Best Throw Blanket Materials and Sizes to Offer Perfect Warmth in All Seasons

Throw blankets are a type of warm but thinner and smaller blankets than regular bedding blankets. They sometimes are warmth keepers on the children’s beds, sometimes are great covers on people’s shoulders and laps. They are much more in demand than they once were. When they are used as couch throws or sofa drapers, they can create the focal points and add coziness to the space. Throw blankets of various materials and thicknesses are suitable for all-weather use.

faux fur throw blanket

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What Are The Common Sizes Of Throw Blankets?

There are several throw blanket sizes to meet different needs.

  • 30x40inch, (0.76mx1.0m)
  • 40 x50inch, (1.0m x1.25m)
  • 50x60inch, (1.25m x1.5m)
  • 60x80inch, (1.5m x2.0m)
  • 70x80inch, (1.8m x2.0m)
  • 90x90inch, (2.3m x2.3m)
  • 108x90inch, (2.5m x2.3m)

If you want to use the throw blanket as a thinner comforter on the bed and hang it over the sides, before purchasing, it’s best to make sure if you need to upsize 1-2 to your bed.

What Is The Best Material For Throw Blankets?

There are a variety of materials to choose from for throw blankets. The most popular types are cashmere, cotton, silk, polyester, faux fur, acrylic, fleece, etc.

Choosing the material of throw blankets is definitely a matter of preference. Different people have different tolerances to cold. To some extent, thickness determines the warmth of the throw blanket.

For example, faux fur, sherpa fleece are more suitable for cold weather because they are usually heavy and thick, can lock in the warmth.

Cotton, linen, and silk are suitable for warm weather because they are lightweight, breathable, and thin. They can absorb the moisture of your body, and offer some warmth when you are in the air-conditioned room.

However, if you just want to place the throw blanket on the sofa or bed as a decoration, then forget about the material, just choose the style you like!

How To Care For Throw Blankets Of Different Materials?

Different materials require different maintenance. Before washing any texture, it is best to read the instructions on the care label. Make sure you know the following things.

  1. How to wash it? Can it be machine-washed, hand cleaned, or only dry washed?
  2. How to dry it? Air dry, or drier drying?
  3. What is the best detergent and water temperature for this material? Mild detergent, baby shampoo, or special detergent?
  4. How to store it? Folded or hung in the wardrobe?

Cashmere/Wool Throw Blanket

Cashmere is the thin layer underneath the coat of Cashmere goat fur. It is a natural wool fiber. Cashmere throw blankets are soft and lightweight. When you curl up on the sofa to watch a night movie in cold weather, a densely knitted blanket can provide extra warmth. This breathable fabric is also very suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms in spring and autumn. Since the amount of cashmere is limited, this makes cashmere throw blankets a bit pricy and delicate.

Cashmere throw blankets can be dry-cleaned or hand-washed in water no more than 40 degrees and a mild detergent such as baby shampoo, Woolite.

Lay it flat on a clean, dry white towel. Gently roll the clothes and towel together, press and squeeze out the excess water. Place the throw blanket flat in a hanging mesh dryer basket. Let it air dry.

If you want to dry your cashmere in a drier, make sure it’s a low heat setting and take it out before it’s completely dry.

After it’s completely dried, fold up the throw blanket and store it in a cool, dark, dry box in the wardrobe.

It is very common to find pills on cashmere throw blankets. You can use a fabric shaver to remove those little balls.

cashmere throw blanket

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Cotton Throw Blanket

Cotton throw blankets are soft, skin-friendly, and breathable. If wool throw blankets are good for cold weather, then cotton throw blankets are great for all-weather use, especially comfortable for summer. Because cotton fabric can absorb the moisture from your body, keeping you cool on summer nights.

Pure cotton throws are suitable for everyone, especially friendly to babies and people with sensitive skin.

Cotton throw blankets should be washed every week due to their absorbency. They are very easy to take care of and can withstand all washing methods using regular detergent.

It is best to wash separately to prevent staining by other colors.

Avoid using bleach and softener.

Hang in the air or dry with low heat in the dryer.

Shrinkage is the only thing you need to notice before washing. It ranges from 2% – 20%. Pre-shrunk cotton fabric will shrink up to 2-5%. Non-pre-shrunk fabric will shrink up to 20%. To prevent excessive shrinkage, wash the throw blanket in cold water.

Before you buy a cotton throw blanket to fit your bed or couch, make sure you know the approximate size after shrinking.

Gauze Throw Blanket

gauze throw blanket

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Cream Herringbone Cotton Throw Blanket with Fringe

cream herringbone cotton throw blanket with fringe

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Pre-Washed Pure Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket

pre-washed pure cotton knitted throw blanket

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A silk throw blanket is generally made of natural silk fibers inside and outside. It is well-known for its pearly luster and smooth touch. As a breathable, durable, and delicate blanket, it helps to regulate body temperature and makes a good sleep cycle without creating any static electricity. Silk throw blankets are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly for almost everyone, except those who have extremely allergic bodies to protein. Although they are light and thin, they can provide wonderful warmth on chilly nights.

Silk fabric is delicate because it is a kind of protein fiber just like our hair. It requires special care all the time.

Dry cleaning is recommended if any harsh stains need to be cleaned.

Use cold water and chemical-free detergent, protect it in a mesh bag, mild wash if you have to wash it in the washing machine.

Never bleach and tumble dry a silk throw blanket. Actually, silk throws is lightweight and thin, it dries fast in the air. You don’t need to dry it in the dryer.

When air-drying a silk throw, do remember to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise, it may cause the silk fabric to fade and be damaged.

silk throw blanket

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Synthetic Throw Blanket

Synthetic throws are very common. The most common polyester is named faux fur, satin, sherpa, flannel, velvet, plush, and rayon. They can provide you with warmth in not harsh weather. But compared with natural cotton and wool fabric, even synthetic throws are not that warm but enough in fall or spring. Synthetic throw blankets usually cost less and require less care. Some good-quality polyester ones can keep their color and shape for many years even after being washed and dried several times a year.

Washing a synthetic throw blanket is not that complicated. You can simply put the blanket in a mixed solution of warm or cold water (water temperature no warmer than 100 ℉) with regular mild detergent. After soaking for 5 minutes, pour in the machine or wash by hand. Do not bleach a synthetic throw blanket or it will fade.

Synthetic fibers do not absorb water and humidity in the environment, the water among fine parallel fibers can be easily squeezed out by the washing machine. Therefore, a polyester throw blanket dries quickly in the air or at low temperatures.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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Flannel Blanket with Pompom Fringe

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Velvet/ Plush Throw Blanket

flannel velvet

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Polyester Satin Throw Blanket

polyester satin throw blanket

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Chenille Throw Blanket

chenille throw blanket

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Throw blankets can add a sense of comfort and fashion to any space. Before choosing a throw blanket, in addition to thinking about the size, material, maintenance, you also need to consider the budget and workmanship. A well-sewn throw blanket must have complete stitching on both edges and sides. So that it will make a durable and everlasting throw.

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