Home Clothing Gear: Take Good Care of Your Clothes

Good clothes are expensive, and you invest a lot of time and money in picking out what is best for you. This is why they need to be looked after properly. You can choose from a large variety of quality home clothing gear. The items will help you to better organize and maintain your wardrobe. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Below are some tips to help you select the best domestic gadgets for your clothes.

How to Select the Right Clothes Hangers?

Hangers allow you to display your clothes for easy access, maintain their shape and keep them wrinkle-free. They are available in a large variety of materials, styles and designs. Some types are better suited for conserving space, while others will prevent wrinkles and tears. Once you understand the specifics, you will be better able to organize and preserve your wardrobe.

Wire hangers are commonly used by cleaners to send laundry home but are not ideal. They sag and deform, leaving clothes wrinkled. Wire hangers also tend to rust. The rust can rub off on your garments, leaving ugly stains, especially visible on lighter coloured pieces. They also have sharp handle edges, which can scrape against clothes leaving rips and scratches.

Trouser Hangers

These are specifically designed to hold trousers or jeans and are open on one side. The vertical types allow you to slide several pairs onto an arm which also saves closet space. The hanger arm can be zig-zag shaped or have grooved rubber to prevent sliding. Some designs are equipped with clips that prevent slippage. They are usually constructed out of strong materials that prevent sagging.

trousers hanger

Suit Hangers

A suit hanger is designed to retain the shape of your expensive suiting when you are not wearing it. The shoulder portion of the hanger is thick for better support. The body is slightly curved forward, imitating your shoulders. A crossbar with the slightest coarseness or a velvet slip accommodates trousers without slipping. Suit hangers are available in various sizes. You must purchase a hanger that most closely matches your suit size. A large-sized suit hung on a small hanger will leave the shoulders drooping. Leaving it prone to wrinkling and bending out of shape.


Dress & Shirt Hangers

Delicate dresses with wide necks or straps are best hung on hangers with notches. These prevent the garment from falling off. Satin clothes hangers are great for your more fragile pieces like lingerie. Skirts are best hung on hangers with clips to prevent creasing.

For formal button-down shirts, tubular plastic or wooden hangers work best. Padded hangers can be used for delicate fabrics such as knit or silk. If your closet space is limited, invest in cascading clothes hangers. They accommodate three shirts in the space typically used by one.

dress skirt hanger

Scarf Hangers

These are perfect to properly organize all your scarfs on a single hanging unit. They can be purchased in many different materials like plastic, wood and fabric covering. The fabric-covered ones help to maintain your more delicate possessions. Scarf hangers keep scarfs from becoming tangled and organized, so you don’t lose them between larger sized garments. They are also suitable for hanging ties and belts.

scarf hanger tie hanger belt hanger

Tie/Belt Hangers

Sure, a lot of people stuff ties and belts in a drawer. This can make them difficult to access, and not to mention, wrinkle the delicate neckties. Hanging them in your closet keeps them untangled and in pristine condition. It also allows for quick access. If closet space is an issue, it is possible to fit many ties and belts on a single rotating magic rack. You can also hung handbags on this rotating hanger.

rotating hanger for belts, ties and handbags

How to Select the Right Clothes Drying Rack?

People are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels on the environment. Sadly, many don’t realize that a clothes dryer uses more energy than a dishwasher or a fridge!

Air drying your clothes will not only save on utility bills but be kinder to the environment as well. Not to mention that your clothes will last longer. Harsh conditions like the high heat, tumbling and friction in an electric dryer shorten the life of your garments.

A drying rack uses the concept of allowing the air to flow between the clothes hung on the rack to dry them. A low-tech concept that is gentle on your clothes thus, keeping them fresh and bright, looking like new longer. Clothes drying racks come in many sizes and shapes.

clothes drying rack

Drying racks may be purchased in three basic styles. They are freestanding, hanging and wall-mounted. The style you choose will depend on the amount of space you have and the quantity of your laundry.

Keep in mind that towels, jeans and bed sheets tend to be heavy. If your laundry includes mostly large, bulky items, then you may want to buy a heavy-duty clothe drying rack. Clip hangers and mesh racks are great for delicate pieces. Additional features to look for:

bed sheet drying rack

Drying space & load volumes

Many dryers will mention the number of metres of space available to hang items on. Others will give the same idea by mentioning how many wash loads you can hang on the rack.

Lock Device

This will prevent the rack from folding and buckling as you hang clothes. After all, you would not want all your freshly washed laundry on the floor!

Floor Space when Folded

This is very important, especially if you are limited on space. Most of the time your rack is going to be stored away. Make sure it is sufficiently compact for putting away when not in use. Also, the folding mechanism should be very simple so you can open and fold it quickly.

space saving floor to ceiling clothes drying rack

How to Select the Right Clothing Iron?

There are loads of irons to choose from. To decide which one will suit your needs best, consider the following points.

First and foremost: how much ironing will you be doing? Will the ironing pile, for the most part, be casual stuff or formal office wear shirts and suits? Are your clothes mostly made of materials that require higher temperatures like cotton or linen? Now you are ready to check out the variety available and its pros and cons.

clothes iron

Dry iron

This is the most basic and cheapest iron available. It is lightweight and is only equipped with the most basic temperature controls. If your ironing needs are small, it will serve your purpose well.

Steam iron

Although a bit more expensive than a dry iron it is still economical. A small built-in water tank produces a burst of steam at the press of a button. A steam iron makes ironing cotton or linen fabrics easier than a dry iron. It is good for quick efficient ironing jobs that are small to moderate in size.

Some models come equipped with features like self-cleaning and auto shut off. Other features include cords that can swivel 360 degrees so ironing is not impeded.

The cordless models use a separate plate to heat the iron. The problem with these is that they need to be reheated every few minutes.

The benefit of the corded irons is that they maintain the set temperature automatically and continuously. Steam irons are self-contained units that don’t require a lot of space.

Steam generator irons

These are better suited for lots of heavy-duty ironing. They have a large, separate water tank. The two pieces require more space. For obvious reasons, they also tend to be more expensive. Surprisingly the steam generator iron is lighter in hand due to the separate water tank. You get a lot more steam which allows for faster, more effortless, ironing with a very professional finish. Some models are equipped for vertical ironing for use on curtains and clothes on a hanger.

How to Select the Right Ironing Board?

Ironing is a necessary evil, and having to lug an ironing board around is even worse! So what can you do to make this as easy as possible? Look for an ironing board that fulfils your ironing needs!

traditional ironing board

Folding Ironing Boards

The traditional foldable ironing boards are easy to put away and mobile enough to be moved from room to room. The basic ones are cheap affordable but don’t give any additional choices.

Keep in mind that humans are not all the same size, and one size ironing board will not fit all. When in the market for an ironing board, make sure the height is adjustable. Just so you don’t break your back hunched over!

Also, consider the size of the ironing area. Ironing oversized garments and bedsheets will require more space.

Iron rest is a good feature to have. It has a separate stand to hold the iron, thus minimizing the chances of accidentally burning yourself. Feet that resist slipping and a convenient shelf underneath to put ironed garments make the task easier.

Tabletop Ironing Boards

These are lighter than stand-alone boards and small enough to put on a kitchen counter or coffee table. Some have hooks so you can hang them behind a door. They are great if your space is limited or you want to iron while sitting. The drawback is that they will not accommodate large-sized garments too well.

Wall Mounted Boards

This is another great space-saving option. It also eliminates the need to set up the ironing board every time you need to iron. They can be concealed away and just pulled out when needed. The problem is that they require fitting and tend to be a bit more expensive. Since they are fitted at a specific height, it may be an issue if multiple people are using them.

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