8 Trendy Home Renovation Ideas During the Pandemic

Life has changed greatly in the last year or so and we are slowly learning how to adapt to the new reality. With this new reality, the need for home renovation trends has also evolved. The home has now become our office, school, restaurant, playground, beauty salon, and everything else. To accommodate all these different needs, smart home renovation ideas are in demand. To better understand the need to renovate, it is important to know the reasons behind it. People take up home renovations to achieve one or more of the following reasons:

  • To enhance comfort and functionality
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase value of the property
  • Create more living space
  • Improve appearance

Regardless of whether you want to uplift your home for eventual sale or your personal use, knowing the latest trends in home upgrades that not only add value but quality to your own life becomes very important before you start spending money.

1. Minimum Maintenance Siding

home renovation trends-minimum maintenance siding

Maintaining the outlook of your home is a tedious duty and let’s face it, no one wants to keep spending money on frequent paints and repairs. There is a large variety of products available which make this possible and that is why low-maintenance siding is all the rage. Materials like vinyl and fiber cement are available in a large variety of textures and colors, look great, are relatively easy to install, and give the home an attractive look. The best part is they require next to no maintenance and last for decades.

Reformed wood siding is another option that is durable, low cost, and low maintenance. It requires no paint, does not rot, and is immune to insect activity. It takes on the look of weathered wood as it ages. Stone veneer gives the home a countryside look which is very appealing. It is moisture resistant, requires no paint, and lasts a long time.

2. Private Dedicated Spaces

trendy home renovation ideas to have private dedicated space

Gone are the days of open spaces, now with more and more people working from home, it has become necessary that there needs to be a dedicated area for this. A place that is structured and methodical, having an area where there is space for all official papers the feel of being at work. This is the area that takes you from the frame of mind of being at home to being at the office.

Depending on your existing floor plans the space for work areas can be found in different parts of the house. It is possible to build a small home office/workspace under some stairs, a walk-in closet, or a spare bedroom that can be converted. Even a corner in any room will suffice. Many people find converting the home museums (the dining or drawing rooms), which barely get used otherwise, into an office and study space for the kids a better use of this space. Accommodation for Wi-Fi connection and additional sockets for computers further adds to the convenience and that office or workplace feel. The addition of shelving provides space for books, supplies, and files. The use of floral wallpaper and textured finishes on the walls can convert any office space worthy of zoom calls.

3. Spa Style Bathrooms

trendy home renovation ideas during pandemic-spa style bathroom

There is greater demand for larger bathrooms in trendy home renovation ideas. More people want their bathrooms to give the feel of a spa, where more time can be spent relaxing. Not having to commute to work means there is more time for longer showers and leisurely baths. Showers without barriers, stand-alone bathtubs, which give a more spacious look are in demand. Heated seats and bidets (thanks to toilet paper shortages) are also trendy and in-demand bathroom additions.

4. Large Windows

Home with large windows is becoming one of the most trendy home renovation ideas.

Spaces with lots of natural light, and good ventilation are a major consideration in trendy home renovation ideas. The demand for more and bigger windows and doors is on the rise. An added benefit is that bright spaces make the rooms look larger. If you are going to be upgrading windows then might as well go for double or triple pane windows and save energy as well.

5. Energy Efficient Home Renovation Trends

Homes that are older than 15 years will definitely have appliances that are outdated and waste a lot of energy. Today’s home appliances, be it a washing machine, dishwasher, heating system, or water heater all use less energy to run compared to older versions. A typical refrigerator has a life span of around thirteen years. If you are nearing the end of your fridge’s life, it is prudent to update with one that is energy efficient. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of replacing a standard-sized old fridge is approximately $1500, and the potential savings in electricity bill is $125 annually.

Combining the replacement of energy-wasting appliances and installing energy-efficient windows, sealing gaps, and improving insulation all contribute to an energy-efficient home. Other energy-saving improvements include:

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostat is one of the most popular home renovation ideas during th pandemic.

These increase efficiency by allowing homeowners to program climate settings so rooms that are being used maintain a comfortable environment. While those not in use are not heated or cooled (like formal drawing room). It will also automatically control temperature depending on if everyone is in bed or not at home.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan is one of trendy home renovation ideas in the pandemic.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans are not a mere decoration. They move the air around the room and create a refreshing breeze. They cost only a few cents to run but enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner, which is more expensive per unit of time.

Switch to Energy Efficient Lights

Lights account for 33% of the total electricity bill. Switching to energy-efficient lighting like LED bulbs can significantly cut down the electricity bill. Skylights are another option.

6. Greater Outdoors

A greater number of homeowners want their outdoors to be as striking as their indoors and the additional liveable square footage does not hurt. Having an outdoor space where you can spend quality time cooking, lounging, or entertaining is picking up momentum. Dependintrendy home decoration ideasg on the size of your yard, there are a number of ways to spruce up your open-air spaces. This can be achieved by adding a pergola, outdoor kitchen, deck, swimming pool, or garden pod.

Pool & Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen is becoming one of the most trendy home renovation ideas.

Homeowners want outdoor retreats that allow them to breathe fresh air after staying indoors for endless amounts of time. A swimming pool in the back yard is currently the most popular outdoor trend, then are fire pits and outdoor kitchens.


While these have always been in demand, these home renovation ideas are even more sought after now. Patios offer the perfect space for lounging or making an all-important office call away from the distractions of kids and goings-on inside.

Garden Pods

These miniature rooms are independent spaces that can be used as playrooms, gyms, or offices. If you stick to a size of 28㎡ and a height ≤2.5m, you won’t even need any special permits. With proper ventilation and temperature control, you can use the space throughout the year.

7. Multifunction Kitchen

Multipurpose kitchen is a good idea for your kitchen makeover.
As eating out diminished last year, more and more people have increased demand for convenient home cooking areas.  Kitchens that allow more people to glide past without abstractions and provide spaces to work and cook are the in thing. This is where kitchen islands come in handy. They provide space for prepping food and simultaneously allow kids to use them as workstations. Now, mom can keep an eye on the kids while she prepares dinner. Shelving underneath provides storage space for unlimited books, school supplies, iPads, and whatnots.

8. It is All About Minimalism

Minimalist home has been the most trendy home renovation ideas in these years.

The age the more you have, the happier you will be is on the decline. More and more people are embracing a lifestyle where experiences and relationships take priority over materialistic possessions. To only own the things you really need and removing everything that is distracting is a way of life a greater number of people are embracing. This is also true for the layout of the house.

Removing extra furniture, appliances, and idle personal items frees up a lot of space and make the usable area bigger. De-cluttering also reduces the amount of time spent cleaning, thus providing more free time for spending elsewhere. Multifunctional furniture and spaces, lots of storage space, and elimination of redundancy allow homes to become more efficient and comfortable.

No matter what the magnitude of your property is, there are endless home renovation ideas. They can make your space more comfortable, efficient and even perhaps add value to it. To make your upgrades successful, make sure to choose a project you can afford comfortably, and hire professionals to complete the job. Then just sit back and enjoy your upgraded home.

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