6 Best Curtain String Lights to Brighten up Your Decorations

How to Choose Curtain String Lights?

by Emma Shaw

Curtain string lights stand out for their beautiful mood lighting hanging over windows, deck,s or patio. They can create a cozy atmosphere with their warm, soft glow. This is much more than just lighting space for reading or writing.

Just like standard string lights, curtain string lights have small LED bulbs attached to a cord. The difference is that they are made with several vertical strands attached to a central cable. This makes it possible to hang them over windows or patios to create beautiful mood lighting indoors and outdoors.

However, it can be challenging to choose a set of high-quality curtain string lights from a variety of choices on the market. This buying guide contains all the information you need to choose the best curtain string lights for your home.

Best Curtain String Lights

1. MAGGIFT 304 LED Curtain String Lights

as of January 1, 2022 6:31 am

Safe use indoors and outdoors on sunny days
Create a magical look on doors, windows, or behind fabrics
Come with a multifunction remote control
Multiple lighting modes, timer, brightness

The strand will tangle if with no proper storage
Need to avoid water

2. Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light

as of January 1, 2022 6:31 am

Warm white light
IP44 water resistent
Single touch controller
8 lightening modes

Not dimmable
Get tangled if untie each strand before hanging them up.

3. Brightown Hanging Window Curtain Lights

as of January 1, 2022 6:31 am

Dimmable brightness
Multiple length options
Connectable strings for large area
Convenient timer setting
8 flashing light modes
IP44 waterproof
Long power cord

The remote control looks flimsy.
It's best to measure the space before choosing the right size.

4. OPOLEMIN Color Changing Curtain Lights

as of January 1, 2022 6:31 am

Multiple color changing
Display length 9.8 feet
USB powered
Come with adapter, remote, hook for each string
Convenient timer setting
8 flashing light modes

Remote must point toward the plug.
Accessories may be a bit flimsy.

5. Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain Lights

as of January 1, 2022 6:31 am

Rainbow color changing
Multiple timer settings to save energy
Various lighting effects
Waterproof for outdoor decoration

Not dimmable
Light speed is not changeable.

6. YEOLEH String Lights Curtain

as of January 1, 2022 6:31 am

Pretty addition
Remote control with timer
USB powered
8 flashing modes
IP 64 waterproof

Several reports of flimsy remote

What to Consider When Buying Curtain String Lights?

Lighting flashing modes

Curtain string lights are not always bright and steady. They usually have multiple light blinking modes, up to 8 modes, including waves, sequential, slogs, chasing, flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on. These lighting modes can be switched by pressing the button on the control.

Light colors

Some curtain string lights come with a fixed light color, such as white, warm white, purple, blue, or multicolor, which change one shade at a time. There are also some color-changing options, they can flexibly change one light color to multiple colors, and can combine with light flashing modes to achieve the maximum light glowing effect.


There are many length options for curtain string lights. The most common length is 6ft. 8f., and 10 ft. If you have a large party or event, you can link several curtain string lights together.

Before making a purchase, make sure to measure your door, window, wall, or backyard fence carefully. The string lights should be at least as wide as the area.


There are mainly two power sources for curtain string lights: wall outlets, rechargeable batteries.

The majority of curtain string lights come with a standard power cord. It can be plugged into a regular socket for operation.

A USB cord provides more power supply choices. You can connect it with a connector or directly plug it into a wall USB socket. Or connect the curtain string light to a power case.

While most curtain string lights need to be plugged into an outlet, some models with integrated rechargeable AAA or AAA batteries can be placed almost anywhere. You can use a USB cable to charge the battery.

If your curtain string light has a regular cord, it is best to make sure there is an outlet nearby the place where you want to hang the string lights. A longer cord gives you more flexibility and allows you to hang your curtain string lights wherever you want. If there is no outlet around, you will have to prepare an extension cord.


Most curtain string lights have a remote control. This allows you to adjust the lighting modes and turn on the lights from anywhere in the room. Remotes make it easier to control your lights. They are especially useful if you want to alter the settings frequently while using them.
You will often need to plug in the lights to turn them on, and then unplug them to turn them off. Some models have an on/off switch on the central strand, which you need to press to activate.


A timer is a great way to save energy and electricity bills. With a timer, you don’t have to remember when to turn the curtain string lights on or off. The timer will turn the lights on and off automatically after 4/6/8 hours of light.


Some curtain string lights are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. If you plan to place the lights outside on your deck or patio, you will need waterproof wiring. The IP44 and IP54 marks on the lights should indicate that they are suitable for outdoor use. Both the plug and controls must be IP-rated.


Curtain string lights can be programmed to your preferred settings so you don’t have the need to select the correct setting each time.


Curtain string lights are made with a central strand, which is horizontally positioned against a wall or window. Some models have hooks at their top that make it easy to attach the lights to a rod, curtain rod, or hardware to the ceiling or wall. Some models don’t come with hooks so you will need to attach the lights using zip ties, or another type of fastener.

Each string of lights hangs vertically from its central strand. These strings are usually separated and secured with twist ties inside the packaging to prevent them from getting tangled. You should not remove the twist ties until you hang horizontal strands of lights. Otherwise, you will end up with tangled lights.

How Much Do Curtain String Lights Cost?

Prices for curtain string lights can vary depending on their size, mode, installation, and other features. The majority of sets are between $9 and $100.

Small sets are usually the most affordable, measuring 6 feet in length. They usually have only one or two modes of lighting and don’t come with any special features or remote controls. These lights are best for indoor use. These curtain string lights are typically priced at less than $10.

If you want a set of curtain string lights measuring between 6-10ft., come with a remote, several light twinkling modes, color-changing, and somewhat waterproof features, you can choose string light price ranging from $12 to $35. Most popular models are priced in this range.

Besides the above features, some expensive models can work with smart home tech, such as Alexa, Google home. You can control the curtain string light by voice commands and a smartphone APP. In addition, If you plan to cover a large area with string light sets, and you need some battery-powered sets for mainly outdoor use, you may typically spend between $35 to $100.

Can Curtain String Lights be Used Outdoors?

Yes. But not all curtain string lights can be used outdoors. Only those waterproof string lights can survive on rainy and snowy days. The most common waterproof grades for curtain string lights are IP44 and IP64, which means how much water they can resist. You can see these signs in the product description.

IP44 rated lights are not totally waterproof, they are suitable for the front porches that are wet buy no direct rain on rainy days. IP64 rated lights are water-resistant for light rain and water spray from any direction. They are suitable for hanging on the backyard fence, on the tree, on the patio.

Where Can I Hang Curtain String Lights?

You can create a cozy backdrop by hanging curtain string lights on the following space:
1. Behind the sheer curtain over the window
2. Over the inside doors or front doors,
3. On the empty wall or the wall behind the bed
4. On the patio
5. On the backyard fence or wall
6. On a tree

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