8 Trendy Winter Coat Types for Men

by Emma Shaw

Winter is just in the corner. No matter how cold your place is, winter jackets are essential to most people. There are various types and materials of winter coats. How to choose the most suitable one to keep you warm in winter?  Besides that, winter jackets will also create a charming style. Before spending on an expensive winter jacket, it is necessary to know more about winter outwear. Trust me, you won’t regret doing this.

Pea Coat

pea coat jackets

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A peacoat is an outer coat made from dense, heavy fabric. It features broad lapels, double-breasted fronts with 8-10 metal or plastic buttons of plastic, and vertical or slash hand pockets. Its broad lapels can protect you from chilly wind in winter. You can move flexibly while wearing a peacoat.

Peacoats are very common in fashion shops. They usually come in navy blue, black. People in peacoats look stylish and professional. Hence, peacoat is one of the best outwear types for autumn and winter.

In winter, you can wear a pea coat with a scarf and hat to keep you warm like a parka.


parka jackets

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Parka is usually made with insulated fillings and various woven fabrics. It has a fur-trimmed hood and a front zipper being covered with a buttoned or buckled front. If you live in an area with rainy and mild winters, you should buy a parka coat made from waterproof materials, not cotton or wool parka, If you are going to experience harsh weather in winter, it is best to buy a parka with a large wide hood and extended length. This will protect you from chilly wind and snow.


overcoat jacket

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An overcoat is a long, thick coat that can be worn below the knee. Wearing an overcoat will not only offer you warmth but also add a timeless chic style to your wardrobe.

There are many types of overcoats. However, they all have their own sub-sets.
Overcoats made of heavy wool are essential in cold winter below the 40F. While those lighter overcoats are suitable for fall and spring as the outer layer.

Matching an overcoat with a plaid shirt and a pair of chunky boots can create a more casual look. Also, you can also pair your hooded jumper with your overcoat.


top coat jackets

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A topcoat is the lighter version of an overcoat, more like a trench coat. It is formal outwear. A top coat usually comes in black, grey, beige, or navy blue for men. You can wear it over a suit or blouse on snowy days, also can match it with a sweater or t-shirt at a party.

Trench coat

trench coats

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Trench coats are originally designed for windy and rainy days. Those made of waterproof fabric are often worn as raincoats, such as leather. Nowadays, there are more materials used for trench coats. They are heavy-duty cotton gabardine, drill, leather, polyester, or poplin. This means, not all trench coats are waterproof. They do more in keeping warmth and style, less to repel rain and water. Trench coats can be paired with both casual and formal outwear.

A trench coat usually comes with a removable insulated lining, raglan sleeves, a belt at the waist, and deep pockets. The length of trench coats ranges from just above the ankles (the longest) to above the knee (the shortest). This makes it a great windbreaker in winter.

Trench coats are considered as a kind of all-weather and all occasion outfits. But if you live in an area with harsh coldness, you’d better wear some warm clothes underneath. Or wear an overcoat instead.

Trench coats and raincoats can be distinguished by hoods. There are hoods with most raincoats to cover the head from the rain. But trench coats have no hoods.

Down jacket

down jackets

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If you always feel cold in winter, or you live in an area with freezing weather, down jackets must be the best jackets to offer warmth and protect you against the wind. Down jackets are made of insulated shell fabric and fluffy natural duck or geese feathers. The shell fabric is coated with water-repellent coatings. Hence, down jackets are able to repel snow and small rains to some degree.

Down jackets are graded with a fill power rating generally ranging from 300-900, the higher the rating, the warmer the down jacket, and the higher the price.

There are various lengths of down coats. An ankle-length down jacket can shield you from the cold to the greatest extent. While a short down jacket is more convenient and easier to store and maintain while keeping you warm.

Puffer jacket

puffer jackets

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Compared to down jackets, puffer jackets look puffier as they are filled with synthetic insulating fibers. Synthetic fillings are lighter and can also offer the same warmth. Moreover, synthetic cotton will not break apart after washing. The shell material of puffer jackets can also provide some resistance to light rain.

Bomber jacket

bomber jackets

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As a classic garment, bomber jackets are also called flight jackets, have waist-length, high collars, a front zipper, and relatively tight cuffs and hems. These features make the bomber jacket the perfect workwear.

They are made of regular polyester, cotton, or waterproof material. The water-resistant bomber jackets can repel small rain to some degree. They are suitable for wearing in spring, autumn, and winter.

The bomber jacket can be perfectly matched with the hoodie or sweater to create a casual look in cold weather. When the weather is warm, you can also pair it with a T-shirt.

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