7 Best Curtains to Keep Rooms Comfortable

No one can refuse the beauty of natural light flooding into your home. However, it can also be a problem when you want to sleep or get some privacy. Curtains are a necessity no matter where you live. They can make a huge difference between waking up at dawn and getting a restful night.

When it comes to new home essentials, curtains must be on the purchase list. However, although there are various curtains to choose from on the market, you may wonder how to choose the best curtains for your windows. Here are all the key factors to look for when buying curtains.

Best Curtains

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  • Fully blackout
  • Heat blocking and noise absorbing
  • 2 panels with 8 smooth grommets per panel
  • Suitable for people work nights and need fully dark room


  • The heat and noise blocking effects are not as good as blackout.

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  • Various colors and size options
  • Dots pattern polyester
  • Somewhat darkening capabilities
  • Machine washable in cold or warm water
  • Come in a set of 2 panels
  • 8 grommets per panel


  • Not fully block out the sunlight, especially for west-facing rooms.It’s best to go with the blinds

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  • Polyester with various solid colors and size options
  • Dark curtains can block light and provide better sound blocking
  • Machine washable in cold or warm water
  • Come in a set of 2 panels
  • 6 smooth grommets per panel


  • Curtains of light colors block less light and heat.

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  • Polyester with various solid colors and size options
  • Dark curtains block light well
  • Machine washable
  • Come in a set of 2 panels
  • 8 smooth grommets per panel


  • Light color curtains block limited direct sunlight.

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  • Polyester with line textured
  • Not blackout drapes but blocks some light
  • Provide privacy
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • 1 panel per package


  • Measurement difference
  • Get wrinkles in storage. Prompt hanging after washing can get rid of wrinkles.

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  • Add beautiful color to the room
  • Darker colors have better light blocking
  • 6 grommets per panel
  • Come in 2 panels
  • Machine washable in cold water and gentle cycle
  • Easy to install


  • Block light but not total blackout.

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  • Effective to create a dark and cooler room
  • Reduce somewhat noise
  • Smooth sliding grommets
  • Machine washable in cold water


  • Get wrinkles in storage. Prompt hanging after washing can get rid of wrinkles.

What to Consider When Buying Curtains?


The fabric you choose actually affects the overall look of the curtains, even the room. There are many options available, including linen, cotton, lace, silk, brocades, velvet, and so on.

When choosing the fabric, you need to consider two factors:

  • How much sunlight do you want in the room?
  • What decor style does your room have?

Voile curtains made from sheer lace, linen, silk, and cotton are lightweight. They can offer you privacy from the prying eyes and let natural light in. The sheer fabrics are best for contemporary and minimalist decorations. However, they do not work well in darkened rooms.

Brocades and velvet are the heavier options. They are suitable for rooms with traditional decorations and when you need a fully dark space to sleep better.

Blackout properties: Some curtains are able to completely darken a room while others allow in lots of natural light. Blackout curtains are ideal for bedrooms and rooms for watching TV.  Thicker and darker colored fabrics work better on blackout than lighter, thinner fabrics. However, the darkness in a room is a matter of personal preference. You should choose the material according to your own habits.

Insulation: Curtains with insulations are energy-efficient. They can keep your home warmer in colder weather and cooler during hotter seasons. Insulating your home is easier with thick curtains than with lined curtains. This feature is very important for west-facing rooms.

Noise-reduction: Some thicker fabrics can reduce noise by up to 25%.

Wrinkle-free: Linen and cotton curtains are not resistant to wrinkles in storage and transport. If you love these materials, it’s a good idea to promptly hang the curtains after hand or machine-washing to remove wrinkles.

Color and Prints

You can choose to have curtains printed or in solid color. While most curtains come in plain colors, you will also find many options for curtains with a variety of prints. These range from simple floral patterns to bold geometric designs. It’s best to match curtains with the colors of the rest soft furnishings to achieve a pleasing appearance.
Or, choosing bold statement colors to contrast with your decor, furniture, and walls to create a focal point.

Print curtains are an option if all other soft furnishings in the space are solid colors. It’s also possible to do the opposite. Prints add visual weight to any element. You can pair printed curtains with solid-colored furniture with printed cushions and area rugs. For modern and classic decor, florals will suit both traditional and modern style spaces.

However, darker color curtains usually have a better effect on darkening the room than lighter color curtains. If you prefer light color curtains, you should choose thicker fabrics.

Curtain headings

Curtain headings can change the drapery of curtains. You can’t use every heading with all kinds of tracks or poles. It is important to ensure that your headings work with your hardware. These are the most popular types of curtain heads.

Pencil pleat: Pencil pleat curtains are made with an adjustable pleated top that allows them to drape in tight, beautiful waves. These curtains are designed to be used on the curtain tracks but can also be hung on curtain poles with rings.

Grommet top: Curtains that have grommet headings are made with large, metal-reinforced grommets. These grommets slide onto standard curtain poles. They drape in large waves.

Tab top: These tab-top curtains can be attached to a curtain pole in the same way as grommet-top ones. The curtain’s top is made up of tabs or loops. You can hang tab-top curtains without taking off the pole by adding buttons to them.

Pocket top: These curtains are simply pocket-tops with a long pocket at the top. They can then be threaded onto a rod or pole. This type of curtain is often used for inexpensive curtains because it doesn’t drape well.


There are generally three standard lengths: all the way to the floor, 1 1/2 inches above the sill, and 6 inches below the sill.
Curtains that reach the floor are very much in fashion. If you have children, curtains should be placed a few inches higher than the floor. For smaller windows, you can also end them at the sill.

To get the right curtain length before purchasing, make sure to measure from the track or curtain pole to where you want to place the curtain.


Your curtains should be large enough to cover the entire window frame. If you want it to drape well when closed, you should measure the length of the curtain rod, and multiply it by two or three to get the ideal width for your curtains. When the curtains are pulled back, the extra fabric helps to achieve the gathered look on the sides.

Before making a purchase, make sure to read the product description carefully, because the listed width may be for a single curtain panel or a pair.


A valance hides the location where your curtain attaches with the track or pole. This can be a great way to add interest to your curtains. Sometimes valances can be used curtainless in bathrooms or kitchens as decorative window treatments.
However, valances are really a matter of personal preference. Some people may think that the valances look neat, while others think they are fussy.


The material and fabric of curtains will determine how and how often they should be cleaned. Because curtains can get stains, dusty, and even pick up household smells over time.

Make sure to check whether the curtains you choose are machine washable. It is recommended to wash them at least once every 3 to 6 months. It will be much easier to do this if the curtains you choose are machine washable. You may have to dry clean them if they are not machine washable.

  • Low maintenance fabrics: If you’re looking for curtains that can be washed only twice a year, choose cotton or synthetic fabrics. Unlined curtains are machine washable, or you can hand wash your lined curtains.
  • High maintenance fabrics: Curtains with pleats and swags should be dried and cleaned, regardless of fabric. To preserve their colors and shapes, sheer curtains made of wool, silk, and other fabrics must be hand washed in cold water.

If you have allergies to dust, you can opt to vacuum your curtains and drapes on a weekly basis.

What Accessories Are Necessary for Curtains?

Accessories for curtains include rods, valances, pull-backs, and ornamental tracks that can be attached to the walls above the curtains. To add richness and grandeur, trims and accessories can be cleverly combined with light drapes. It can be used to embellish your room. Again, this will depend on what effect you are trying to achieve.

Curtain rods/poles and tracks

Curtain poles and tracks are required to hang curtains. There are many styles and materials to choose from. A curtain rod should have a minimum diameter of 1 inch (2.5 cm). If your drapes are heavy, thin curtain rods can look cheap and bow under the weight. It is best to choose a thicker curtain rod for better curtain support and aesthetics.


Valance is a decorative frilled fabric that is placed above the windows to hide the location where your curtain attaches to the track or pole. This can be a great way to add interest to your curtains. Sometimes valances can be used curtainless in bathrooms or kitchens as decorative window treatments.
However, valances are really a matter of personal preference. Some people may think that the valances look neat, while others think they are fussy.


Curtain tiebacks, as the name implies, are used to attach curtain window treatments to the sides of the windows when they are open. Some curtains come with matching tiebacks. If you don’t want them to match, you will need to purchase them separately. Simple pull-backs with no decorative trims will make velvet and satin look sleek and chic. Magnetic tiebacks are also an easy way to hold your curtains. Beautiful tiebacks make your curtains look nicer.


You can purchase a lining separately if your curtains are not lined. This will increase insulation and block out light. It keeps your bedroom dark and cozy.

Curtain rings or hooks

When new, curtain poles and tracks have hooks or rings on them. However, if you move in recently, it is possible that the last residents removed them. All curtain tracks require hooks. You will also need both hooks and rings to hang pencil-pleat curtains from curtain poles. Both tab top and grommet curtains do not require hooks.

Should I Install Curtains On My Doors?

There are two purposes to install curtains on doors.

  • For their thermal insulation properties, door curtains are typically used on the front and back doors. Door curtains will help keep heat or coldness from entering your home and prevent the leakage of warm and cold air from air-conditioners and space heaters. This can improve energy efficiency and save your energy bill.
  • For security. Installing a curtain on the inside of your front non-frosted glass doors can keep out the prying eyes of strangers or even thieves.

Do All Windows Require Curtains?

It is your choice. Curtains give rooms a warm, cozy look. They are great in bedrooms, lounges, and any other places where blinds might not be enough. Because of the dangers of moisture and cooking smells, curtains are not recommended for bathrooms or kitchens.


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