9 Tips for Choosing The Best Wardrobe for Your New Home

Wardrobes are so essential for every family. No matter how big it is, the right wardrobe allows you to organize your clothing neatly, making your room tidier and more spacious. A well-designed wardrobe also makes your bedroom cozier and stylish. However, how to choose a quality wardrobe of trendy and functional?

beautiful walk-in wardrobe

1. Measure your bedroom and write down the plan

Brainstorm your ideal wardrobe, do deep research and write all details down.

When you are looking to customize a wardrobe for your new house, you can find a trusted wardrobe designer or manufacturer, who will take a professional measurement and calculate how big your wardrobe should be. Designing may not be charged, but customization may be more expensive than buying a finished wardrobe in furniture stores.

Before any measurement, you have to make sure your flooring and ceiling have been done. So they can get the most accurate size of your space. Most importantly, you know what kind of functions you want and write them down in the notebook.

Measurement can also be completed by yourself. Remember to measure every side of your space, such as two or three walls, floor, the distance to the door, the distance to bed, your bedroom door height and entry width, etc. Moreover, it is necessary to leave a gap (1cm) between the wardrobe and the wall. After all, the wooden wardrobe will deform a bit over time.

If customizing a wardrobe will make your pocket hurt or take a long time, then take your sizes, look around different finished wardrobes in furniture stores.

If your bedroom is small or you don’t want to spend too much on the rent house, you can also buy a portable metal garment rack from an online store or grocery store. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. When you want to move home next time, then disassemble it and take it to your new home.

2. As big as possible

The size of your wardrobe depends on the space in your bedroom and the number of your clothes. But the only standard for a wardrobe size is as big as possible, as long as possible. Because your wardrobe will never be too big.

Don’t you like big wardrobes? Don’t you love a special space to let you store your own stuff?

After all, there are countless clothes, shoes, bedding, bags, and accessories for different seasons and occasions.

If you have to share a big wardrobe with your partner or family, you need to discuss it before buying.

If you have made the wardrobe as big as possible already, you still have a lot of clothes outside. Why not simplify your wardrobe? After all, the purpose of a wardrobe is to live comfortably and relax, not all garbage.

3. Harmony in style

A wardrobe takes up a lot of space in the bedroom. Therefore, it will be better to choose a soft and light color. Dark or strong colors will make you nervous. It is a good idea to choose the same color as other wooden furniture or your bedroom door.

4. Safety in material and structure

A good quality wardrobe must have a natural smell of wood. If there is a harsh chemical smell in the wardrobe, don’t buy it.
Watch if there is a gap between boards and joints. Shake heavily

Avoid purchasing a wardrobe with glass doors or shelves especially when you have a child in your family. You don’t want anyone to get hurt from the glass breakage.

Good wardrobes should have round smooth corners, edges, and joints. Check the edges and corners carefully, make sure there is no sharpness from nails, drawer slides, and burrs.

Shake the wardrobe vigorously to see if it is sturdy. It is also practical to check the portable metal garment rack wardrobe, you have to make sure the metal brackets are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your clothes. You can imagine when you are organizing clothes and the rack collapses, your clothes are scattered all over the floor. What you get is what you pay.

5. Choose material accordingly

For wooden wardrobe material, you will see solid wood and MDF wood. Solid wood wardrobes generally are more expensive than MDF wood wardrobes, but it actually depends on many factors, such as solid wood can accept a bit of moisture. But if you have a dry bedroom, MDF or plywood could be the best options. Because moisture makes MDF wardrobes deform and get mildew easily.
If you are strict with eco-friendly products, then solid wood will the best material for your wardrobes and other furniture.

Checking tree knots and wood texture on the wardrobe planks is the way to distinguish if it’s made of solid wood or MDF. However, to wardrobes, fewer tree knots means stronger planks. Therefore, it can hold more clothes.

The thickness and height of the wardrobe doors determine its service life. Because thin doors can easily get deformed.

6. Flexible space design

The space of your wardrobes will change over the age and lifestyle of your family members. When customizing or buying a wardrobe, try to design the space as flexible as possible. Make accessories and space division adjustable. Reduce fixed and permanent design. Then you will have more chances in the future to transform your wardrobe accordingly.

For example, the most important space in the wardrobe is the space for hanging clothes. The more this space, the more clothes you can hang. Therefore, the clothes rail and fixing accessories must be of good quality.

More large-space drawers, less small-space drawers. Because large spaces can be divided into small spaces with a few dividers or small baskets. But small space can only be stored with small items.

Don’t customize these dedicated spaces from the beginning. Yes. You do need jewelry containers, trousers racks, silk scarf racks, etc. How to deal with space when you think the container style is boring, or you don’t like that anymore? Or when you change your mind about having that many pairs of trousers?

Instead, as long as you have a flexible design in your wardrobe, why not buy some portable containers, racks in grocery stores or online stores? So that you can change them whenever you want.

7. Convenient daily use

The best height for placing and getting clothes is between 40cm to your height. In order to make the most of each inch in your bedroom, you can store seasonal clothing, bedding, and pillows on the top over your wardrobe. Fortunately, you only have to climb twice a year.

Vacuumed quilts and pillows allow you to store more items on top. Stack them neatly, so as not to affect the opening and closing of wardrobe doors below. No one wants that fallen bag on your head when opening the wardrobe door.

As for the wardrobe space below 40cm, some people like to have some drawers for socks, underwear, and accessories. Some like to do nothing there. Instead, they place some plastic rolling storage boxes underneath.

Since the position is too low you have to bend over to get things. Why not just store less frequently clothing there? Storage boxes are more flexible to move and change, also used as a stool for standing on to get stuff on the top.

8. Different wardrobe styles

Whether it is a customized build-in wardrobe or a finished wardrobe purchased in a furniture store, there are mainly four wardrobe types.

Hinged wardrobe

Hinged wardrobes are the most classic wardrobe style for hundreds of years. Its hinged doors allow you to have a larger storage space than a sliding wardrobe but it requires clearance space in your bedroom. Some prefer a mirror on the inside or outside of the wardrobe door. It’s recommended to add a mirror on the inside.

hinged wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe

It saves your space because it doesn’t need clearance space like a hinged wardrobe. If your bedroom is not that big, a sliding wardrobe will be the best choice. The sliding doors are convenient and lightweight.
Install the sliding rail on the inner side of the top, so you can slide smoothly without cleaning any dirt. A full-length mirror can be hidden behind the sliding doors.

sliding wardrobe

Walk-in or open wardrobe

If you are a fashion enthusiast, and you have a dedicated dressing room. That will be the best place to express your personality and fashion sense. A walk-in closet allows you to freely organize your clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories as you want.

With an open wardrobe, you can find your clothes easily. It’s the way to make the most of your bedroom storage. However, it requires a very clean bedroom. If you want to have a convenient yet clean wardrobe, you can add curtains to the open wardrobe.

walk-in wardrobe

9. Good quality hardware

When choosing a wardrobe, you need to check the quality of the hardware. Does the rail slide smoothly? Is there any friction noise? Are the hinges and handles installed firmly and properly? Are the accessories complete? Certainly, you do not want another trip just for a screw.

The most important thing, but most people may ignore, is to check if the hardware can be found in regular hardware stores or online stores. Easy-to-fetch hardware makes it easier to repair the wardrobe in the future.

sliding rail of sliding wardrobe


A wardrobe is key to keep an organized bedroom. You should deeply know your preference and need. According to your living space, make a good plan and carefully compare among various wardrobes, from styles, colors, shapes, materials, hardware, space designs. Learn some practical wardrobe storage ideas, make the space serve the best for you.

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