Best Washing Machine Buying and Caring Guide to Do Laundry Easily

Clothes washers for sale are available in every conceivable size and shape. They are equipped with a multitude of the latest features and technological capabilities. Deciding which the best clothes washer to buy requires detailed knowledge about the workings of the machine. Naturally the more features you opt for the more the washer costs. You have to decide which features you can’t do without and which ones to forego. In this guide, we hope to make that journey easier.

Top Loader Vs. Front Loader

Whether you choose to purchase a top load washer or a front load washer has a lot to do with personal choice.

Top load washer

People find top load machines to be more convenient. There is no need to bend over while loading or unloading, which is especially beneficial for people with joint problems. Also, if you are not very tall, removing clothes from the bottom of a top-load may not be easy.

Another benefit is that clothes can be added mid-cycle. They are also better at collecting lint and dispersing fabric softeners than front load washers.

top load clothes washes

Top-load washer types

You can choose from two kinds of top-load washers.

One kind is equipped with an agitator, the arm-like structure that extends upward in the center of the washer.

The function of the agitator is to create motion by spinning back and forth and pushing water through the unit. This motion causes the washer to vibrate and is harsher on your garments. Generally, machines with agitators wash faster than machines without one, but the capacity is less. This is due to space taken up by the agitator.

Another kind of top-loading washing machine is one that does not come equipped with an agitator.

This type of top load is considered to be a high-efficiency washer (more on this below). This type of washer contains impellers instead. The impeller is made of discs, cones, wheels, or fins. These parts move to spin and move the tub thereby juggling your clothes at higher speeds and use less water.

Some models sprinkle wash water on the clothes to enhance cleaning. The tubs of these models spin faster, thus extracting more water for quicker drying.

Front-load washer

Front-load washers are considered to be gentler on your clothes. They also use much less water compared to conventional top-load machines. This is a big plus for the environment.

It is also harder to wash oversized items like pillows and comforters in top load than front load washers. This is because, in top-load machines, the large items can’t fully submerge in water, like they do in the front load.

front load clothes washer

What is a High Efficiency (HE) Clothes Washer?

High energy washers flooded the market in the middle of 1990. Initially, they were all front-loading, but in time majority of the manufacturers started offering top-load models also. All machines without an agitator, whether top-load or front-load are considered high-efficiency (HE).

The top load HE machines uses a combination of high and low speeds to churn clothes back and forth. As the clothes rub against each other, they clean.

The front-load makes use of centrifugal spin to lift and drop the clothes back into the water to clean. Overall this method of cleaning is gentler than the rubbing and grinding of an agitator.

Because HE washers use roughly half the water needed in a traditional washer, less energy is needed to heat it. This amounts to 20 to 50% less energy. The dual benefits of saving water and energy have earned these appliances the label of high efficiency.

HE washers spin the clothes faster and remove more water from your garments, which cuts down the amount of time the clothes will need to be in the dryer. More savings! Since they keep clothes moving while in the washer, experts claim the clothes come out cleaner compared to the traditional washer.

High-Efficiency Washer Features

All the top-rated washers and dryers these days come with great features. But keep in mind that the more features you go for the higher the price. It is a good idea to limit your options to good-performing clothes washers. Next, consider the features you can’t do without, and select a machine that fits your budget.

Automatic Dispenser

The machines with this feature are equipped with dispensers to hold detergent, bleach, and even fabric softener. Some models can only hold sufficient cleaners for a single wash while others can hold enough for multiple washes. The reservoir will dispense only the amount of detergent needed for the load and hold the remaining for next time.

automatic dispenser for laundry detergent

Auto Temperature Control

Machines without this feature simply combine hot and cold water according to pre-set conditions. In a top-rated clothes washer having this function means the temperature will be adjusted automatically according to the setting you choose. So if your clothes can be cleaned without hot water, why waste the energy?

Extra Rinse Cycle

As people are becoming more of water wastage, most new machines are built to use a lot less water. For people with sensitive skin, the detergent residue left behind can cause problems. The extra cycle takes care of this issue and eliminates stubborn pet hair.

Stainless Steel Tub

A stainless tub can spin at higher speeds compared to plastic. This means it can remove a greater amount of water and reduce the time in the dryer. An additional benefit is that steel is not dis-colored and is immune to odors.

stainless stell washer tube

Quick Wash

This setting is great for clothes that are not too dirty but still need washing. It allows you to wash a load in half the time compared to the normal fifty minutes or so.

Digital Display

Working with digital indicators is easier, and quite honestly looks nicer than analog! Lights and sounds offer a greater ability to monitor the session and you get notifications when a cycle is complete.

Wi-Fi Enabled

This feature allows you to control your washer via your smartphone. It will also send notifications when it completes the cycle. Some machines are Google Home or Amazon Echo compatible so you can actually ask the assistant if washing is done.


While it will still require a manual clean, it just won’t be as frequent. The self-clean function takes some of the workloads off you.

Delay Wash

This feature will allow you to program your washer to start the wash cycle at a preprogrammed time. Perhaps you want to run the cycle at a time when energy rates are less, like during the night. Maybe it is more convenient for you to have laundry done when you are out of the house. This feature allows you to load the machine at the time most convenient for you. The machine will then wait for the time most convenient to you to run actually run the load.

Child lock

This is a vital feature for a household with young children. It will prevent young children from running the washer accidentally in case they push buttons. It also has a safety lock that prevents the door from closing in case a child crawls in.

Energy-Efficient Washer

Climate change has forced each one of us to do our part in minimizing the carbon footprint. Washers with the energy-efficient feature have a built-in sensor to weigh the load and set cycle time accordingly. This means if in a given load your clothes weigh less, the time of a cycle will be reduced accordingly. The machine will not run for a pre-set time of each load.

They also offer a broad range of temperatures to select from. So if your clothes don’t require hot water why pay for added energy cost?

Lastly, they have a higher spin cycle, as many as 1800 turns per minute. This removes more water which means less time in the dryer or quicker air drying.

How to care for your washer to prolong its service life?

Empty all pockets before laundry.

Actually, you should take out all stuff from your pockets when you change your clothes, such as jewelry, documents, keys, mobile phone, cash, facial tissue, even toys, and candies, everything you can imagine. You will be thankful if you have this good habit. Because it saves the life of your important stuff, protects your washer from shatter and blockage, and prevents paper scraps on your clothes. Don’t ask how do I know!!

By the way, if your clothes get paper scraps, calm down!! What you can do is to fill your washer with more water,  pour more clothes softener into the washer,  start the rinse circle again. This way is not suitable for the front door washer with dryer, because the paper scraps will block the windpipe.  Unfortunately, for paper scraps in the dryer, you will need to ask for a washer repair service.

Use laundry bags in the washer to protect your delicate pieces, such as delicate scarves, sweaters, bras,  stockings, gloves, socks, and even bags.  These mesh bags can protect your small items from tearing, tangling, and scratches.

laundry bags protect delicate clothes

Source: Amazon Tenrai

Put the washer on hard, flat ground without direct sunlight exposure.

Your washer can have steady spinning on hard, flat ground. Long-time exposure to sunlight will cause your washer to fade and age. If the washer has to be placed outdoors, a washing machine cover can keep your washer in good condition.

Measure your washer before buying, choose the right types: top loader or front loader. Washer covers are usually made of heavy-duty material and zippers, which allow you to unzip from the top or front to get clothes in and out easily without taking the cover off.

Source: Amazon Akefit

High-Efficiency Detergents

If you purchase a high-efficiency washer then you must use HE detergent. High-efficiency detergents are available in powders, pods, and liquids and are manufactured by many dependable brands.

These detergents are specially formulated to produce fewer suds compared to traditional detergents. Since high-efficiency washers use little water, detergents that make too many suds cannot be rinsed out properly. If suds remain that means your laundry will end up with soap residue and not very clean. It will also give off that dry soap odor.

It is tempting to think that using less quantity of conventional detergent will create fewer suds and will be okay to use in HE washer. However, tests confirm that not to be true. The high-efficiency detergents are engineered to clean better in less water. The technology used in high-efficiency washers is not dense-foam friendly and will affect efficiency.

Open the door after laundry until it’s completely dry.

Regardless of a front loader or top loader, This can protect your washer from mildew, bacteria, and odor. If the sealing rubber of the washer gets mildew, you can apply some mold and mildew remover gel to eliminate the stains. Or you can change the rubber ASAP. However, the best way is to leave the door of the washer open, let it air dry.

mildew remover cleaner for washing machine sealing rubber

Clean or change the filter box and use the washer cleaner regularly.

Each time you finish the laundry, you can find some black or grey garbage in the filter bag. This stuff may get mildew and cause allergic problems to your family. Remember to clean it each time you finish the laundry. If the filter bag is broken,  change to a new one.

Before purchasing a new filter bag,  the key point is to know the type model of your washer brand and take a precise measurement of the filter box.

clean or change the washer filter bag

Take out your finished laundry ASAP

This is the best way to protecting your wet clothes from awful odor if they stay in your washer too long.  The washer should be kept dry and clean, so you will have clean clothes either.

Can I wash my shoes/backpack in the clothes washer?

You’re recommended not to wash shoes in the washing machine that you wash clothes. Even though there are many people saying that you can wash fabric sneakers in the washing machine as long as you remove the shoelaces and insoles. You can imagine how dirty your shoes are. There is so much dirt on your shoes, such as sands, earth, sweat, bacteria, odor. Because you walk with shoes on the ground. Those sands and earth will block the filter system of your washer. Also, your clothes will get dirty if you will wash clothes in the same washer.

However, if you have a special washer for your shoes, that’s not a big deal. But remember, not all shoes can be washed in a machine. You have to check the shoe label and remove all accessories ( shoelaces and insoles). Put them into a laundry bag.

If there are sands and earth on your shoes, brush them before throwing them into the washer.

No shoes can be dried in the dryer. That will damage your shoes.

Hence, using your hands is the best way to wash your clothes. Brush and air dry.

Can I wash my backpacks in the washer?

Yes. Backpacks (except leather)  can be washed in the washing machine.

To protect both the backpack and washer, you can put the backpack into a laundry bag.

Use liquid detergent.  Don’t bleach.

And never dry the backpack in a dryer.

Don’t forget to empty the backpack before throwing it into the washer.

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