5 Best Bookshelves to Create A Home Library for You

A good set of bookshelves is not necessary to enjoy reading. They’re more than a place to store books. They combine form and function. Bookshelves can also be used as display areas for photos and your most treasured items, whether they are books or not.

The style of the bookshelves will make a statement in any room. There are many bookshelves to choose from, so it may be difficult to choose the right one. But once you have found the perfect bookshelf for your space, you can use it for many years or even decades.

We strive to make shopping easy. We conduct extensive research to ensure you are fully informed about the product. This means that you will be able to find the right items for your needs quickly and easily.
Our shopping guide will help you shop for the best bookshelves. This guide has all the information you need to choose the right shelves for your home.

Best Bookshelves

1. Nathan James Theo 6-Shelf Tall Bookcase

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Minimalist style


  • It has a sturdy metal frame and oak-laminate wood shelves.
  • This bookcase is compact and space-saving for any space.
  • The wall-mounted structure is durable enough to hold books.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • The bottom could be wall-mounted for security.

2. VASAGLE Ladder 4-Tier Bookshelf

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Top rated


  • This ladder shelf comes with good-looking and functions.
  • It adds a rustic touch to any space.
  • Its 4-shelf storage allows for heavy loads up to 11 pounds per level.
  • It is easy to put together.


  • The size is not large as expected. It’s better to check the dimensions carefully before purchasing.

3. Walker Edison Furniture Bookcase

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Durable for book storage


  • The bookshelf has a long-lasting construction of powder-coated metal and MDF shelves.
  • It is easy to put together
  • This can add a sleek touch to any space.
  • It is heavy and sturdy to hold heavy books and decorations.


  • Shelves are not adjustable.
  • It’s a bit heavy for transportation.

4. IRIS USA Cube Bookshelf Storage Cubby Shelf

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Compact and versatile


  • The 3-tier cube shelf is compact, versatile for small spaces.
  • This durable MDF boards booshelf allows for vertically or horizontally placing as a shelf or a table.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It’s not made of solid wood.

5. SEIRIONE Kids Bookshelf

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Best for kids' room


  • This bookshelf comes out of engineered wood and wear-resistant cotton linen.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The material is sturdy and eco-friendly.
  • It stands solid without tipping over.


  • Books may not stand straight on a bookshelf with cloth bags.

What to Consider When Buying Bookshelves?


Before buying a bookshelf, you need to think about your purpose. They usually serve two purposes:

  • Display arts on shelves.
  • Store daily-use items that are easy to access, such as books.

These two purposes lead to the type of your bookshelf.

Bookshelf types


This is the most common way people imagine a bookcase. The bookcase features shelves that have a closed back. Some models have glass doors at the front. The standard bookshelves can be used for book storage, but they also make great display pieces for artwork and framed photos.


Corner bookshelves can be placed in corners to maximize space. The back angle is typically 90 degrees so that the piece can be tightly fitted into a corner. Some shelves have shallower shelves at the top than those at the bottom.


You can see through the bookshelves because they are open. They are great for smaller spaces as they can make a small space seem larger. Because they are open, the items that you place on them can take center stage in the decor. The bookcase, despite its simple appearance, can be a major statement on its own.


Ladder bookshelves’ slim, open design makes them ideal for small spaces. The ladder-like appearance of the lower shelves is due to the fact that they are often deeper than the upper shelves. These bookcases are similar to other open bookcases and can be used to display decorative objects or other items in your interior design.


Divider bookshelves can double as shelving or room dividers. They are typically open-backed, but they can be made in many heights. The floor-to-ceiling models can offer the most privacy, while shorter models provide more light.


The name suggests that folding bookshelves are hinged so that they can be folded to make it easier to move. These bookshelves can be very useful, but they don’t make the most striking design statement.
Locking wheels are a feature of some bookshelves that make it easy to move them if needed.


Standard bookshelves, corner bookshelves, and divider bookshelves may have drawers and/or doors. Their doors can be made from the same material of the bookshelves. However, glass doors are always the best choice for displaying your photos, mementos, or beautiful arts and protecting your items from clutter. Metal or wooden doors can conceal contents and make them dust-free.
Open bookshelves and ladder bookshelves don’t have doors. Things on them may appear messy and need to clean frequently.
Hinged doors may need more space when opened but last longer than sliding doors.


There are many bookshelf sizes available. Take measurements of the space that you have to work with. So you should have no problem finding one that fits your space. However, there are a few things that will affect this decision.

The first is how much space you have in your room where you plan to place it. You can opt for a bookshelf with a width of several feet if there is plenty of space. Taller bookcases can be more functional and stylish while offering more storage space. The majority of bookcases are between 3 and 10 feet high.

If you are looking for multi-purpose furniture, a short bookcase can be versatile as an entertainment center, a desk, or a work surface.

If you don’t have much to store or don’t have enough space, you will need to choose a few small bookshelves. In order to create more storage space, you can place narrower bookshelves next to each other. shorter shelves can be stackable.

You should also consider how many shelves a bookcase has. While some models are shorter, they can have as many as three shelves, while taller ones can hold up to eight.

If you have children, you should consider the purpose of the bookcase. A shorter bookshelf will allow them to be able to access the contents of the bookshelf. A tall bookshelf might be the best choice if you don’t have a child to protect fragile or special items. If you have a curious climber, make sure it is mounted to the wall!


Pay attention to the depth of shelves, in addition to their height and width. Make sure you have enough space to display all your books, art, and other items. For plenty of storage space, choose shelves at least one foot in depth.

Remember that ladder-style bookshelves have lower shelves. Measure the items you wish to display or store to ensure that there is enough space.


The material of bookshelves plays an important role in how long they last, how much weight they can hold, and how easily they can be moved. Most bookshelves are made of solid wood, metal, or particleboard.

Wooden bookshelves are beautiful in appearance and durable. They can hold many heavy books and other items. Proper maintenance can make it last a lifetime. However, they are usually heavier than other materials, which makes them more difficult to transport.

Particleboard can be a cheaper alternative to solid wood bookshelves. Although they look similar to wood, particleboard bookshelves don’t have the same durability and strength. This is why it’s important to be aware of the weight limit of these shelves.

Metal bookshelves are more durable than wooden or particleboard and have a sleeker look. They are especially well-suited for modern decor. Some coated metal bookshelves may require maintenance against peeling and rusting.

The weight of a bookshelf depends on its size and material. Generally speaking, solid wood bookshelves and metal bookshelves are heavier than particleboard bookshelves. Their prices are correspondingly higher than plywood bookshelves.

Adjustable shelves

Sets with adjustable shelves are the best choice for those who want to have a variety of bookshelves. These bookcases have holes in the vertical panels that are drilled at regular intervals. The shelves are held in place by pegs at different heights. This allows you to adjust the shelves to suit your books and decor items. As your storage requirements change, you can adjust the layout of the shelves.


You can find bookshelves in a variety of colors so that you can match your furniture. Particleboard and wood shelves can have many different finishes. These will work with any color scheme. For a striking look, shelves can be painted in bold colors. Most metal bookshelves can be in silver or black.

Bookshelves in dark colors like chocolate brown or black suit formal interiors better. Bookshelves in white, or other light colors, are great for brightening a space or making it appear larger.

How to Use Bookshelves Securely?

  • Never overload the shelves. Placing too heavy items on the shelves may cause them to crack or break.
  • No matter how tall the bookshelf is, make sure your bookshelf is tip-proof, secure, and not wobbly.
  • Wall-mounting is a must for bookshelves in homes with children and pets.
  • Use anti-tip furniture anchors to secure the bookshelf if it has no wall-mounting set.
  • Keep your bookshelves away from moisture. Moisture will cause bookshelf mildew, rusting, and cracking.


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