48 Best Holiday Shower Curtains To Freshen Up Your Bathroom

A shower curtain is extremely useful and beautiful in the bathroom. Not only does the shower curtain offer privacy when taking a shower, but also it keeps water and moisture from leaving the bath or shower area. Moreover, It’s the most direct way to refresh your bathroom. However, it will take some time to find your personalized and good-quality bathroom accessories. When looking for a new shower curtain, designs, size, and materials are the vital points to take into account. Here is a list of holiday shower curtains for you to celebrate the events.

Valentine’s Day Shower Curtains

1. Pink Heart Shower Curtain

pink heart shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

Looking for a romantic decoration idea to add that atmosphere into the bathroom? You will fall in love with this pink heart shower curtain. The reasonable thickness plus its waterproof fabric makes it durable to last for years. This is actually the best for families who love pink.

2. Red Roses Black Shower Curtain

black red roses shower curtain

Source: Amazon Livilan

Deliver the romance of everyone’s favorite red roses with this mysterious black curtain. The vibrant roses add an attention-grabbing touch to the restroom. The red rose shower curtain will make your bathroom come alive. The durable polyester and metal grommets ensure that you don’t have to replace them often. Perfect match with the rose-style rustproof shower curtain hooks.

red rose style shower curtain hooks

Source: Amazon

3. Shiny Love Shower Curtain

shiny red heart shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

Brighten up your bathroom with this shiny love hearts shower curtain. A variety of red or pink hearts express the romantic feeling. It can also be used as a backdrop for fun photos on Valentine’s Day. The thickness of this red heart shower curtain can be folded and put away until next year.

4. Rose Red Truck Gnome Shower Curtain

pink truck gnomes balloons rustic shower curtain

Source: Amazon ECOTOB

If gnomes are welcome in your family, they will love this pink shower curtain. It combines the girl’s favorite color, adorable gnomes with pink balloons. Add a pop of lovely pink to the girl’s bathroom with a machine washable, odor-free shower curtain.

5. Red Heart Tree Gnomes Shower Curtain

farmhouse red heart tree shower curtain

Source: Amazon JAWO

6. Red Heart Shower Curtain

red heart shower curtain

Source: Amazon JAWO

St. Patrick’s Day Shower Curtains

7. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Shower Curtain

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Shower Curtain

Source: Amazon Kotom

You will feel like you are in the green grass with this green shower curtain. It is featuring the Happy St.Patrick’s Day slogan, a colorful rainbow, golden coins, and a pot of gold. The gorgeous green and golden prints help this shower curtain match well with any bathroom style. It’s a super festive decoration to be used as a guest room shower curtain.

8. Shamrock Clover Shower Curtain

Shamrock Clover Shower Curtain

Source: Amazon Jawo

The small green clovers on the white curtain bring a fresh look to the shower area. This Irish clover shower curtain drapes beautifully and is made of fast-drying polyester. It’s perfect for March.

9. Green Leaves and Elf Plaid Shower Curtain

green leaves and elf plaid shower curtain for St. Patrick's Day

Source: Amazon NYMB

Hanging this lucky day green plaid shower curtain can add an Irish touch to the restroom. It is a bright spring decoration featuring green clovers, happy elves, hats, and green buffalo trucks. The no fading clear pattern makes this shower curtain last for a long time.

10.  Minimalist Green Shower Curtain

minimalist green clover shower curtain

Source: Amazon HNMQ

This green shower curtain must be the favorite for a dreamy green lover.  A bunch of green clover shower curtain hooks will add a more spring festive atmosphere to the space.

green clover shower curtain hooks

Source: Amazon imobaby

11.  Leprechauns Pots of Gold Shower Curtain

Source: Amazon Merchr

A classic and vibrant green St. Patrick’s shower curtain is not only the brilliant bathroom decor but also a beautiful backdrop for other spaces. The soft but durable shower curtain will keep the moisture from leaking out of the shower space.

12.  St. Patrick’s Owl Shower Curtain

St. Patrick's owl shower curtain

Source: Amazon Ambesonne

13. St. Patrick’s Day Party Shower Curtain

St. Patrick's Day Party Shower Curtain

Source: Amazon NYMB

14. Clover Vine Shower Curtain

Source: Amazon JAWO

Happy Easter Shower Curtains

15. Sunglasses Bunny Shower Curtain

bunny with sunglasses shower curtain for Easter

Source: Amazon Bonsai Tree

This cute bunny shower curtain is wearing a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. It gives a fun vibe to the bathroom. The kids will also like an Easter bunny with glasses. It’s perfect for Easter celebrations. The polyester shower curtain is waterproof and mildew-proof. This makes it dry fast. Also, it’s both machine and hand washable.

16. Funny Rabbit Egg Hunt Shower Curtain

rabbit eggs shower curtain

Source: Amazon Pimoys

This adorable shower curtain has clear and vibrant prints of the Easter egg hunt rabbit. The size can cover most standard tubs and showers. With an easy-clean & dry polyester, this durable shower curtain can keep water and mildew at the bay.

17. Happy Miss Bunny Shower Curtain

happy miss bunny shower curtain

Source: Amazon Merchr

Bring happiness to the family by hanging this to the bathroom shower space. Happy bunny and bee are collecting eggs in the basket. The friendly smile on their face will boost the optimistic mood of your family. The plastic hooks and durable polyester fabric are rust-proof and waterproof. You won’t have to worry about mildew and stinky odor.

18. Rabbit Love Easter Shower Curtain

bunny love shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

Add a touch of love to your bathroom with this adorable bunny shower curtain. The vivid happy face will brighten up your dull bathroom space. It’s not only a bathroom shower curtain but also an art that boosts the happiness in the family.

19. Smiley Rabbit Spring Shower Curtain

smiley rabbit shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

Look at the big smile on this rabbit’s face. She’s so happy to find a treasure in the vigorous green grass. The smiley face makes you smile every time you enter the bathroom. The waterproof polyester fabric is easy to care for and machine washable.

Happy Labor Day Shower Curtain

20. Happy Labor Day Cowboy Apron Shower Curtain

labor day shower curtain

Source: Amazon Yeele

Halloween Shower Curtains

Add a horrible yet funny vibe to the bathrooms with these Halloween shower curtains. The creative carving pumpkin lantern, scary ghosts, magic hats, haunted house, horror moon, spiders, witch, and broom, all these vibrant symbols will make a special experience in the private shower space.

21. Carving Pumpkin Lantern Shower Curtain

carving pumpkin lantern shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

22. Flying Witch Blue Shower Curtain

flying witch blue shower curtain

Source: Amazon ZBLX

23. Scary Night Shower Curtain


Source: Amazon DePhoto

24. Black Cat Shower Curtain

black cat shower curtain

Source: Amazon pinata

25. Scarecrow Pumpkin Shower Curtain

scarecrow pumpkin shower curtain

Source: Amazon Likiyol

26. Help Me Bloody Hands Shower Curtain

help me bloody hands shower curtain

Source: Amazon CHICHIC

27. Trick or Treats Shower Curtain

trick or treats shower curtain

Source: Amazon Bonsai Tree

28. I Smell Children Shower Curtain

I smell children shower curtain

Source: Amazon Allenjoy

Thanksgiving Day and Autumn

Say thanks to people who helped and accompanied you in the past. Celebrate Thanksgiving Day by hanging a thanksgiving shower curtain up in the bathroom. Featuring remarkable colors and pumpkins, turkey, gnomes, buffalo trucks, maple leaves. Your family will love showering in the autumn atmosphere. After Thanksgiving, you can take it down and wash it in the washing machine with cold water. Let it naturally dry and put it away for the next year.

29. Red Truck Fall Shower Curtain

fall truck shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

30. Happy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Shower Curtain

Happy Thanksgiving shower curtain

Source: Amazon FMSHPON

31. Give Thanks Shower Curtain

give thanks shower curtain

Source: Amazon Bonsai Tree

32. Thanksgiving Turkey Shower Curtain

turkey shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

33. Maple Leaves Shower Curtain

maple leaves shower curtain

Source: Amazon LIVILAN

34. Orange Thanksgiving Shower Curtain

orange thanksgiving shower curtain

Merry Christmas Shower Curtains

Christmas is the most important festival of the year. The traditional yet vibrant green and red make a very festive decoration for both inside and outside of the bathroom. Featuring Christmas tree, Santa Claus, jingle bells, colorful balls, snowflakes, deer, and snowman, the Christmas shower curtain adds so much Christmas cheer to the holiday season.

35. Colorful Christmas Balls Shower Curtain

colorful christmas balls shower curtain

Source: Amazon AMNYSF

36. Santa Claus Shower Curtain

Santa Claus Shower Curtain

Source: Amazon JAWO

37. Wooden Christmas Tree Shower Curtain

rustic wooden Christmas tree shower curtain

Source: Amazon BROSHAN

38. Red Christmas Plaid Shower Curtain

red christmas plaid shower curtain

Source: Amazon MAEZAP

39. Snowflakes Shower Curtain

snowflakes shower curtain

Source: Amazon ArtSocket

40. Retro Red Truck Shower Curtain

retro red truck shower curtain

Source: Amazon Wencal

41. Merry Xmas Eve Fireplace Shower Curtain

Merry Xmas Eve fireplace shower curtain

Source: Amazon BROSHAN

42. Chrismas Jingle Bell Red Bowknot Shower Curtain

Chrismas jingle bell red bowknot shower curtain

Source: Amazon KXMDXA

43. Winter Snowman Shower Curtain

winter snowman shower curtain

Source: Amazon Allenjoy

44. Merry Christmas Shower Curtain

Merry Christmas shower curtain

Source: Amazon Allenjoy

Happy New Year Shower Curtain

45. Shiny Fireworks Shower Curtain

shiny fireworks shower curtain

Source: Amazon LB

46. New Year Silver Golden Balls Shower Curtain

new year silver golden balls shower curtain

Source: Amazon DYMH

47.  Purple Christmas & Happy New Year Shower Curtain

purple christmas & happy new year shower curtain

Source: Amazon AMNYSF

48. Xmas and New Year Shower Curtain

new year theme shower curtain

Source: Amazon Ambesonne

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