12 Common Home Health Care Products Every Homeoners Should Own

The best way to maintain good health is to prevent disease before it has the opportunity to start. To achieve this, some home health care products have become essential. We have compiled a health care products list we feel will benefit the maximum number of people. The list includes vitamins, supplements, monitoring devices, and power foods.


1. Blood Glucose Monitor

blood glucose monitor

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Nearly half a billion people are inflicted with diabetes around the world. A simple blood test, conducted with a blood glucose monitoring unit can help you to keep tabs. Early diagnosis can delay or prevent the onset of the disease. Periodic checks are also necessary to control the disease. These can be carried out with home blood glucose monitoring units.

Many blood glucose level monitoring devices are available in the market. Some models require the pricking of a finger to draw a drop of blood, while others work without it. Many models store data from previous tests in the units’ memory. Other models use Bluetooth compatibility to allow you to store results on your phone. Results stored in your phone can be shared with your doctor easily.

2. Blood Pressure Monitors

blood pressure monitor

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Almost half of the adult U.S. population has high blood pressure. Monitoring your blood pressure between doctor visits helps to keep track of how well the medication is working. Your doctor can then decide if the dosage needs to be adjusted or not. Blood pressure monitors are a convenient and easy way to monitor your health.

The best monitors come with some form of medial validation. This ensures that they are accurate and provide a reading that is close to the results of your doctor. Before purchasing a machine look for things like FDA approved, or clinically approved. Some of the best-tested instruments recommended in 2021 include the following:

  • Best overall category: Omron Platinum
  • Best portability: Withings BPM Connect
  • The most budget-friendly: Greater Goods BP Monitor

3. Fitness Trackers

It is a documented fact that inactivity leads to numerous health issues. Everything from low productivity and weight gain to chronic disease is rooted in the lack of exercise. However, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services statics shows fewer than 5% of adults actually exercise for 30 minutes a day. It seems that the motivation to exercise is just not there.

Whether you like to exercise alone or enter into friendly competitions with friends, fitness trackers help with this. One American Medical Association published study found fitness trackers to be better at helping exercisers maintain motivation.

fitness tracker

Fitness trackers available today allow you to do many things. You can set goals and monitor your daily progress. They keep track of the calories you burn, steps you walk, your heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, and loads more. Moreover, they maintain a record of your sleep patterns to ensure you are getting quality sleep. You can pair a fitness tracker with your smartphone to view long-term data. Many models will even store your favorite music so you can enjoy it while exercising.

4. Under Desk Elliptical

under desk elliptical

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Our lives have been overtaken by the computer screen. More people are working from home than ever before. A lot of the socializing is also being done from home, meaning there are even fewer chances of moving around. To make sure that your health is not compromised, the below desk elliptical is a great alternative.

The different resistance levels challenge everyone from a beginner to advanced users. Even if you have a very busy day at work, you can still burn calories at your desk. These machines are noiseless so your coworkers or others at home are not disturbed. Their miniature size makes them easily portable and they stay out of sight under your workstation. Now you don’t have to take time out to exercise. You can do it while seated at your desk!


5. Turmeric

add turmeric powder in the water

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This spice has been used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines for thousands of years. Traditionally it has been used to treat wounds, digestive ailments, skin diseases, and many others. Scientists are now beginning to understand the many benefits of this little herb. No wonder it is projected to achieve the highest rate of growth compared to every other herbal supplement.

The compound curcumin found in this spice is a strong antioxidant. Its’ anti-inflammatory qualities are excellent to curtail pain associated with arthritis. The World Health Organization recommendations state 1.4 mg of turmeric for each pound of body weight is safe. Turmeric can be purchased in powder form or in easy to consume capsules.

6. Probiotics

Probiotic is a collective name given to live bacteria and yeast that is good for your gut. The increasing consumption of processed foods over the last 40 years has harmed the digestive system. Scientists are only now beginning to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy supply of good bacteria in your system.

This combination of good bacteria and yeasts supports the immune function by controlling inflammation. They also help in digestion and keep the disease-causing bacteria in check. Taking supplements of probiotics can help to restore the good bacteria in your body.

7. Fish Oil

fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for many reasons. They help maintain the health of the cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems. Also, they regulate inflammation. They can be obtained through diet or supplementation. Fish oil is one of the best ways to get omega-3 fatty acids. One 2006 Maroon & Bost study found fish oil supplements to be equally effective as pain killers for back pain.

8. Magnesium

This metal is used in the body by more than 600 enzyme reactions. World Health Organization tells us that roughly 75% of the adult American population does not meet the daily requirements. People with diets high in processed foods are more at risk of being deficient in magnesium. A low level of magnesium can lead to problems with the metabolism of vitamin D and weak bones. It can also cause irregular blood pressure and heartbeat, muscle cramps, and a host of other ailments.

9. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed for strong bones. You can get some vitamin D from your diet but spending time in direct sunlight is the best way of getting it. The problem is that the use of sunscreens blocks the sun’s rays needed for making the vitamin. Also, it is more difficult to get sufficient exposure to the sun during the shorter winter days. Studies show that supplements of vitamin D can reduce the issues related to its deficiency.

Power Foods

10. Coconut Oil

Over the past number of years, coconut oil is gaining popularity as a superfood. This is for a good reason too. Coconut oil offers numerous health benefits like improving brain function, skin and hair care, boosting immunity, and many others. The combination of fatty acids found in coconut oil promotes weight loss. It also provides the body with quick energy.

11. Green Tea

green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. It is full of antioxidants that protect against cancer, fight heart disease, and promote fat loss among others. The catechin known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is found in green tea. It aids in preventing cells damage by eliminating free radicals from the body. In addition, it contains polyphenols which are known for enhancing immunity. There are many flavors of green tea, including but are not limited to those listed below.

  • Jasmine: This green tea houses the delicate aroma of jasmine flowers. It is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals.
  • Himalayan: Grown at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, this variety is a great way to detox.
  • Mint: full of the aroma of mint leaves, this mint tea is another antioxidant-rich brew. It helps to restore plummeting energy levels and helps to improve digestion.
  • Matcha: By far considered to be one of the best green teas due to its high antioxidant levels. It is especially known for its anti-cancer benefits.

12. Caffeine


Believe it or not, that morning cup of Joe can actually be good for you in several ways. Caffeine is defined as a drug. It affects the nervous system, working to increase attentiveness. Taken in the right doses, it can help you to feel refreshed.

According to some studies caffeine even helps to improve athletic performance. This means that you can do more physical work without the physical discomfort. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends the use of 3 to 9 milligrams of caffeine for every kg. body weight. So go ahead and enjoy your guilt-free, daily dose of a legal drug. Here are some of the places you can get your fix.

Espresso: 240–720 mg
Coffee: 102–200 mg
Decaffeinated coffee: 3–12 mg
Cocoa beverage: 2–7 mg
Energy drinks: 50–160 mg
Brewed tea: 40–120 mg
Soft drinks: 20–40 mg
Chocolate milk: 2–7 mg

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