6 Best Bath Pillows for Comfortable Home Spa

Warm baths not only make blood flow more efficient, but they also increase oxygenation. This allows you to breathe deeper and faster, especially when inhaling steam. A hot bath or spa can help to kill bacteria and increase immunity. This can help with symptoms such as the flu and cold.

After a long day, a relaxing bath is a great way of unwinding. Add a soft bath pillow to make it even more relaxing. Your tub can be transformed into a personal spa you will never want to leave. A bath pillow supports your neck, back, and head so you can relax without having to rest against the tub’s hard surface.

Before you can relax, here are some things to remember. Inflatable bath pillows can be used for basic purposes. Inflatable pillows offer less functionality and comfort than cushioned pillows. These pillows are usually made from memory foam, polyester, or other soft materials. You can find pillows that support your head and neck or those that cushion your entire body. Low-quality pillows won’t hold their shape if they don’t attach to the bathtub with suction cups.

Best Bath Pillows

1. Gorilla Grip Bathtub Spa Bath Pillow

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Comfortable and waterproof


  • Dry quickly and mildew-resistant
  • With multiple suction cups
  • Ultra thick foam padding
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for all bath tubs

2. Bath Haven Headrest Bath Pillow

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Breathable and comfortable


  • Supportive cushion to wrap your upper body
  • Stay firmly with multiple suction cups
  • Additional useful storage washing bag


  • Need to be fully dried after each use to prevent molding

3. AmazeFan Bath Pillow

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Comfy and sturdy


  • Soft cushion for head, neck, and shoulders
  • Convenient to dry with the built-in hook
  • Machine washable mesh bag


  • Suction cups may not stay in place all the time, especially submerged in the water for long

4. Kandoona Bath Pillow

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Ergonomic and effective


  • With ergonomic neck support
  • Come with a mesh bag and make it easy to wash with machine
  • Dry out quickly with an extra drying hook after squeezing water
  • Tight grips on most tubs


  • The suction cups don’t work for all hot tubs.

5. Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

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Comfy and nice looking


  • Easy cleaning and storage
  • Provide comfort and relaxation during bath
  • Dry quickly with a breathable mesh cover and a built-in hook
  • The suction cup sticks well on the bathtub


  • Rare scratchy back for sensitive skin
  • The suction cups are not for all bathtubs.

6. Bath Haven Bath Pillow Full Body Mat

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Easy to maintain


  • Save your butt bone when laying on
  • Comfortable mattress in the bathtub
  • Powerful suction
  • Quick drying with water permeable material


  • Full drying is needed for preventing molding and smelling
  • Occasional skin irritation reports

What to Consider When Buying Bath Pillows?


The material of a bath pillow includes the filling material and cover material. There are three main fillings and two common cover materials used for bath pillows.

Inflatable bath pillows usually have a vinyl or PVC cover. You can fill them with warm water to make the experience more relaxing. These pillows are the cheapest options but offer limited support and comfort. Because their sharp edges may scratch your skin if they are not properly positioned.

Gel or bead bath pillows can offer better support than inflatable pillows. They can mold and shift to fit your neck, shoulders, and head.

Foam bath pillows can be the most expensive but provide the best support. Some pillows use memory foam which adjusts to your specific shape. Others offer basic foam that is easy to compress and decompress. Foam pillows are more expensive but they are still the most popular choice.

Vinyl or PVC covers are usually smooth and more comfortable than fabric but are still less soft than fabrics. They are easy to clean due to their smooth surface. Polyester mesh and similar materials are also often used as the fabric of bath pillow covers.
Although fabric covers are soft to touch, they can be more difficult to clean. Some pillow covers may be lined with ribbed or padded patterns that make the pillows beautiful.

If you have sensitive skin, synthetic materials may not be suitable. You should choose a natural fabric cover, so your skin doesn’t get any scratchy feeling or irritation. Consider a pillow with removable covers that can be washed easily.


There are two main bath pillow shapes: Head and shoulder, Full body.

Head-and-shoulder bath pillows are compact and easy to store. While some models look like traditional pillows, others have curved edges to support your neck, shoulder, and upper back, just like a warm hug.

Full-body bath pillows can support you from the head to the bottom. Consider a bath pillow with good neck support and also back support if needed. They are suitable for long-time baths and helpful for people who need to relieve back pain.

Suction cups

Bath pillows are attached to your tub by suction cups. Make sure you check the quality and quantity of the suction cup. Smaller suction cups will be more susceptible to cracking that could cause damage to the suction. It is better to choose larger suction cups, which are usually made of thick rubber.

A majority of bath pillows come with four to eight suction cups. Your pillow will be more stable if it has more suction cups. Excellent suction cups are essential for a heavy pillow, especially if it’s filled with gel or other liquids.

Many bath pillows can be made flexible to fit into tubs of various shapes and angles.

Built-in hanging hook

After the pillows have been washed, you must allow them to dry. Hanging a pillow on a built-in hook makes it easy to store and allows for drying on the towel rack in the open air.


Many pillows are made from materials that resist mold, bacteria, and mildew. This is especially important for fabric-covered pillows as they are more likely to trap water. It can cause skin irritation and make your pillow look gross.

PVC and vinyl pillows are easy to clean. However, fabric pillows can be difficult to clean. Bath pillows must be fully dried after each use to prevent molding.


Although most bath pillows come in white, there are many options for different patterns and colors. For example, dark grey will look new even after a period of use. You might consider a pillow in complementary colors if you want your bathroom to match.

How to Properly Use and Store Bath Pillows?

Measure the length and width of the bathtub before buying. This can ensure that you consider the bath pillow shape and dimensions according to your actual needs.

If mildew is a problem in your bathroom, dry your bath pillow well in the air after each use.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can wash most bath pillows with soap and water. But only some models can be washed in the machine when protected in the washing bag.

To prevent suction cups from losing or slipping, make sure to clean them regularly.

Store it in a cool, dry, and dark place after it’s fully dried.


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