How to Have a Safe, Beautiful, and Child Friendly Home?

For decades interior designers have focused only on adult interior décor. They have always aimed for a sophisticated and classy final look! Even if the idea of a child-friendly décor crossed their mind, most of them would put it off.  They think a child-friendly interior would be a hurdle to achieving the desired premium final look of a space.

After witnessing some successful projects of pioneers in this field, more and more people have accepted the idea of a child-friendly yet aesthetic space.

After in-depth research and taking inspiration from several renowned interior designers in this field, we have decided to put together this article. This will help you figure out how to make your space child-friendly and aesthetic at the same time.

However, before jumping right in, we would love for you to keep the following considerations in your mind:

Always Involve your Children in the Process

Whenever you think about starting your dream project of turning your house around with child-friendly décor, never make it only about yourself!

Let different corners of your house reflect your children’s hobbies. This will not only make the project a complete success but involving your children in the process would be a perfect opportunity to help them engage and cut down on their screen time.

For example, if your child loves playing with Legos, installing a big desk in his or her room would be an amazing idea!

Always Keep Provision for Future

Always make sure that the design solutions you go for are sustainable. Keeping a provision for the future is always the best idea! For example, if you have a playroom in your house, eventually a time will come when your kids outgrow this idea.

When that happens, it will render this room completely useless, or you might just make it a storage room or something. On the other hand, if you design the playroom such that it has a provision to be turned into say a media room whenever requires, the room will serve you well in the future too!

Another example would be to get your child a bed (bunk bed or a house box bed, etc.) that they can fit into even when they grow up. Investing in a small bed just because it looks cute in the kid’s room would mean changing it up after a few years when your kid outgrows it – and this is not a very sustainable solution!

Now, it is time to give you guys some amazing ideas about how you can sustainably make your house child-friendly. So, without waiting anymore, let us dive right in:

Carefully Invest in your Furniture

Instead of being carried away by all the gorgeous furniture pieces available out there, you must make sure to base your evaluation on functionality and design! This is especially important if you are aiming for your space to be functional for both adults and kids.

Here we have a few ideas that can help you create an amazing house that will work for you as well as your children:

A Big Dining Table

A large dining table is a must-have to make a house child-friendly. After all, the dining table is where the whole family gets together to eat and talk after a long tiring day – you do not want to turn the fun into chaos because of limited space!

I know adults always want to maintain that sophisticated design element, but who says a large dining table always equates with being big and chunky. You can opt for a sleek and contemporary dining table that has a big surface area. Such a furniture piece would give your house a sophisticated outlook yet make it child-friendly!

In addition to your dining table being big, a house with kids must prefer getting a dining table in dark color! That is because it will help hide the scratches and pencil marks which are inevitable in a house with children.

big dining table

Carefully Select your Couch

You must accept the fact that if you have kids, your couch will always end up having color marks, food stains, etc. You name it and it will be there on your sofa! What makes this scenario worse is that couches are not like clothes that can be thrown into the machine every time they get dirty. Cleaning them can be one hell of a task!

How can you sort this problem? well, get an upholstered couch that can hold up the wear and tear of multiple washes, such as a slip-covered sofa. It will solve all your couch problems. Whenever it gets dirty, remove the slip, and wash it up. Voila, you will have a sofa as good as new all over again!

Pro-tip: if you want to go for a light-colored sofa, opt for a white one. That is because no matter how stubborn the stain is, bleaching will always help you get rid of it. Investing in any other light color would not be a very good idea in a house with kids. If not white, try to get a dark-colored couch because such colors amazingly hide away most of the imperfections!

child friendly sofa with cover

Get an Upholstered or Round Coffee Table

We all know how prone kids are to bang their heads against sharp table corners! To avoid this situation, an upholstered coffee table would be great – especially if round ones aren’t your thing. However, if these do not fit the category of your personal style, a round coffee table without any sharp edges can very well seal the deal too.

round coffee table

Do Not Shy Away from A lot of Cabinets, Drawers, and Storage Boxes

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Let us start off with the primary issue faced by parents in a house with children – storage! There is never enough storage space for their toys and other stuff. Thus, no number of shelves and cabinets is ever enough in a house where toddlers live.

Therefore, a floor-to-ceiling wall cabinet would never fail you! A great idea would be to get in touch with a furniture maker. You can discuss any innovative ideas that you have in mind with them (especially if you are a newbie in this field). With their vast experience, they might be able to give you great insight and bring your ideas to life in a much better way.

Go For a Chest of Drawers and Beautiful Storage Boxes

If you are aiming for a house décor that reflects your personal choice and factors in your child’s needs at the same time, constricting your kid’s play area with childproof gates must not be on your list!

Although many people do this and it works for them, but then having a child-friendly interior décor is not on their agenda!
Like it or not, children come with a lot of mess – art supplies, school supplies, books, toys, board games, puzzles, etc. All this can lead to clutter which can ruin the neat outlook of your house. However, you can have your space look refined yet prevent the kids from missing out on all this fun! You heard me right.

To achieve this objective, storage boxes and drawers will be your best companions. They will not only help you hide away all the mess but also help you in keeping things organized. Moreover, cute storage boxes and a beautiful chest of drawers always look aesthetically pleasing. The pop of color that they add to a space compliments almost all kinds of interiors!

Apart from this, getting your hands on some cute jute boxes can also help you keep all the mess out of sight yet organized – and we all know how amazing they look in a room’s corner!

Always Safety First

The safety of a home with children must be taken into account when you choose and install the furniture.

For example, all cabinets that have a height of over 70cm, must be fixed to the wall. Because the tall and narrow furniture, such as cabinets, shelves, and racks, will have a possibility of falling and smashing on the floor, which might damage your items. Moreover, your children will get hurt from this.

Make sure all cabinet doors and drawers are equipped with an anti-pinch design. A damping buffer device allows cabinet doors to close slowly to prevent fingers from being pinched. This design can also extend the service life of the cabinet.

If your furniture has sharp corners and edges, remember to cover them with corner edge foam protectors.

corner edge baby-proof foam protector

Keep your child away from electrical outlets. Kids are always curious about holes. You can place a barrier in front of the outlets, or use a socket cover to cover the hole.

Use child-proof gates to keep your child away from the kitchen. There are many dangerous factors in the kitchen, such as sharp knives, hot water, fire, etc.

Choose cordless curtains instead of rope curtains. This can minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Hire professionals to install your curtains to prevent accidents caused by insecure installation.

Anti-slip and Safe Flooring

Children love floors! Nobody on Earth will ever deny this fact – but children make a great deal of mess too! Since cleaning tile or hardwood floors is so much easier, most parents prefer them. But the first consideration for flooring must be slip-resistant because children love walking bare feet. They will easily fall off and get hurt if there is any water or oil on the smooth tiled floor.

However, such hard floors are cold and harsh on the delicate knees and elbows of children. Therefore, laying down a rug is something all parents should consider. While choosing a rug, you must be careful to select a material that works for your child and is non-toxic to the environment! For example, organic material such as cotton, wool, jute, etc. is the best choice. There are many certified organic area rug options available in the market!

This is because all synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, etc. are produced unnaturally through chemicals and emit toxic substances during the production process.  Also, do not be tempted to go for rugs that are lathered with PFCs (Perfluorinated Compounds) to make them stain-resistant. This might make your life a bit easier by preventing stains to some extent, but the off-gassing from it will be harmful to your child as well as the environment!

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