5 Best Heated Car Seat Covers that Warm Your Drive

A heated car seat cover is a covering that covers the car’s seats and heats up when it is turned on. It has wires inside that allow electricity to flow and generate heat. There is a thermostat for controlling the temperature. Heated car seat covers are useful accessories that will protect your car’s interior and make you and your passengers more comfortable and warm as you drive. This is especially true if you live somewhere that has cold winters. Even if the car is heated up in advance, the seats can still retain cold air, making it uncomfortable for your commute.

Although many premium cars now have heated front seats integrated with your car’s heating system for winter driving. There are still a lot of affordable cars, trucks have no heated seats. You don’t need to be miserable with a cold back all winter if your car doesn’t have heated seats. There are a variety of heated seat overs you can choose from to make your car more comfortable.

This guide will help you choose the right heated seat cover, which can not only be used over the car’s seats just like regular covers but also be used to soothe sore muscles and joint pains, much like a heating pad.

Best Heated Car Seat Covers

1. SNAILAX Vibration Massage Heat Seat Cushion

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Versatile and soft

2. HealthMate Heated Seat Cushion IN9438

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3. Sunny Color Heated Seat Cushion

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Comfy and effective

4. HealthMate IN9438-2 12V Velour Winter Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

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Must have for winter driving

5. Wnnyy Heated Winter Car Seat Cover

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Warm up fast and effectively

What to Consider When Buying a Heated Car Seat Cover?

Vehicle model

Before purchasing a heated car seat cover, think about your vehicle. A heated car seat cover must be sized and electrically compatible with your vehicle. Because not all car seats are equal in size, not every heated car chair cover will fit. Many manufacturers offer universal covers that can be adjusted to fit many types of car seats. To ensure that the cover fits, measure your car’s seat and compare it with the cover’s dimensions. You can find the perfect cover for your vehicle by measuring it and comparing it to the model number of your car.


If you live in an area that has snowy winters, a heated car seat covering might be a good investment. A heated car seat cover might not be necessary if you live in a place with milder weather and higher temperatures.

Heating time

If you are only driving a short distance, you may need your car seat cover to warm up quickly when it is cold. Some models can be heated up in as little time as one minute. While some can take 20 minutes to heat up. Covers that heat faster often has more advanced technology and may be more expensive than those that heat slowly.

Heating zone

You should also consider where the heating zones are located. Some covers heat only the backrest while others heat the entire cushion. Covers with heating zones running along the entire seat surface will be more comfortable. If you like to drive in a relaxed and laid-back position, then the backrest heat style is also great.


Most heated car seat covers have three settings: low, medium, and high. This is enough to keep you warm. If you want to control the heat more precisely, you can choose a cover that has more settings. These controls allow you to heat most seat covers up to 140°F. You can choose the temperature that you feel is comfortable and warm. Some models come with an AC adapter, which allows you to relieve back pain, sore muscles, and knee acne at home or office.


The automatic controls on heated car seat covers allow you to monitor the heat generated by the cover and adjust accordingly. The heat is turned off if the cover becomes too hot to stop it from overheating. The controller will turn the heat back on if the temperature drops below the desired temperature. Although these car seat covers can be more costly, you may prefer their convenience.

Programmable timer

If you do not have automatic temperature control, some heated car seat covers have a timer to turn off the heat every few minutes so that it doesn’t overheat. However, the heat is not automatically turned back on by the mechanism. You will need to manually do this.


To keep heated car seat covers in place and not move around while driving, you need some kind of fastener. Most car seat cushions have a rubberized backing to prevent them from moving while you drive. But that’s not enough. Some models come with elastic bands and hooks, while others have buckled straps.

Elastic bands: These are simply used to wrap around the seat in one or more places. While elastic bands are the easiest way to cover your car with covers, they can be loose or not secure.

Buckled straps: These are used to wrap around the seat in one or more places. While they take longer to attach, buckled strap covers are easier to fit and can be tightened.

These straps are adjustable, but they should be cinched to the seat as tight as possible so that it doesn’t move when you drive.

A three-point fastener, such as neck, waist, and front seat, is safer than the two-point fastener ( neck, waist).


A heated car seat cover that can massage muscles may be more suitable for you. To provide pain relief, some covers provide vibration or shiatsu massage along your neck, shoulders, back, and neck. You can get the best results by choosing a seat cover that has multiple massage settings. This will allow you to choose the speed and intensity that is most appropriate for your pain.


There are also heated seat covers with cooling functions. These covers include a fan and special ventilating layers that help reduce sweat and keep you dry when it gets warm.

Power source

Most heated covers use the 12-volt DC outlet from your car to heat your car’s seats. You can only power one cover at a given time, as there is usually only one outlet. Dual interface seat covers allow you to connect two covers together to one outlet so that your passenger can also stay warm.

When you get out of your car, don’t forget to unplug the heated seat cover. Although most cars won’t drain the battery for long, some models do. It is possible to cause a fire by leaving the cover open.


There are various color options for heated car seat covers. You can choose the right one to suit your car’s interior.
The most common surface fabric for heated car seat covers is velour and any plush fabric, which are synthetic but have a very soft and comfortable touch.

How to Use the Heated Car Seat Cover Safely?

Install the heated car seat cover as tightly as possible. Make sure the car seat warmer doesn’t move around when driving. If possible, choose a heated car seat cover with three-point fasteners.

Unplug the car seat warmer before you get out of the car. Even power off the car, some car seat warmers will drain your battery. If left unattended, there is a risk of fire.

Don’t put another car seat cover over the heated car seat cushion.


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