How to Design the Most Exciting Hidden Doors for Your Home

Hidden doors are exciting concepts that can be used for functionality and to add a whimsy and fun element to your space. Since it is a hidden doorway and blends easily with the rest of the home decor, not noticeable, you can either use it as a secret office place or as a storage space to keep your valuables safe.

wall hidden door

How To Hide That Space?

There are many ways to create an attractive hidden entrance. One can make these kinds of hidden doors during renovations. A specialized design can be custom-made to replicate the particular design feature in an existing place where you plan to make a hideout. The possibilities are endless if you are in the process of starting your interior design from scratch.

Explore Various Hidden or Designs

You can find hidden doors in many varieties. You can either look for them in a store or get them custom-made in a private workshop as per the design requirements. There are many models of secret space you can choose from as per the aesthetic look.

Cabinet Hidden Space

The cabinet’s hidden doors can be easily blended into the kitchen or the living room. These could be custom-made if you initially customized the cabinets. Use the same hardware as the cabinetry to complete the look of the hideout door.

The swing door works well in this kind of cabinet hidden entrance since the design feature is best suited to blend with the hinged door. This symmetry is eye-appealing and remains unnoticed by the people.

hidden fridge

Bathroom Hidden Door

The hidden entrance to the washroom gives a much cleaner look to your bedroom design. Wainscoting or paneling is a good way of making this secret entrance blend with the rest of the bedroom interiors. Replicate the entrance door with the doors of your wardrobes using the same hardware so that it completely blends.

hidden door for bathroom

The Secret Space Behind Paneled Walls

This type of door is easy to construct as you can use a standard door and cover it with the panel to blend with the surrounding wall. To the unknown person, it would look like a continuous wall without breaks. This brilliant hidden paneled door would mean that the person is staring at the door without knowing it exists.

hidden door on paneled wall

It’s an excellent choice for modern minimalist homes to give the walls a sleek and stylish finish. Making a secret hideout is always the reason to give this design a go!

Is it a Display Shelf or a Hideout?

The hidden shelf door is an old design idea that never fails to impress. When a large bookshelf or a display case covers the wall, it can also be a secret door to a new entry. It’s essential to use the design where there is enough space to swing open the door.

bookshelf hidden door design
Hidden doors behind a bookshelf can be great to incorporate in your study or even a living room where you don’t want the secret door to be visible easily. The thickness of the bookshelf is of utmost importance while designing the entryway. These can be custom-made as per the size requirements.

A display unit can be used as a hidden doorway in the living room to keep the other areas confidential. These display units can display toys or even a fancy wine collection if you have one.

Basement Hidden Door

Why only make the hidden doors in the wall when you can build one on the floor too! Building a staircase to your basement can take up a lot of floor carpet areas. Therefore, go for a hatch door staircase to optimize the space.

Remember to keep the door large enough to save your head from bumping into the corners!

basement hidden door

Smart Hidden Door Under The Staircase

The space under the staircase is the most underutilized corner of any home or office. You can turn it into a secret hideout by adding a door without the handle and opting for a spring-loaded hinge.

To give a seamless appearance, consider the trim lines that are already in place. It may create the unique shape of the door following the angle of the staircase.

It will work great as a hidden storage space or maybe a mini toy room for your toddler without disturbing the harmony of the place.

hidden door under stair

Hiding Behind Artwork Or Wallpaper

Most of the above ideas are meant to hide the door by blending the design with the wall. Another bold and beautiful statement is simply removing the door and placing the large artwork on the hinges. People would just appreciate the artwork without even realizing what you are hiding behind the charming painting.

wall art hidden door

This kind of hidden doorway would be beneficial in a commercial space. Paintings or artwork doors can restrict entries for outsiders since the opening won’t be readily noticeable.

If looking for the budget option, an alternative is to simply use the standard door and blend it with the quirky wallpaper to suit your taste and the interior decoration. Avoiding the use of hardware and merely using the spring door will hide that door completely.

This secret door is also ideal for hiding an electrical panel or hot water system for a cleaner look.

Keep The Secret Behind The Mirror!

Hiding a door behind a mirror is the simplest way to keep your valuables safe or even use them for safety in an emergency. It may not be a full-sized door if meant for safe-keeping the valuables. One can utilize a small opening in a large mirror wall for this purpose. Blending the mirror door to the dresser’s entry can be a brilliant idea to keep it hidden and give your bedroom a clean look.

It can be a grand secret entrance to your wardrobe too!

mirror hidden door

Different Constructions For A Perfect Hideout

  • The turning system: This hybrid system consists of a retractable rod on which the door can rotate on its axis. It is suitable where there is enough space for the door to move around and opens into a more extensive area, like a big room.
  • Sliding Door System: This kind of hidden door is a perfect solution where there is limited space. The door can be fitted with an automatic opening system or can be opened manually.
  • The swing design: Hinged on one side, it is similar to the traditional doors, which can hide by merging the design. It needs enough space to open and shut.

Tips For Planning a Flawless Confidential Doorway

With most of the hidden door ideas above, you can build a secret door as per your need and the budget. Let’s look at what experts have to say before finalizing that critical decision of choosing and installing the right one for your home or commercial space.

  • The top priority is deciding whether the door should be turning, hinged, or sliding, mainly depending on the available space.
  • The construction of the hidden door should not interfere with the movement, and the door should not be easily detectable.
  • If using wallpaper to make that hideout door, the wall should be spot dried, and consider the surface level for a smooth finish. This will give a seamless look to your secret passage.
  • While installing a bookshelf door, the depth of the shelf should be carefully measured, and hinges should be placed keeping that depth in mind.
  •  Carry out preparatory work of measuring the wall and the door with precision to ensure no discrepancies. This will give a clean finish to the final look and make the door genuinely hidden!
  • Having a spring push mechanism and avoiding the handle in the front of the door can be a great way of hiding the door quickly. SO wherever possible, either blend the hardware for the handles or do away with them altogether.
  • The last but significant consideration is the budget. Mainly, the hidden doors cost more than the standard doors. Taking a few quotes before making the final decision will save you some bucks and give you better results.


A secret entrance is often necessary so that the stranger can’t find what you are trying to hide. Whether you want to incorporate a hidden door in an already built home or include it in the space, you are designing. It is bound to give a functionality edge along with adding a quirky element. Another advantage of blending the door and wall designs is providing a stylish and sleek look to the interiors. Whatever is the reason, making the right decision is vital for what happens “behind those closed doors”!

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