12 Decor Ideas to Have a Cozy Dining Room

ow many times in a week do your family eat together in the dining room? Traditionally, the dining room is the place family gathering and sharing a meal together. Nowadays, as eating out has been a way of a casual lifestyle, the dining room seems to be multi-functional and dispensable. However, published research shows that frequently going out to eat is increasing the risk of health problems. On the lucky side during the pandemic, people come back home and have more chances to spend family dinner time together. 

Are you thinking that the dining room is disappearing? The answer is NO. Dining rooms will never disappear and obsolete, but we need to make a bit of change to follow the latest trends.

dining room with sunshine

1. Have weekly or scheduled family gatherings

The main purpose of a dining room is the place for eating. It’s totally fine to have a family meal every day. Because family meal makes you happy and has better relationships with family members. It allows you to have better nutrition without spending too much money. Also, cooking at home saves time and is more hygienic. Moreover, children will benefit a lot from family meals, they will do better in table manners and school life.

Make a schedule with your family. Cook together, eat together and talk together. In addition, you can plan your family life and holiday events with them in the dining room. Their ideas will give you inspiration. The children will have solutions to their problems. That’s great!

dining table family gathering

2. Well maintained dining room

There are many dining supplies in the dining room, such as dining table & chairs, tableware & cupboards, sideboards, wine cabinets, drinks, and wine. Instead of random placement on the dining table, those delicate bone china dinnerware should be washed, dried, and placed safely in the cupboards. If you have some silverware, you should use a dedicated soft cloth to protect them from oxidation and blackening.

A suitable tablecloth will decorate your dining table and protect it from minor scratches and stains. If there is a child in your family, a non-slip PVC mat with a clear or matte side will be the best solution. It not only protects your dining table from scratches and stains but also is resistant to spills, water, and food oil dropping without hiding the beauty of your dining table. You can easily wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

heavy plastic table mat

Source: Amazon OstepDecor

3. Less is more

It’s awesome to have several spotlights in the dining room, such as beautiful fabric curtains, wall arts, family photos, flowers, and so on.

Curtains add a touch of softness to the dining room. Wall arts decorate your wall hugely. Family photos recall beautiful memories. By the way, how long time have they been there? Do you still remember the time you place them there? Maybe that was two years ago.

Actually, curtains should be washed at least twice a year.

It’s time to take down your curtains of the dining room and remove accessories. Have them cleaned and exchange them with curtains in other rooms, such as guest room, bedroom, or study. It’s a good way to freshen up your dining room with a new look without spending extra.

Why not swap the wall arts in the dining room with those in the gallery?

If you are a painting lover or embroidery pro, then hang your own work there. That must a the brightest spot in the dining room.

Although you have a passion for the dining room decor, you’d better remember the rule “Less is More”. Why not keep the room always smartly fresh instead of displaying all?

Utmost five pieces are memorable enough. More than that will be dazzling, messy, and with no focus.

wall art for dining room

4. Display collections

Do you have countless antique collections and are eager to display them all in the cabinet?

No matter how precious they are and how brilliant they are, ‘Less is More’ must be the top rule of display. Why not surprise your guest with a new piece every time they come? They must be jealous of your new collection.

A glass-door cabinet must be the best place for your precious collections. It protects your antiques from food humidity and dust.

glass door cabinet for dining room

5. Deep clean

Clean the falling food scraps and spilled drink wherever in the dining room. Especially when you have children at home. If the food residue was not cleaned up in time, it will attract cockroaches, rats, ants, etc. Food dregs will get mildew in the gap or corner of your dining room. You’d better teach your children to have a habit of picking up food scraps and putting them into the trash can.

Declutter your stuff that doesn’t belong in the dining room. Give you and your family a comfortable dining environment.

6. Add a ceiling fan with light

Do you have a ceiling fan in your dining room? The ceiling fan can decrease several degrees in your room. Well, the air conditioner does make sense when the weather is too hot. But it also increases a lot to your cooling bill. There are a few reasons to add a ceiling fan with light in the dining room.

The ceiling fan is very energy-efficient.

When the temperature is below 85F, the ceiling fan can completely cool down your dining room during dinner time. When the weather is too hot, a ceiling fan can widen the cooling space of the air conditioner.

Using a ceiling fan is healthier.

The ceiling fan increases natural airflow while the air conditioner provides colder yet drier air. People may feel uncomfortable with their throat and nose in dry air for too long time. You’d better open the windows and doors after using the air conditioner every three hours.

It saves space.

The ceiling fan is installed in the ceiling tile over the dining room. Make sure you have a proper and tight installation. If the height of your room is less than 2.8m/9 ft. It’s not safe to install a blade ceiling fan.

Controllable and suitable for all seasons.

Well, some may worry about food get cooled easily with a ceiling fan. Actually, you can control the speed of the ceiling fan or turn it off, so that food won’t get cold quickly. Ceiling fans can be used every season to improve the ventilation of the dining room.

It saves money.

Installing a ceiling fan with light costs from $30 to $150 dollars.

Easy to clean and maintain.

If you have a traditional ceiling fan, you just need to clean the blades once or twice every year. You can complete the job when you stand at the dining table. Also, there is no blade or invisible blades ceiling fan with light. You can control the fan and light separately. It looks just like a light. You don’t need to clean the fan blades regularly and worry about blade falling or injuries anymore.

Beautiful decoration in the dining room.

add ceiling fan in dining room

Safety tips for installing a ceiling fan with light.

  • Before installing a ceiling fan, make sure you turned off the electricity in your whole house.
  • The ceiling fan must be installed properly and firmly. It’s necessary to have an annual check every year.
  • Don’t lift your kids up high in the room with a ceiling fan. Don’t play balloons in a ceiling fan room.

7. Convenience in every corner

Install more electric sockets for convenient daily use. When you have a multifunctional dining room, the number should be more. Reduce the usage of power strips. It’s ugly and its long cord may trip children and the elderly.
Having a tissue handy on the dining table in case of an accident.

8. Multifunctional space for your family

The dining room can be a great place for homework. Parents and children work together for dinners and clean up the dining table and dinnerware, and after that, the children do their homework here, and the parents can read and finish some work schedule here. It could be the best time to negotiate some good plans. What a perfect family time!

You may have a workspace here in the dining room. Then it would be better to have some dedicated space in the cabinet for your home office supplies. If you don’t have one, go to buy a portable drawer cabinet with wheels. The movable cabinet can store all your office supplies and allows you to move around home conveniently. Labels make you get what you need fast.

9. Plants make the space vigorous

No matter whether you are good at growing plants or not, go to the plant store, tell them about your dining room, such as sunshine condition, watering frequency you want, etc. They will tell you the most suitable plants and teach you how to grow them. Trust me, the natural green will spruce up your dining room.

10. Change the color

Is the white wall of the dining room too boring? Besides replacing some decorations, you can also change the wall color at any time. It doesn’t matter if you know anything about design or have a low budget, a small bucket allows you to completely refresh a wall. Yes, start from a wall.

What color is the best for the dining room? It is recommended to have light colors for the dining room wall. For instance, warm colors increase appetite, such as light orange, light red, yellow. Green is the color of nature and makes your dining room vibrant.

11. Bring the bookshelf

If your living room and bedrooms are too crowded, you can set up the bookshelf in the dining room—better a book cabinet with glass doors. You don’t want the moisture of food to destroy your books. It is a great choice to read and take notes on the big dining table. Maybe your vacuum can be placed in the corner. Forget about the clothes, shoes, and toys here.

12. Add some candlelight

Candles are one of the best decorations to enhance the coziness of your dining room. Regardless of the white pillar candles or a few scented candles of gourmet aroma, your guest will be treated with amazing food fragrance first while entering this space.


A comfortable dining room is a place for better dinner time with family. Whether you are dining, working, or studying here, a clean and organized dining room, with good air quality and fresh plants, will definitely maximize the value of your dining room.

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