5 Best Pizza Cutters to Cut Even Slices With No Mess

Nothing is more satisfying than a delicious pizza baked in a pizza oven and then cut into perfect slices. You’ve probably tried cutting a hot pizza with a knife, which can lead to a mess. It’s difficult to go straight and get even slices without moving toppings around the pizza. All you need to do is invest in the best pizza cutter. A pizza cutter is sharp enough to roll the toppings across the pie without creating a mess. It should be easy to clean. Here are the top pizza cutters and some important features and considerations for you to find the best pizza slicer. So that you can serve your guests pizza with the best presentation.

Best Pizza Cutters

1. KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel

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Can't go wrong with this cutter


  • End finger guard from blade and heat
  • Extremely comfortable handle
  • Slice pizza efficiently with a large blade
  • You can use it to cut other food.
  • Easy to wash in the dishwasher
  • Sturdy to last long


  • No cover for the blade when not in use.

2. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

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Lightweight and sharp


  • Roll through pizza like butter
  • Handy and take up very little space
  • Protective cover for great safety in storage.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Require opening the cutter to clean the blade and the interior. Slow down and be careful of your fingers.

3. KitchenStar Rocker Style Pizza Slicer Knife

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Easiest to use


  • Cut pizza with no effort
  • Doesnot destroy the toppings
  • Versatile and functional for any pizza size
  • Safe storage with a blade cover


  • A large rocker may hit the side of the metal pizza pan. But performing well on a stone or flat board.

4. Checkered Chef Rocker Pizza Cutter

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Efficient and clean cut


  • Cut pizza in straight without pushing toppings off
  • Multi-purpose use for chopping other food materials
  • Come with a blade sheath for storing
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Work better on a hard surface

5. Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Food Shears

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Versatile and well-made


  • Unique design to cut food with perfect presentation
  • Cut pizza and other food with no scratches on pans
  • Easy to come apart and put together
  • Easy to clean


  • With no cover for the blade

What to Consider When Choosing Pizza Cutters?

Although a pizza cutter may seem like a simple kitchen tool, there are important things to remember.

Pizza cutter types

There are four common pizza cutter types: rolling wheels, rockers, pizza scissors, and pie server slicers.

Rolling wheeled pizza cutters

Rolling wheel cutters have a sharp wheeled blade usually attached to a long handle. They allow you to control the size of your pizza. You can use them for any size pizza as long as you just need to turn the blade. You can choose from different wheel sizes, but if you prefer thick-crust pizza, a larger wheel will be better at preventing pushing toppings off the pizza in cutting.

Direct-grip wheeled pizza cutters are growing in popularity. They don’t have a long handle. Instead, you can grip the cover over the wheel. Although this can provide more leverage than the long-handled wheels, it is less visible and may make it harder to see the area you are cutting.

Rocker pizza cutter or mezzaluna

A rocker pizza cutter also known as a mezzaluna can be found in most commercial kitchens. It has a long, slightly curving blade that you can “rock” across your pizza to straightly cut it in half. This pizza cutter is easy to use and clean. Moreover, toppings stick less to the blade and don’t end up in mess. However, if you enjoy larger-sized pizzas, it’s better to choose a large mezzaluna, otherwise, you may not be able to cut the entire length of the pizza. Also, a large rocker pizza cutter can take up a lot of space in the drawer.

Pizza scissors and pie server slicers

Scissor-style pizza cutters and pie serve-shaped cutters, are not nearly as common as other types of pizza cutters but are becoming increasingly popular. Pizza scissors look like a pair of scissors but with one flat blade. They allow you to easily cut any type of pizza into straight and even slices. Also, you don’t need to use a separate spatula to serve the pizza. However, they are less efficient than rockers and wheeled cutters. Because you can only make shorter cuts each time when cutting your pizza.

Some pizza cutters have cool designs but every pizza cutter has its own unique features. You will choose the design, material or blade size based on your needs.

Blade material

It is important to consider the ingredients that go into a hot, delicious, and cheesy pizza. Will it cut through all types of crusts, thick layers of cheese, and toppings in one slice? Or will you have to make multiple cuts? Is it easy to clean? Will it rust?

Thicker crispy pizza crusts require larger durable cutter blades because you need to use a certain pressure when cutting the pizza. You need a strong and durable pizza knife to withstand the pressure without damaging the blade during use.

In addition, cleaning up can be one of the most frustrating parts of any meal. Make sure your pizza cutter is easy to clean. For instance, the pizza cutter has a nonstick blade or a removable blade.

Stainless steel is the best choice as it won’t react with acidic ingredients such as tomato sauce and doesn’t rust as quickly as other materials. You can also rinse it off with hot water and a little soap. A stainless steel pizza cutter is dishwasher-safe for the best cleanup. These factors make stainless steel cutters last a lifetime.

Blade size

Blade size refers to the width or diameter of the pizza cutter blade. For rolling cutters, make sure the blade’s diameter is at least twice the pizza thickness. This is important if you love thick crust or deep dish pizzas. It will allow you to cut through the slices more smoothly.

For rocker cutters or mezzalunas, it will be easier to use a blade that has the same diameter as the pizza you are cutting. A larger rocker-type cutter is better if you order/bake many pizzas of different sizes. If you have a metal pizza pan with an edge, it’s better to choose a smaller-sized mezzaluna just in case the cutter hit the sides. There is no problem if you cut the pizza on a flat wood board or a stone.

Therefore, measure the diameter and thickness of the pizzas you often eat or cook before purchasing a pizza cutter.


A handle with proper length and a non-slip grip allows you to use it comfortably and securely if you’re cutting hot pizza.
Although a wooden handle is attractive, it can get warped and cracked after long-term use. A stainless-steel handle with a rubberized grip can be the best option for durability. The anti-slip plastic handle is easy to clean and also lasts for a long time.

Protective covering

Keep in mind that the blade is sharp and you should keep your hands safe.

Most mezzaluna cutters come with a protective storage sheath. This will keep the edge razor sharp and protect your fingers as you browse through your utensil drawer.

Protective coverings for roller pizza cutters are needed where the handle and blade meet. You want to ensure maximum protection by choosing a roller that has a greater barrier between the handle and blade. This protects your hands from the cutter’s sharp edges.


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