Efficient French Door Refrigerators Buying Guide and Accessories

No matter if you are renovating your kitchen or simply upgrading your appliances, a new refrigerator is likely to be your most expensive purchase. And, it is one of the most important home appliances, you’re not likely to make that big decision by flipping a coin. However, there are various designs and layouts that can have a huge impact on how easy it is for you to find what you need and organize your food. A French door refrigerator is an ideal choice for many people who want to organize their cold food and drinks in a practical and functional manner. It adds an elegant and stylish touch to your kitchen that traditional refrigerators don’t offer.

This two-door design is great for organization. It’s also ideal for small spaces and galleys, as it allows for easier opening in narrow passages. But here’s the catch: There are so many great models. We’ve done extensive research to identify the best French door fridges. Continue reading and follow this guide to find our top-rated models and the perfect French door refrigerator for you.

Best French Door Refrigerators

1. Kenmore 36" Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Freezer with 25 Cubic Ft.

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Spacious basic fridge with fast delivery

2. Galanz GLR16FWED08 3 French Door Refrigerator 16 Cu.Ft

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Efficient and sleek design

3. GE Profile PVD28BYNFS 36" 4-Door French Door Refrigerator 27.6 cu. ft.

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Convenient drawer temperature control

What to Consider When Buying A French Door Refrigerator?

When it comes to choosing a French-door refrigerator, there are many options. It will be easier when you have an idea of what you want and what you don’t. Also, consider your own needs, the needs of your family, and possible changes in the next years. This buying guide and checklist will help you make an informed decision.


Your refrigerator is first and foremost a storage unit you use temporarily to keep food and other items fresh and cool. You should think about if the refrigerator capacity is able to store the amount of food your family requires.

Cubic feet is the unit of measure for refrigerator interior storage space. French door refrigerators can hold 15-30 cubic feet of space.

A refrigerator with 19-22 cubic feet of storage capacity should be sufficient to accommodate four people. You may choose a 30 cubic foot appliance if you buy groceries in bulk.

However, it is really a matter of household food buying habits. Buying food daily or weekly makes a huge difference to refrigerator capacity requirements.

Flexible interior layout

Refridgerator can last a very long time, and your habits and requirements may change from time to time, as will the layout and storage options inside the French door refrigerator.

There are shelves, compartments, and other containers. These features may make it easier to store your items, but they reduce the total volume of your refrigerator.

You can customize the configuration of your refrigerator by choosing a model that has adjustable shelving. There are two options: shelves that cover the entire appliance or shelving that is divided into sections. With flexible shelving, you can adjust the shelf height to accommodate taller items like soda bottles or juice.

Some models have convenient shelves that can be moved up and down by elevator without the need to be loaded. There are shelf snugglers attached on racks to secure bottles or jars on internal shelves. These can keep milk, eggs, or butter fresher longer and cooler than storing them in the deep storage bins on refrigerator doors.

French door refrigerators may have additional drawers between the bottom freezer compartment and the top refrigerator compartment. These additional drawers can boost the organization and make your most frequently used foods easier to access. This way, you don’t need to open your entire fridge to find the ketchup.

Living space

No matter where the refrigerators are located, it is a fact that they are limited in space. You should ensure that your space is compatible with the fridge before you buy it.

Use a tape measure to ensure the fridge fits into your planned space.

French door refrigerators are typically 30 to 36 inches wide. They measure 69 inches high and 26 inches deep on average. And the refrigerator should be at least 2 inches from the walls.

Also, consider French doors. Standard fridge units have doors that open and close on one side, but French door refrigerators can open and close in both directions. They also have hinges on both sides. Once the unit has been installed, you need to ensure that both doors can be opened easily.

If you plan to install the refrigerator into your countertops or cabinets, a customized French door refrigerator with a French-door counter-depth or cabinet depth may be the best choice for you. This way it doesn’t extend beyond your space.

Energy rating

A refrigerator is always on as it is continuously using electricity to keep your food cool. A unit that has a high energy rating won’t cost you too much in energy bills. Energy efficiency is especially important when purchasing a large unit.

Before you buy, make sure to check the Energy Star rating. This rating will let you know how efficient the machine is and how friendly the fridge is to the surrounding environment.

Finish and aesthetic

A French door refrigerator will be a part of your home, so it should look good with your kitchen design.

Most French door refrigerators are available in three finishes: white, black, or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a popular choice, as it can be used with many kitchen colors and design schemes. Stainless steel appliances can show fingerprints easily. You might choose a stainless-steel refrigerator with a non-smudge finish if you are looking for a fridge that is easy to clean.

If you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, black is the best finish. White is compatible with many kitchen decors.

Temperature control

All French door refrigerators provide some temperature control. However, some models offer greater precision to have the most control over your refrigerator.

It allows you to set the temperature in specific areas such as the drawers. You could, for example, lower the temperature of a certain drawer to preserve foods such as ice cream, meat, and fish.

Freshness control

Dual evaporators keep the humidity higher in the refrigerator and prevent fresh food from drying out, and prevent freezer odors from migrating. Vacuum-sealed crisper drawers keep food fresher for longer periods of time, while air purifiers kill bacteria and mold spores.

Built-in ice and water dispenser

A lot of French door refrigerators come with a water or ice dispenser. This feature is one of the most popular features for homeowners. And it makes it easy to get water and ice without opening the door. It’s recommended to buy a French-door refrigerator with a built-in water filter.

If you are a coffee lover, the water and ice dispenser is not enough, you can also look for the French door refrigerator with a built-in single-serve coffee maker.

Some models include a sparkling water dispenser so that you can always get fresh soda from your fridge.

However, no matter what dispenser is attached, the built-in dispenser will take up some space inside the refrigerator. This convenience comes with a caveat. It’s reported that these models require the most repairs and also need higher energy costs.

Door-in-door storage

This feature allows you easily grab the condiments, beverages, and other snacks you use most often without opening the main refrigerator compartment. You can open it with a push of a button. This will help you save energy costs in the long run.

Touch screen, WiFi, and TV

Along with the development of hi-tech, more and more French-door refrigerators are now equipped with large touch screens, WiFi connectivity, and a companion app for easy control on your smart devices.

On the refrigerator, you can create shopping lists, purchase groceries, find recipes before cooking, watch TV or play music during cooking. After connecting to the home WiFi, you can easily change the temperature settings and monitor the refrigerator operation remotely on the companion app on tablets or smartphones.

Shop wisely

You don’t necessarily have all the above features for the refrigerator. It’s best to focus on two or three of them, such as an icemaker and water dispenser, adjustable shelves, or a freshness drawer.

After you have settled on the style, dimensions, and features of your fridge, you can start your search online and then go to the store to see the models that interest you most. Comparison shopping is a good idea. Do not forget to compare local independent retailers and to ask for discounts.

If you don’t necessarily need a refrigerator right away. Wait for sales on the next major holiday. Refrigerator prices tend to fall around Black Friday.

If you are on a tight budget or looking for a great deal, a used refrigerator might be an option. A higher-end model can be purchased for much less than its retail price. You can find used refrigerators at used appliance stores or, if you are lucky, in repair shops. Both of these types of shops will offer a warranty.


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