6 Best Wood Hangers that Drape Your Clothes Well

Every piece of clothing in your closet is an investment. Good hangers are not only useful for keeping your closet organized, but also keep them off the ground without damaging or altering their original form. Wood hangers are one of the best ways to store clothes from suits and sweaters to pants and coats, as they are stronger than wire or plastic hangers. They are durable and won’t break or bend under heavy items, which could lead to your apparel stretching or tearing. Wood hangers can also be made in different shapes to fit various types of shirts, blouses, and jackets.

Wood hangers are more expensive upfront than other types, but they can be a good investment. How do you choose the right wood hangers for your needs? You need to consider both quality and practicality when shopping for wood hangers.

Best Wood Hangers

1. ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers

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Affordable and multi-functional


  • Made from lotus wood
  • With a clear smooth surface and vinyl covered pant bar
  • Precisely cut notches for hanging skirts
  • 360-degree chrome hook


  • Need to inspect the finish thoroughly before use

2. Utopia Home Premium Wooden Hangers

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Durable and strong


  • Durable and strong
  • Nice natural wood tone
  • Non-slip contour line
  • Rotatable hook
  • Two notches along the shoulders


  • Better to inspect and sand the hangers before use.

3. Casafield Cherry Wooden Suit Hangers

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Elegant and sturdy


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Lotus wood with beautiful cherry finish
  • With shoulder notches and non-slip pant bar
  • Durable swivel hook


  • A few reports of weak pant bars.

4. Honey-Can-Do Wooden Coat Hangers

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Bargain pick


  • 360°swivel alloy steel rod hook
  • Wrinkle free contoured design
  • Lightweight but durable enough to handle normal coat


  • Occasional rough surface reports

5. JS HANGER Multifunctional Wooden Suit Hangers

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Attractive look


  • Attractive walnut finish with wood grain
  • Non-slip shoulder notches
  • Rotating anti-rust swivel hook
  • Round pants bar


  • A bit thicker for some users.

6. Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers

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Simple but durable


  • Basic and sturdy
  • Natural Hevea wood with a clear finish and decorative grain
  • Rotating hook and non-slip notches


  • The notches are on the rough side for delicate clothing and need to be sanded before use.

What to Consider When Buying Wood Hangers?


Wood hangers are usually made from hardwood. Since different wood types have different qualities, homeowners should consider not only the durability and ease of maintenance of wood types but also their resistance to insects and lifetime.
The most popular wood hangers are made from pine and lotus. However, these less expensive woods are less durable and lighter than other options.

High-end woods such as walnut, maple, spruce, and birch are long-lasting. It may be difficult to determine the type of wood used in a hanger’s construction. Companies often emphasize the appearance of the wood over the type of wood.

Cedar is an excellent choice. It has a strong and appealing scent that repels moths. Cedar is also good at absorbing moisture.

Bamboo is another notable material. Although bamboo is technically a grass, it is extremely durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.


Make sure to check the thickness and width of wood hangers before purchasing. When assessing hanger thickness, also consider how much space you have available in the closet. The more sturdy hangers are better at supporting heavier items like winter coats but will take more space in the closet. Thinner wood hangers will be sufficient for most blouses, shirts, and dresses, you can add a few more hangers to the closet.

Adult hangers can be 17 to 20 inches wide. Kids’ hangers are typically around 10 inches in width. Your hanger should be the same width as the top. If the hanger is too wide it can stretch or distort your clothes. If the hanger is too narrow, it could cause your clothes to fall apart.


The shape of a wooden hanger will determine how effective it is at supporting certain clothing items. Steeper-angled wooden hangers are better for suits and collared shirts. The horizontal hangers are meant for skirts or pants.


Wood hangers can be finished in many different colors. Some people prefer a light finish such as oak or natural, while others prefer something darker like walnut or cherry. Wood hangers can be painted with a red or blue finish to give them a rustic look. Regardless of the type of finish, the hanger surface should be smooth and free of burrs.


Hangers are usually sold in sets of 20, 30, or more. It’s better to buy more than you need when deciding on how many hangers to purchase. If you are concerned about aesthetics and coherence, you might want all your closets to have matching hangers.

Pants crossbar

This feature is quite common in wood hangers. However, it can increase the price. An end has a horizontal bar that can be connected to the other to allow for easy drapes. This feature can be found on wire or plastic hangers, but it will not provide the necessary support for pants, particularly if a top is being hung.

Strap notch

Most wood hangers have strap notches at both ends. These are great for hanging dresses or items without sleeves and shoulders. A hanger with no notches can cause your clothes to fall to the ground.


Some wooden hangers come with clips or clamps to hold your pants. You can hang your pants straight with either of these options. To ensure a secure grip, if your pants are longer than your hanger, you might need to fold them horizontally matching your pant legs. You should ensure that you have enough room in your closet for your pants to be hung vertically. You can fold the pants and tie the waistband at the knee.


Some wooden hangers have a swing hook instead of a fixed hook. Swivel hooks allow you to position and maneuver your clothes.

Why Are Wood Hangers Better Than Plastic and Wire Hangers?

While we’ve already mentioned some of the positive characteristics of wood hangers in this article, it is worth looking into the full benefits.


Wood hangers are strong enough to hold large items such as suits and coats without breaking under pressure. Many plastic and wire hangers can become compressed, changing the angle at that clothes hang. This can cause stress to the shoulders and tear the fabric.


Wood hangers are more durable than wire and plastic hangers. They won’t deteriorate or warp if they aren’t exposed to moisture or water. Wood hangers can support most things as long as they don’t have a lot of weight.

Aesthetic appeal

Wooden hangers look great in your closet. Wood hangers are elegant and more expensive than wire and plastic hangers.

How To Make Wooden Hangers Last Longer?

Wooden hangers are made from durable hardwood. They don’t bend and break if they are used normally. However, there are some tips to make them last a lifetime.

  • Wooden hangers should not be exposed to heat, water, humidity, or trauma.
  • Never hang damp or wet clothes as this could cause moisture damage to the wood.
  • Don’t overload wooden hangers.
  • You should run your hands along the wood hangers to ensure that the hanger is smooth. Hangers with even the smallest bumps or burrs can snag on your clothes and cause them to be ripped.
  • Allow a quarter-inch to half an inch between your hangers to get the best out of them. This will allow clothes to hang free from other items without wrinkling or touching.


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