10 Best Tool Organizers to Keep All Tools in Place

For DIY lovers or first-time homeowners, there are always countless home tools in their workshop or garage. Those home tools are in various shapes, sizes and weights. You can not simply throw them in a big wood case or pile them on the desk. After all, it is exhausting to search for what you need at that moment. Moreover, many homeowners have the experience of buying new tools because they don’t know where are their old ones. However, how to keep these tools organized in the workshop? Let’s walk you through some practical tool organizing ideas to keep a smooth-running home.

1. Pegboard Organizer

Due to the wide variety of tools, it can be challenging to separate and group them all by size, shape, weight. Pegboard is the organizer that can flexibly accommodate various tools. They can accept different slotted hooks, brackets, and trays according to your needs. As they are made of thick plastic, their resistance to rust, oil, and water can make them last a lifetime. The pegboard is durable enough to hold the weight of your regular tools. You can simply clean it up with a damp cloth can clean it up.

pegboard organizer

Source: Amazon Wall Control

2. Plastic Storage Cabinet for Hardware

The mini drawers of this cabinet can store your nails, screws, bolts, electronic components, and other small tools separately and neatly. It can hold a good amount of weight. The transparent plastic drawers let you see through and find what you need easily. Or you can label each drawer for easy searching. This plastic cabinet is also suitable for kid’s legos, teacher’s tools, women’s jewelry, and beauty products. If you’d like to stack this on any surface, make sure they can sit sturdily and keep it away from the children and pets.

plastic storage cabinet for hardware

Source: Amazon Akro-Mils

3. Wooden Rack Set for Screwdrivers Hammers Pliers

After attaching these wooden racks to the wall, you can get your various screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers organized in the pre-drilled holes. Solid wood can give you that confidence in its sturdiness. It lets you get rid of a messy workbench, so you will find the exact tools in seconds.

wooden rack set for screwdrivers hammers pliers

Source: Amazon Sunix

4. Wall-Mounted Power Tool Organizer

If you are looking for a durable organizer for your power drills/ impact drivers, this wooden cabinet will do the job perfectly. It is wall-mounted and will free up your workbench space. You can hang your power tools on the designated slots. The top shelf is big enough to place some small tools and power strips. Solid wood is durable to hold the weight and last for a long time.

wall mounted power tool organizer

Source: Amazon Sunix

5. Bucket Tool Organizer

This tool storage bucket has plenty of pockets both outside and inside. They can provide instant storage space for various tools in just one bucket. It is an amazing tool bucket for homeowners and professionals.

bucket tool organizer

Source: Amazon Bucket Boss

6. Rolling Pegboard Too Organizer

This is a customized double sides pegboard tool organizer. It has three pegboards with different holes to install baskets, hooks, and brackets. If you have a variety of tools to organize in the garage or work area. This will be the best one to stand in place or move with you. It can store various tools of sizes, shapes. You can reset the arrangement according to your need flexibly.

rolling pegboard tool organizer

7. Rolling Tool Box

This toolbox has an extendable handle, two rubber wheels, and central locking for easy & stable moving. The two compartments are suitable for small hardware like nails, bolts, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. The bottom storage bin can hold larger tools, such as hammers, power drills. It is portable and convenient wherever you go.

movable rolling wheels tool box

Source: Amazon Keter

8. Open Tool Tote

If you want an organized tool storage space for your small home, or if you are working as a craftsman and need to take some required tools to the customer’s, then this tote would be a great choice. The open area is designed for larger tools like power drills. And the pocket around is for small tools like pliers, wrench, screwdrivers, etc. This bag is more like a portable but durable tool bag. As it’s collapsible to save space when it’s not in use.

Source: Amazon McGuire-Nicholas

9. Wide Mouth Tool Bag

For professionals, they need to carry a good amount of tools to the work area. Hence, it is important to have a durable tool bag. There are inevitable water and scratches in working. This tool bag is made of water-proof and anti-abrasion polyester fabric. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your tools getting rust. The shoulder strap is adjustable and the handle is extra padded for comfortable carrying heavy loads. The wide mouth allows tools of different sizes to go in and out easily.

wide mouth tool bag

Source: Amazon WorkPro

10. Wall Mount Double Hooks Tool Holder

Double hooks can be easily installed on the wall of your garage, backyard, basement, etc. The thick coating can protect your tools from scratches, rust, and sliding off. The well-made metal hooks are strong enough to hold your power tools, cleaning supplies, and gardening tools.

wall mount double hooks tool holder

Source: Amazon Intpro

In conclusion, organizing your tools is to keep your workbench tidy and make your tools easy to find. The best tool organizer must be durable enough to hold the weight and be used for a lifetime. Then, you should consider the size and quantity of your tools before choosing a tool container. If you need to carry a bag of tools with you, the portable ones with handles or wheels could be the most suitable. As tools are usually tough and sharp, will ruin your bags. The best material for a tool organizer should be abrasion-resistant.

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