6 Best Furniture Sliders to Move Heavy Furniture Easily

When looking to redecorate or clean the underneath dirt, how do you move heavy furniture such as solid wood sectional sofa or wardrobe? Even if you have helpers or are strong enough, furniture can be difficult to move. Moving heavy furniture can put a strain on your back and cause damage to floors. Fortunately, you can simplify the task with a set of quality furniture sliders without hurting your floors or yourself.

There are some advantages of moving furniture with sliders underneath.

  • Furniture sliders can protect your floor and make moving easier.

Furniture legs are designed to stand stably, will not move around. Whether your floor is tile, hardwood, or carpet, sliding furniture directly on the floor will cause damage to it. If you put protective sliders under the furniture feet or edges, you can move around freely without scratching the floor.

  • Furniture sliders are affordable, reusable, and easy to store.

Compared to how much you can save by not causing damage to the furniture or the floor, these flat, simple moving pads are inexpensive. Moreover, a set of durable sliders can be used repeatedly whenever you need to move furniture or heavy objects. All you need to do is to store them properly in the drawer because they only take up very little space.

Best Furniture Sliders

1. SuperSliders 4744095N Furniture Sliders for Carpet (4 Pack)

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Versatile and useful


  • Versatile for different furniture sizes
  • Unique large oval shape for heavy furniture
  • Suitable for carpet or durable hard surfaces
  • Reusable


  • The plastic is a bit thin for heavy items.
  • It is best to clean the floor thoroughly before using it to slide your furniture without scratching your floor.

2. X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors

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Best for hardwood floors


  • Perform welll on any hard surface floor
  • Made of rubber foam and felt
  • Make sliding heavy furniture much easier
  • Round shape with various sizes


  • Need some muscles when sliding.
  • May fall off when moving suddenly.

3. Furniture Moving Kit for Carpet and Hard Floor 16-Piece

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Small but useful


  • Durably made from EVA foam felt pads
  • Work well on hardwood, tile, linoleum floors
  • Reduce noise and prevent scratches


  • The size is a bit small. It’s better to measure the furniture leg before purchasing.
  • Not for carpet

4. CO-Z Furniture Sliders 8 Piece

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Simple but functional


  • Essential for moving heavy objects
  • Smooth glide on carpet
  • Suitable for moving or padding under furniture


  • Not suitable for hardwood floors
  • A bit flimsy

5. Smart Surface Furniture Sliders for Carpet 16-Piece

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Work great on the carpet


  • Slide heavy furniture easily and quietly
  • Fit most furniture with smaller legs
  • Protect your carpet and floors from scratches and holes


  • Not very sturdy for long time use
  • Not suitable for large furniture

6. Furnigear 3/4“ Nail on Furniture Sliders

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Best grip


  • Protect the floor surface from scratches and abrasion.
  • Provide firm grip in moving furniture
  • Versatile use with various floor types


  • Better to pre-drill pilot holes for the best performance on hardwood legs

What to Consider When Buying Furniture Sliders?

Furniture slider types and material

When it comes to furniture slider materials and types, you can choose them based on what kind of floor they will be used.

  • Plastic

A popular furniture slider is made from hard plastic and topped with foam. The bottom of the plastic allows for easy gliding over floors. The foam also protects and grips furniture legs or edges. There are many sizes and shapes of plastic sliders. They are usually three to five inches wide for table and chair legs. These plastic furniture sliders can be used on top of the carpet but will also work well on tiled flooring that isn’t susceptible to scratching. Plastic sliders may scratch hardwood floors and scratch-prone tiled flooring.

  • Felt

Felt furniture sliders are suitable for hardwood floors or other types of scratch-prone flooring. These thick felt sliders protect furniture and prevent damage to laminate or wood floors. Just like plastic sliders, felt furniture sliders also have many sizes and shapes.

  • Permanent (Slide nail)

This is a less-common furniture slider that can be a permanent option. These sliders are made of smooth, non-scratching plastic or metal and have sharp pins that look like large tacks. They allow furniture, including chairs and tables, to glide freely across floors after being pressed onto their bottoms.

  • Roller sliders

Roller sliders usually come with a lifting tool and a set of roller carts. The lifting tool is used to raise the furniture edges to a few inches high, and then place the rollers under the furniture legs. The integrated wheels inside allow you to glide the furniture to the position you want. These roller sliders are not suitable for hardwood floors and carpets.

Size and shape

It is important to consider the shape and size of your slider. A table might have square legs while a couch may have long oval legs. Measure the legs of the furniture you want to move before shopping.

These sliders come in a variety of sizes. It’s usually easier to move the furniture on larger sliders because the furniture’s weight is more evenly distributed. You can find large oval and rectangular sliders that will fit the feet or edges of love seats and couches.

Can I Put Furniture Sliders Permanently Under the Bed?

Yes. You can keep the furniture slides under heavy furniture for a lifetime. They can save your back and beautiful flooring from scratches when moving furniture out to clean. It doesn’t take much effort to lift the furniture each time. They are very friendly to seniors and house women.

One thing to note is that the sliders make the furniture glide easily, which can be a bit dangerous for small children. It is best to remove the sliders for families with small children.

How to Use Sliders to Move Furniture?

It is easy to use furniture sliders. These steps will allow you to quickly and easily move your furniture.

Take out the furniture sliders and place them in a container.

Take out any items that might fall from your furniture or cause it to be heavier.

Thoroughly clean the floor around the furniture and where you want to move and place the furniture. This can prevent any small scratches on the floor.

A helper is always available to assist you. A set of sliding tools that include a lifting tool is ideal for moving furniture yourself.

Slowly tilt the furniture and place a slider under one leg. To make sure that the move is smooth, repeat this for each leg.

To avoid tumbling them, push tall or heavy items to the lowest point possible.

Place the piece in the desired place. Use the same method to remove the sliders.


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