Cool Gift: 48 Creative Shaped Pillows You Will Love

Good pillows are important to health as pillows provide support to your neck and upper back when you are asleep. Soft square or rectangle pillows seem to be on everyone’s mind as sleeping pillows or throw pillows. Therefore, you may not have a soft pillow of novelty shape, which brings a good mood before sleeping. Meanwhile, cool-shaped pillows make the perfect gift for anyone, who would like to personalize their home.

Animal Shaped Pillows

As an animal lover, you can enjoy the touch and hug of your pets. The following animal-shaped pillows may give you a fun way of sleeping and petting. They are great gifts for anyone who loves animals.

1. Bulldog Pillows

Are you melting by the lovely eyes?

simulated bulldog shape pillow

2. Dog Paw Pillow

dog paw pillow whale pillow cloud pillow

3. Dog Head Plush Pillow

bull dog head pillow on the bed

4. Cat Pillows

stuffed cat shaped pillow

5. Fish Pillows

fish shaped pillow

6.  Octopus Pillows

octopus pillow toy

7. Rabbit Pillows

Happy Easter bunny pillow rabbit pillow

8. Mouse Pillow

mouse pillow on the bed

9. Hen Pillow

funny hen pillow on the chair

10. Crocodile Pillow

crocodile pillow on the bed

11. Butterfly Pillow

blue butterfly pillow on chair

12. Yellow Cock Pillow

yellow cock pillow on the bed

Lovely Plant Shaped Pillow

13. Sunflower Pillows

sunflower pillow

14. Cactus Shaped Pillows

cactus pillow

15. Succulent Plant Pillow

succulent plant pillow

Vegetable Shaped Pillows

16. Carrot Pillow

carrot pillow

17. Pumpkin Shaped Pillow

pumpkin pillows

18. Potato Pillow

potato pillow

19. Red Chili Pillow

red chili shape pillow

20. Cabbage Pillow

cabbage pillow

21. Broccoli Pillow

broccoli pillow

22. Sweet Potato Pillow

sweet potato pillow

Fruit Shaped Pillows

23. Kiwi Fruit Pillow

kiwi fruit pillow

24. Durian Pillow

durian pillow

25. Strawberry Pillow

strawberry pillow pomegranate pillow

26. Watermelon Pillows

watermelon pillow
27. Mango Pillow

mango pillow cantaloupe pillow
28. Orange U Shape Pillow for Neck

orange u shaped neck pillow
Food Shaped Pillow

29. Hamburger Pillow

hamburger pillow
30. Ice Cream Pillow

ice cream pillow
31. Popsicle Pillow

popsicle pillow
32. Roast Chicken Leg Pillow

roast chicken leg pillow
33. Shrimp Neck Pillow

shrimp pillow
34. Bread Pillow

bread pillow
35. Sandwich Pillow

sandwich pillow
36. Roast Fish Pillow

roasted fish pillow
37. Sausage and Fried Egg Pillows

sausage and fried eggs pillow

38. Macaron Pillows

macaron pillow

Cool Gift Pillows for Kids

39. Football Pillow

football pillow
40. Rocket Pillow

rocket pillow
41. Fire Extinguisher Pillow

fire extinguisher pillow
42. Car Pillow

car pillow
43. Plane Pillow

plane pillow
44. Captain Pillows

captain pillow boat pillow
45. Taxi Pillow

taxi pillow
46. Guitar Pillow

guitar pillow
47. Digger and Truck Cool Pillows

digger pillow
48. Rainbow Pillows

rainbow pillow





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