16 Genius Kitchen Storage Ways to Maximize Your Space

Clutter and less storage space are the primary problems when it comes to space limited kitchens. Storage space sets the record for being the first thing to be run out of in a kitchen, even before dish soap.

Your mind goes crazy thinking about how to fit all the appliances, plates, serving dishes, cutting equipment, spice jars, and a multitude more things in a tiny room with limited drawers and shelves.

Not only clutter, but the worst part about a small kitchen is also having limited counter space to perform everyday tasks – it just sucks. You cannot move around freely, and god forbid if someone else joins you in such a cluttered space, you just want to scream your lungs out.

Furthermore, the kitchen seems like a mess even after cooking the simplest thing – like an egg. That is because the dirty dishes add to the clutter of the kitchen, wand just looking at it gets you frustrated.

I am sure you all must have tried your lucks with trying to declutter and organizing your kitchens. You must have but in the end, nothing seems to work out because the storage space never increased.

It seems only kitchen renovation can solve this problem. What if I say that I have some hacks that can almost double up the storage space in your kitchen! Would you have a try? Well, have a look at these space expanding solutions and see for yourself:

Around kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are the main storage space in the kitchen, some cabinets are customized together with new house interior decoration, and some are semi-customized or assembled. If there is no cabinet in your kitchen or the storage space of your cabinets is not enough. Try these ways to maximize your cabinet space:

1. Use cabinet shelves to get the vertical space underneath the kitchen sink fully used.

Store pans with cabinet shelves to get the vertical space underneath the kitchen sink fully used.

We all tend to overlook the storage paradise that lies under the sink. It is an amazing space to have access to things you need right there and then, as the area is super accessible and convenient. You can boost the capacity of your kitchen storage capacity by using this area to its full potential.

The cabinet shelves can store pans, bakeware, kitchen supplies, cleaning products. It can greatly save cabinet and countertop space.

It is a great idea to use transparent boxes to store items in an organized way under the sink. This way, you will know what item lies in what box without having to shuffle the boxes around whenever you need a specific item. Moreover, you will also be able to keep a track of the product’s current contents and their quantities left.

2. Sliding baskets help you organize kitchen supplies and essentials neatly.

The 2 pull-out drawers can slide open and close effortlessly, and the items in baskets are visible. The two drawers can store some cooking spices and seasonings, kitchen cleaning supplies.

1.2 Sliding baskets help you organize kitchen supplies and essentials neatly

3. Use a drawer divider according to your kitchen utensils size.

Say goodbye to a messy drawer. The drawer divider is assembled with smaller boxes, fits perfectly and flexibly in almost all standard drawer sizes, can store different sized kitchen utensils and flatware. The organizer is practical and water-resistant, makes items in it neat and beautiful.

Use drawer divider according to your kitchen utensils size.

4. Use a vertically adjustable cabinet pantry organizer.

It makes pans, cutting boards, bakeware separately and easy to reach, it saves cabinet space and keeps items from being piled on top of each other.

Use vertical adjustable cabinet pantry organizer.

5. Use the space behind and outside the cabinet door.

The 5 hooks over the cabinet door rack make kitchen gadgets handy in reach. You can hang a few lightweight kitchen utensils, oven mitts on it. It’s very easy to install and saves space in cabinets.

Use the space behind and outside the cabinet door. Make things handy in reach.

6. Use “Lady Susan” – the rotary tray to make your kitchen stuff easy to reach.

How can we forget lazy Susan? This product is the star of the storage show. It is a miracle product when it comes to avoiding the clutter of most frequently used items such as seasoning bottles on the countertop, drinks in kitchen cabinets, dishwashing soap, grease cleaners under your sink cabinet, etc. Just spin it around and have access to your most-used products in a jiffy. Trust me, you do not want to make the mistake of not having the lazy Susan.

Use rotary tray to make your kitchen stuff easy to reach.

7. Use the space beneath the cabinet.

The hanger hook beneath the cabinet is a good place to hang our coffee mugs and kitchen utensils.

The hanger hook beneath the cabinet can store some light weight gadgets in kitchen. It’s a good place to hang our coffee mugs.

Storage Space on the Kitchen Wall

8. Store kitchen utensils on the kitchen wall with punch-free pegboards.

Choose your favorite color and type, apply them on the wall, insert baskets and hooks as many as you want, and get your kitchen utensils, pans, cutting boards, small gadgets organized on them. The pegboards save your kitchen space, also decorate your kitchen.

Store kitchen utensils on the kitchen wall with punch free pegboards.

9. Open shelves for more kitchen storage space.

Add open shelves to create storage space in kitchen

Adding shelves is actually a cliche. It is not only restricted to cabinets and pantries. You can even add open shelves practically utilize any vertical space for this purpose whether it is empty wall space, cabinet sides, under the sink area, or any empty space on which shelves can be installed. Although it might require you to call over a carpenter or take help from a friend, it is a lifesaver.

If you add one extra shelf to even one cabinet, that means you have doubled up the storage for that one specific cabinet. Now, imagine doing the same for all the cabinets in your kitchen, including the pantry. Can you even imagine by how many folds your kitchen storage space has increased by just this one hack?

However, do measure the tallest product that you store in your cabinets and install the extra shelf according to this measurement. This is important so that you do not have any problem fitting it into your cabinets once the extra shelves are installed.

Besides, punch-free open shelves allow you to re light-weight things you use frequently. Regularly wiping can prevent dust and grease gathering.

10. Hooks under kitchen shelves.

Add hooks under kitchen shelves.

11. Pot lids and cutting board holders on the wall.

You can apply as many as you want only if there is enough space on the kitchen wall.  It makes full use of vertical wall space.

Traditional brackets may require damage to the wall before they can be used, but screwing the pot bracket into the wall is the safest way to hold pans and cut boards on the wall.

The latest designs are punch-free and have a strong adhesive. Don’t place anything on the shelf within 48 hours after fixing it on the wall.

Pot lid and cutting boards holders on the wall

Create More Kitchen Storage Space in Corners

12. Store on the narrow shelf in the gap corner.

Get the most storage out from every kitchen space. The narrow shelf on wheels can store drinks, seasoning bottles, fruit and vegetable.

Store on the narrow shelf in the gap corner.

13. Turntable shelf makes countertop corner filled with organizing.

Turntable shelf makes countertop corner filled with organizing.

Get the Most out of Vertical Kitchen Space

14. Create more counter space by going vertical and ceiling.

If your kitchen counters are completely hogged up, the situation is not entirely hopeless. You can shift space-hogging items up and out of the way while still being accessible. The question is – HOW? Well, this is how! Store your dinnerware and cookware over the kitchen island.

Use the vertical space over kitchen island.

15. Store kitchen utensils on the rack over the sink.

The steel rack can store almost all daily use kitchen utensils. It is very convenient and practical for dishwashing and drying fast.

Store kitchen utensils on the rack over sink.

16.  Designated kitchen space for home appliances

Moreover, we all know how much counter space is taken up by electronic appliances, and these are not even used round the clock. Therefore, it makes sense to create a designated space for them such as a countertop rack at an easily accessible height. Such a rack combines cabinets with seasoning shelves, keep them accessible whenever their need while getting the most out of the vertical space on countertop.

designated shelf storage for home appliances

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