15 Best Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate for the Most Important Women in Your Life

We often jump higher when getting a reason to make our mother feel special. This is why we never skip a single reason to impress her. From preparing gift for her to writing a poem for her, it has always been our dream to hear her happy giggles.
So, when we came to know about Mother’s Day, it felt amazing. No matter how many times we feel blessed to have our mom by our side, it is always a new feeling to say “happy mother’s day” to her. But do you know this “mother’s day” has various other which you don’t know about?

Yes, there are so many of them that you missed in a hurry. Let us jam you up with as many of them as we can so that the next time you write a poem for your mom, you can surprise her with your knowledge too. And we won’t her tell her who did the research. Promise!

1. Mother’s Day Celebration

Do you know mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This means that you’ll be celebrating it on different dates every year. Well, schedule and prepare your surprise for the lady before May.

2. Let The Knife Stay Away From Your Mother’s Hands

The day is all about giving rest to your mom’s hand and eating away from home. Moreover, this gives our taste buds dance, but mothers also get a vacation from everyday hectic cooking routine.
Due to COVID, we are struggling with going out and having our favorite dishes served in front of us, but we can do something else too. How about donating to a new struggling organization to make their life a little easier and cooking for our moms this time? Sound perfect, right?

3. Wait Till You’re Ready

In earlier times, people used to skip worrying about the situation that arose after a baby is born. But now, the new “mothers” are so much concerned about their future babies. Further, this can be proved by the increase in the average age of being a mother, which is 26.9 now, which used to be 24.9 years till 2000—hats off to our new and responsible mothers, who know when and how to take responsibility.

4. Sunday Attendances

There are so many days when you see a heavy number of people going inside the church to pray. But Sunday has come up as the most attending time after Christmas and Easter when families visit the Church together to pray. Doesn’t this make our “Mother’s Day” even more special?

5. Roman and Greek Mythology

According to the belief system hold by Romans and Greek, they celebrate their “Mother’s Day” by devoting it to their Goddesses. They pray and honor Great Mother Earth, Rhea (mother of the Gods), and the Goddess of fertility. How heart touching, right?

6. The Mother’s Day Trademark

Anna Jarvis founded this trademark by making Congress realize the importance of holidays on this specific day. She even brought the Mother’s Day International Association into existence, after getting inspiration from her mother called for helping the soldiers during the civil wars.

7. A Step By President Wilson

After getting persuaded by Anna Jarvis on appointing every Second Sunday of May as “mother’s day”, President Wilson stated his love for this decision. He even quoted that this decision shows his devoted love for the mothers of the country.

8. Different Versions Same Meaning

The UK celebrates this day smothering Sunday, while Japan is the birthday of Empress Kojun, revealing the same devoting in different words.

9. Flowers Are The Smile Bringers

No wonder having flowers around not just brightens our day but also provides positivity to our souls. So, this is why it is no wonder; it has been a tradition to gift flower bouquets to our mom on Mother’s Day. There are so many kinds of flowers with different meanings attached to them. So we might suggest you get a bouquet after digging deep into their information.

10. Level Up The Voice Calls

It has been shown that people make a 13 percent higher number of calls on Mother’s Day. And why not? We have the reason to do so. Usually, this is why hearing “Hi Mom” more on this day is no wonder for call center employees.

11. Do You Know The Number?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are 85 million mothers in the U.S., according to the data recorded in 2014. Isn’t this a big number? This proves that the country is in safe hands now.

12. Gifts And Their Amounts

Last year, the National Retail Federation confessed their expectations about Americans that they have spent almost 27 billion dollars buying gifts for their mothers. Although any number in this world cannot define the amount of love in our hearts, this was shocking and cute.

13. Whoops! Sorry, Dad

Do you know that around 33% of Americans accept that they tend to spend a higher amount of money while buying gifts for their mothers, while only 6 percent go to their father’s side.

14. She Needs No Shoulder To Stay Strong

Do you know that around 24 percent or every one mother out of four in America raises her child without any partner or spouse. This not only proves her strength but also gives her to admire them more.

15. She Can Defeat Anything

Being a mother means a full-time job without any vacation. Also, during the pandemic, it has come out as even harder for them to cope up with the work along with their home responsibilities. But still, it has been seen that the modern and brave moms have made 162,581 dollars in a year which is still growing. Hat’s off to their capabilities.

We always admired them for their unbelievable hard and soft journey, but these facts have given us even more reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day. Do tell these facts to all the mothers out there and become the reason for their charming smiles.

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