get it right. Mixing different types of lighting can create a magical environment when the sun goes down. From candles to solar-powered and battery operated the choices are almost unlimited.

1. Pumpkin Reception.

Since it is the season of plenty of pumpkins and gourds, use them to welcome guests. Fill a wheelbarrow with an assortment of vegetables and paint greetings on the larger pumpkins. Set up the welcome cart in the front yard.

2. Hang a Wreath on Your Front Entrance.

Surprising as it may seem wreaths are easier to make than you can imagine. Grab a bunch of wreath forms, floral wire and materials like different coloured leaves, cattails, and flannel. You can even add some pine cones. Only your imagination is your limitation. If making your own is not your deal, you can always buy one.

3. Wooden Welcome Sign at Garden Entrance.

What about hanging a hand-craft pumpkin welcome sign at the entrance of your garden? Warm greetings to friends and neighbours.

pumpkin welcome sign

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Lighting is an essential part of any outdoor gathering. From defining the parameter, and entertaining spaces to marking paths, lights offer practical as well as decorative functions. Mixing different types of lighting can create a magical environment when the sun goes down. You can choose from LED string lights to solar-powered tiki torches and lanterns, the choices are almost unlimited.

tiki torch

4. Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches were traditionally crafted out of bamboo with a fuel container and wick at the top. Now tiki torches can be purchased in different materials such as glass, copper and wood. You can opt for the flame producing a model or solar-powered one without a flame.


If you prefer real flames, you can select from oil-burning models or ones that run on gas. Oil is generally cheaper and readily available.

Kerosene or paraffin oils work equally well. For the environmentally conscious, know that paraffin burns cleaner. Both provide many hours of light.

Citronella oil is another fuel that can be used. It provides the additional benefit of deterring mosquitos and insects. It burns slower than kerosene and paraffin and releases not smoke. However, it is more costly compared to other oils.

Tiki citronella torch fuel

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Gas and propane tiki lights tend to have higher upfront costs compared to oil-burning ones. They give off a brighter light and require less maintenance. You can choose from models using blow torch gas canisters or ones with a permanent underground connection.

Solar-powered tiki torches are another option. The LED bulb and solar-powered battery are hooked at the top of the pole. The sun charges the battery during the day and it provides many hours of light at night. The danger of fire is eliminated with these but batteries don’t get charged on overcast days. Also, you have to make sure to place them where there is bright sun during the day.

solar powered tiki torch

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You also have the option of selecting a tabletop model or pole. The pole torches offer a more impressive appearance and are easily pushed in the dirt, giving more placement options. Tabletop models require a surface for placement but do add character to any setting.


Tiki torches can be purchased in many different materials. The bamboo models give a very rustic look and match the autumn mood. They are also the most inexpensive type of torches available. Their poles tend to have variable lengths and are not always perfectly straight.

Metal ones can be purchased in copper, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or iron. While more expensive, they are also more durable, capable of withstanding extreme elements over many years.
Glass torches looking amazing and provide the ultimate decorative look. They are very fragile, breaking easily if knocked over.

Quantity & Height

You can purchase tiki torches as single pieces or in sets that range from 2 to 12 pieces. Buying them insets provides better value. Generally, a tiki torch should be placed every 15 feet, so measure the area you want to cover.

The height of the pole can vary from three to six feet. The latter models illuminate more space. This will change the number of lights you need. The shorter lights will have to be placed closer as they illuminate smaller areas.

5. String Lights

String lights are another way to give your outdoor area a decorative and inviting look. There is a large variety available, so you have to consider several features.


There are many different types of lights to select from, each with its own benefits. LED string lights use very little electricity, and the bulbs do not heat up. They are long life, and because they don’t get hot, they have plastic bulbs. This is a good safety feature as they don’t shatter if dropped. The incandescent lights are readily available, but they are not energy efficient. They also have short lifespans. The bulbs are made of glass do get hot. Solar lights require no outlet; just put them anyplace with plenty of sunlight during the day. In the evening you will get six to eight hours of brightness. Finally, there are the battery-operated ones. They only require two to six batteries and give several hours of brightness.


Different styles and shapes of string light bulbs can be purchased. Each style gives your space a unique appearance. The globe bulbs are intended for decoration purposes and can be purchased in different sizes. The Edison bulbs give a vintage look. The tiny bulbs of fairy lights offer a magical appearance. y look like fireflies and are about the size of a grain of rice. They are perfect for hanging on tree branches or bushes. Rope lights work well as fence hangings or stringing between deck posts.


6. Firepit

This is a great investment as you can use it several times every season. Whether it is the family only or gatherings, it is a must-have item to create those special memories. When the sun goes down and temperatures plummet, a fire pit keeps everyone defrosted. Better it even keeps bugs at bay. You have several options when it comes to the type of fire pit you opt for.

firepit for fall party


A temporary fire pit can be as simple as a hole in the ground. However, if you are interested in something more permanent then a large variety of styles are available. You can choose from the basic bowl-shaped ones, made from different materials to multi-story ones. Some multifunctional models are equipped with beverage coolers others resemble low tables with spaces drinks or a plate.


Inhaling smoke from burning wood is dangerous and environmental protection agencies are making every effort to raise awareness. Different agencies working to maintain air quality also offer information on pollution caused by burning wood. All counties and states have their own laws regarding open fires in pits or holes in the ground. Before building such a fire make sure to find what the law in your area is.


As opposed to open wood fires, propane or natural gas pits can even be used on covered porches. They are also cleaner and easier to deal with as they produce no smoke, debris or ashes.

If opting for a fire bowl pit, select one that can withstand the wear and tear. Aluminium cast ones are unlikely to rust, whereas copper can stain. Cast iron is a good choice as it is solid, but it is heavy.


outdoor furniture

7. Seating

Outdoor furniture is on the top of the list of must-have items for backyard autumn parties. Before purchase, consider the type of activities you most typically do outdoors. If you plan to host outdoor cocktails, then a dining table is not needed. Next, measure your space to decide how many pieces you can accommodate.


Cedar, teak, metal and weather-resistant wicker pieces tend to stand up against whatever nature throws at them. With regular maintenance, these materials will give years of pleasure.


Soft puffed up pillows make the furniture more inviting and comfortable. Look for all-weather materials that minimize mildew growth and fading of colour. Removable covers make maintenance easier as all you need to do is plop them in the washing machine.

So what is the best outdoor furniture material?

Well, the ultimate decision depends on what you are looking for. But here are the main points to consider in a nutshell.

1. For low-upkeep, lightweight and something ultra-modern, nothing beats resin wicker.

2. For nature lovers who feel nothing beats the natural wood, teak is most suitable for the outdoors.

3. If metal is your thing, then aluminium is the hands-down choice, as it is lightweight stands up to the elements. However, if you are looking for something ornate, then wrought iron should be your choice.

Fall Theme Party Tableware

8. Disposable Paper Dinnerware Set

Regardless of yellow sunflowers or orange pumpkins or maple leaves designed, a set of paper plates, cups, napkins can really make you a break after a tight day for preparation. They save your energy on cleanup after gathering, also save your beautiful china set from breaking by the little guests. You can find them at the dollar store or Amazon easily. However, before purchasing, do ask the sellers if the cups can be used for hot beverages if you’d like to serve some.

fall party paper dinnerware set

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9. Pumpkin Table Cover

With a polyester table cover, you can wipe the leftovers and the table easily with a damp cloth. Because it’s stain-resistant. And the stylish pumpkin prints can add a fall touch to your party. After the party, it can be used on your dinner table.

polyester fall theme pumpkin table cloth

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Happy Memories

10. Photo Booth Props

Happy fall party must leave happy memories. Prepare some special fall elements for your guests to take funny photos. These photo props can be used on many occasions.


fall party photo booth prop

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