24 Practical Gifts For Seniors That They Actually Need

Purchasing gifts for elderly family members can be a challenge. Part of the problem arises from the fact that they have more stuff than they can use. Adding to the problem is when they say they ask you not to buy them anything. They do this because they don’t want to burden you. So how do you buy practical gifts for seniors that they will use and appreciate? It is surprising how many different ways there are to make them feel they are loved. The strategy to use in getting gifts for the elderly is its practicality and user-friendliness. Think of things that will make their day to day lives easier, more enjoyable and healthier. Such presents for seniors are sure to make them smile.

The guide to gifts for seniors below includes loads of ideas for the elderly. Do you need a gift for someone dealing with health issues or someone who has everything? You will find many practical gift ideas for the elderly here.

Gifts to Make Their Life Easier

1. Arm Rest Organizer

armrest organizer

Source: Amazon MDSTOP

Just put this easily accessible organizer on the armrest of your loved one’s favourite chair. They will always have easy access to all their favourite items in one place and close by. It can hold a host of things. The armrest organizer will keep things like glasses, remotes, tablets or earphones secure and the room tidy.

2. Knee Wrap

knee wrap

Source: Amazon SENIOR ICARE

These gel packs fit snuggly around the knee and offer relief to anyone suffering from arthritis. You can microwave the knee pack for hot treatment or freeze them when cold treatment is needed.

3. Jar Opener

electric automatic jar opener

Source: Amazon Besmon

The simple act of opening a jar can mean excruciating pain for someone suffering from osteoarthritis. The automatic jar opener makes a great gift for any elderly family member with diminished strength. They will appreciate it every time they open something.

4. Grocery List Organizer

grocery list organizer

Source: Amazon SmartShopper

This handy little device is operated by voice command. This makes it an excellent gift for anyone who has difficulty writing or just finds it tedious. Using simple push-button technology, they simply record the items they want to buy when at the store. Once there, they again push a button to print out the list they recorded earlier. The listed items are automatically pre-sorted according to the category to make shopping easier.

5. Key finder

key finder

Source: Amazon Esky

So you know someone who keeps forgetting their keys? This is one of the best gifts to help someone you love to keep track of their keys. They are sure to use it daily and love you for it! They are available in different distance ranges, with some models working for up to 300 feet away. Know someone who shies away from smartphones? Don’t worry! Get a model based on radiofrequency for them.

6. Big button universal TV remote

big button universal TV remote

Source: Amazon continuus

One of the best gifts for mom or dad is a television remote with extra-large buttons, making handling easier. They work will all the major T.V. and cable boxes. Be extra generous and pre-program them, so they work right out of the box!

7. Eyeglass holder

eyeglass holder

Source: Amazon Fintie

Eyeglass holders are as practical as they are convenient. Get one with plush lining that will keep the spectacles safe or something more fun. For a cat lover, get the cat-shaped holder or perhaps an owl for the animal lover? They are very economical, so get a few to have one in each room.

8. Pill organizer with reminder alarm

Pill organizer with reminder alarm

Source: Amazon TBSoon

So you know someone who keeps forgetting to take their pills on time? Get them a pill organizer with the capacity to hold the full months’ worth of medicines or just one week’s. Then just set the automated system of alarms to send alerts at the appropriate times.

9. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Source: Amazon.com

This device will do more for your parent or grandparent, who lives on their own than a personal attendant. It will order pizza or get them an Uber. It will help them control their TV and even track fitness via Fitbit. The possibilities are endless. Ask Alexa, and program all the duties you want the Echo to perform for you. From turning appliances on to turning lights off, anything is possible.

Gifts to Entertain

10. Jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle

Source: Amazon Ravensburger

One of the best ways to engage the brain and relax at the same time is by doing jigsaw puzzles. There is a large variety to select from. Get something custom made with family pictures. If your loved one has dexterity issues, you can get one with larger pieces.

11. E-reader

Kindle E-reader

Source: Amazon.com

For the book lover in the family, there is nothing better than an e-reader. They are lightweight and easy to use. You can even start them off with a few of their favourite books or magazines.

12. Golf range finder

golf range finder

Source: Amazon Gogogo Sport

What golf lover who still enjoys hitting the links can resist a golf range finder? An ideal addition for any older person’s golf bag. The range finder measures the distance to pin a location, allowing golfers to better plan their shots. The accurate distance measurement helps them to select the most fitting club for that perfect shot.

13. TV listening device

TV listening device

Source: Amazon SIMOLIO

This individual device is great for any family with hearing issues. It allows them to enjoy the movie night with the family but control the volume without bothering those around them. Devices are capable of connecting with digital or analogue television sets.

14. Book of the Month Club

Many people still prefer to read from a book instead of reading from an electronic device. So if your loved ones belong to this group, why not have books delivered to their doorstep? Pick out of the sets of five preselected books that best match their reading preference.

Gifts to Keep Them Comfortable

15. Weighted Blankets

grey weighted blanket

Source: Amazon YnM

It is a scientifically proven fact that weighted blankets relieve anxiety and help to de-stress. They are perfect for people with sleeping problems and those suffering from dementia. Help them to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

16. Heated mattress pad

Help them get the rest they deserve with a heated blanket. It is sure to keep them nice and cosy during the winter nights, so they are fresh each morning.

17. Home-cooked meals frozen in portions

For the loved ones living on their own, nothing says you love them more than a home-cooked meal. Make individual-sized portions of their favourite meals and freeze them. All they will have to do is reheat and eat. A very personal way of showing how much you care and sure to make them smile.

18. Throw blanket

brown knitted throw blanket

Source: Amazon LOMAO

A warm and cuddly throw blanket for their favourite couch or chair. It is bound to help your elder family member relax, as they watch T.V. or read in comfort. There are many designs to choose from, and they are lightweight so easy to clean.

19. Massage pillow

massage pillow

Source: Amazon Papillon

There is nothing like a warm massage to soothe an aching back or neck. Attach it to the armchair, heat to just the right temperature then sit back and enjoy. Aches and pains are the norms with the elderly. This massage pillow is sure to make them disappear. Use every day or even many times a day, without any adverse effects.

20. Long-handled shoehorn

long shoe horn

Source: Amazon Vive

With a long-handled shoehorn, the elderly don’t need to bend over to put on shoes. Especially for those who have back pain, waist pain. It offers great help. They can slide any shoes easily in a moment. There are also some adjustable handle ones, which are suitable for carrying in backpacks when travelling.

21. Housecleaning or yard-care service

If your parents or grandparents are still living in their own homes, then they will appreciate extra clean-up help. Whether it is someone scrubbing their floors and cleaning bathrooms or fixing up their yard, all are cherished. You can arrange these visits every month or get a one-time-only deal for them.

22. Meal delivery service

Who doesn’t love a freshly prepared meal? So why not gift the elder family members who are on their own a fully prepared meal for one. All they have to do is heat it and enjoy it!


23. Photobook

photo book

Source: Amazon Fintie

Is your loved one becoming forgetful or missing you because you are not always there? Then give them the gift of memories. Get them photo books with captions that identify all the people and places in the photograph. Shutterfly and Walmart offer services to upload photos and create your own book. A very precious gift indeed.

24. Wi-Fi digital photo frame

WiFi digital picture frame

Source: Amazon AEEZO

You can set up a Wi-Fi-enabled digital photo frame for your parents. This even makes a great gift for someone in a nursing home. Directly upload pictures from your phone and they won’t have to do a thing! Just enjoy them. Some models have motion sensors and turn them on when they detect someone entering the room.

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