Best Bathtub Caddy Tray to Get All Bathroom Essentials Within Reach

A good book and a glass of wine can make a relaxing bath complete. A bathtub caddy can serve as a tiny table for your bathtub, allowing you to transform a simple soak into a spa-like experience. It provides easy access to candles, soaps, books, essential oils, drinks, snacks, and even electronics while keeping them away from the water. If you are someone who enjoys taking long baths, then you know how important it is to have all your bathroom essentials within reach.

Although this simple accessory can make your bath more enjoyable, not all bathtub caddies are created equal. They come in different sizes and configurations, and some may be more effective than others.

Despite the fact that the cost of bathtub caddies is relatively consistent, it is still critical to choose one with the features that you require.

To simplify your shopping experience, in this buying guide, we will take a closer look at bathtub caddy trays, including their materials, size, and designs, and provide useful information and a few suggestions to help you find the best one for your needs.

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What to Consider When Choosing The Best Bathtub Caddy Tray?


When it comes to bathtub trays, there are several materials to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular materials include:


Bamboo bathtub caddies are a popular choice for their luxurious appearance. This fast-growing natural material is not only durable but also water-resistant, although it can still be susceptible to mold or warping. It is important to ensure that bamboo bath caddies dry completely after use. In addition to their aesthetics, bamboo caddies are eco-friendly, sturdy, and resistant to water. Their lightweight design makes them easy to handle and store as well.

Teak and Other Wood

A wood bathtub caddy can add a touch of luxury to your bathtime experience. They often have a natural finish and may feature a variety of compartments and holders for your bathtime essentials.

When choosing a wood bathtub caddy, it’s important to look for one that is well-lacquered to protect against moisture damage and mold growth.

Teak bathtub caddies are naturally water-resistant and durable, making them an excellent choice for use in wet environments. In addition to their functionality, teak caddies also offer a warm and elegant appearance that can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

While teak is a natural and long-lasting material, it is also the most expensive option available due to its durability and water-resistant properties. Despite the cost, the investment in a teak caddy is worthwhile for those looking for a high-quality and luxurious bathroom accessory.

Additionally, you may want to consider the size and adjustability of the caddy to ensure it fits comfortably across your bathtub. Some wood caddies may also feature a removable soap dish or a foldable design for added convenience.


Acrylic caddies are lightweight, shatterproof, and easy to clean. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs, making them a popular choice for those who want to add a pop of color to their bathroom.

Stainless steel and aluminum

Stainless steel bathtub caddies are a durable and rust-resistant option for those looking for a long-lasting bathroom accessory. Some models even come with additional features such as stemware or tablet holders, making them more versatile than bamboo caddies.

Stainless steel and aluminum shower caddies are less likely to rust compared to other materials such as chrome or iron. They are both strong and durable, making them perfect for holding heavy items like shampoo bottles and soap. Additionally, they are easy to clean and waterproof, making them a low-maintenance option for your shower.

However, due to their basket design, smaller items may slip into the tub, which can be inconvenient. Despite this, stainless steel caddies are a great choice for those who prioritize durability and versatility.


Plastic bathtub caddies are a waterproof and affordable option for those on a budget. However, they may not be as durable, versatile, or feature-rich as caddies made from other materials. And they may not have as many features such as built-in holders for stemware or tablets. Despite this, they remain a practical option for those looking for a cost-effective and waterproof solution.


Bathtub caddies vary in size and weight, which can impact their usefulness and functionality.

The size of your bathtub caddy tray will depend on your bathtub’s dimensions and the items you want to keep on it.

Width is an important factor to consider when choosing a bathtub caddy. While most caddies are long enough to span a tub, they can vary in width from about six inches to nine inches. A wider caddy can hold more items, but it may not fit in all tubs.

Standard bathtub trays are typically between 25 and 40 inches long and can hold items like a book, a tablet, a glass of wine, and a candle.


Adjustability is also an important consideration. Some caddies also come with adjustable wings that allow you to extend the tray’s width, making it compatible with larger bathtubs.
Most caddies are designed to fit tubs between 30 and 32 inches wide, but an adjustable caddy can accommodate nonstandard tub sizes. Some caddies can extend up to 42 inches, while others may not extend past 33 inches.


Weight is another factor to consider when choosing a bathtub caddy. Plastic or stainless steel caddies are the lightest, weighing about two pounds or less. Bamboo and teak caddies are heavier, weighing between four and five pounds. While the weight difference may not be significant, it can impact how easy the caddy is to handle and store.


In addition to adjustable sides, bathtub caddies can come with a variety of features to enhance your bathing experience. These features include


Cupholders are a common feature of bathtub caddies, and some are designed specifically to hold wine glasses. The design of the wine glass holder can vary, with some holding the base of the glass and others holding it by the stem. The clip-style holder is generally more secure, as it prevents the glass from tipping over.

Spa tray

A removable spa tray can make it easier to store the caddy and also allows you to clean it more thoroughly. Some spa trays also have drainage holes to prevent water from accumulating and causing damage to your bath products.

Tablet/Book stand and cover

A book/tablet stand is a popular feature on many bathtub caddies. It allows you to prop up your book or tablet at an angle, so you can read or watch movies while you soak in the tub. Some stands are adjustable, so you can change the angle of the book or tablet. When not in use, the stand should be able to lie flat on the caddy for easy storage.
Transparent plastic covers can protect your book or tablet from splashing, and removable spa trays for holding bath bombs and other items.

Cell phone holder

Some bathtub caddies have a dedicated slot or holder to keep your phone securely in place while you enjoy your bath. This allows you to watch videos, take calls, or listen to music hands-free, without worrying about your phone falling into the water. It’s a useful feature for those who like to stay connected while they relax.


Grips are an important feature to consider when choosing a bathtub caddy, especially if you have a slippery bathtub surface or want to protect your tub from scratches. The grippy material on the bottom of the caddy provides traction and stability, keeping the caddy in place during use. Silicone and rubber are popular materials used for grips on bathtub caddies.

Removable soap dish

A removable soap dish can be a helpful feature in a bathtub caddy. It allows you to easily remove the dish and clean it separately from the caddy itself, which can help prevent soap buildup and keep the caddy looking and functioning at its best over time. Some caddies may also have additional removable trays or compartments for holding other bath items, which can also be useful for easy cleaning and organization.


A bathtub caddy with foldable legs can be a versatile addition to your home. In addition to providing a convenient surface for holding your bath essentials, it can also be used as a laptop desk or a surface for writing or reading in bed. Just make sure that the caddy is sturdy and can hold the weight of your laptop or other items without wobbling or tipping over.


Bathtub caddy trays come in various designs and styles, ranging from simple and functional to decorative and elegant. Some popular designs include:

Minimalist: Minimalist designs feature clean lines and simple shapes, making them perfect for those who prefer a no-fuss look.

Rustic: Rustic designs feature natural materials like wood and rope, giving them a cozy and inviting feel.

Luxury: Luxury designs often feature high-end materials like teak and brass, and may include additional features like built-in book stands and wine glass holders.

When choosing a design, consider your bathroom’s overall decor and your personal style.

What is the Difference between Bathtub Caddy and Bathtub Tray?

A bathtub caddy typically has multiple compartments or holders for various items, such as a book or tablet stand, a cup holder, a cell phone holder, and a spa tray. Some caddies may also have foldable legs or suction cups to keep them securely in place on the tub’s surface. On the other hand, a bathtub tray is usually a flat surface that rests across the top of the tub and may have one or two slots to hold items like a book or a cup. While a bathtub caddy offers more features and compartments for organizing bath essentials, a bathtub tray is a simpler option for those who only need a flat surface to hold a few items.


A bathtub caddy tray is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves taking long baths. When shopping for a caddy, consider the materials, size, and design to find one that meets your needs and complements your bathroom’s decor. Don’t forget to check out our selection of shower curtains to complete your bathroom’s look!

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