16 Stunning Wood Lamps to Brighten Up Your Rooms

The best nightstand table lamps spark you up in the darkness. Your desk lamp is always with you when you stay up late for work. The bedside table lamp can be the last touch before you fall asleep. Hence, that touch is super important. Wood table lamps are the best touch lamps for the bedroom.

Why choose wood table lamps?

Wood is the most trendy element in home decorations. It creates an original and minimalist touch to the space. And it’s versatile for any home style. Not only are wood lamps elegant, but they have many practical designs and functions to fulfill the needs of homeowners. Moreover, they can be brilliant options for housewarming gifts.

Why choose wood table lamps?

Wood is the most trendy element in home decorations. It creates an original and minimalist touch to the space. And it’s versatile for any home style. Not only are wood lamps elegant, but they have many practical designs and functions to fulfill the needs of homeowners. Moreover, they can be brilliant options for housewarming gifts.

How to choose table lamps?

1. Style and Material.

What lamp style do you really like? Do you prefer to pull a rope on an antique lamp with a yellowish shade? Or a minimalist wood table lamp to follow your home style? What is your favorite color for the table lamp?

2. Brightness setting for different purposes.

Are you buying a bedside lamp for reading, nursing, or just as a nightlight? Some prefer darkness to fall asleep easily, however, the others prefer little soft light for more sense of safety. A bright table lamp is suitable for reading and learning. A dimmable table lamp requires specific bulb types or LED dimmable bulbs. Because you can only turn on/off with non-dimmable light bulbs, which will flicker and squeak in a dimmer lamp.

3. Color of the light.

There are mainly three types of lights: cool white, warm white, warm yellow. Also, there are other color-changing table lamps for choice. This usually comes with a dimmer cord.

4. USB or straight plug.

If there is a USB cord, it will require a USB wall plug. Don’t bother, as long as you have a phone, you can find at least one lying around the desk.

5. Size of the table.

Your table lamp size depends on the size of the table. Vertical desk lamps occupy less room but require better designs in sturdiness.

6. Adjustable lamp pose and shade.

If the body of the lamp is adjustable, you can have a better light source without moving the table lamp.

7. Cord or cordless.

There is an integrated battery needed in the cordless table lamp. This means you can take the portable lamp wherever you stay after it’s fully charged. If there is a cord at the end of your table lamp, you can only use it where there is a wall outlet.

8. Warranty and guarantee

Ask the seller how long their quality guarantee is. Good quality table lamps always give people confidence. Don’t expect an extra-long lifespan guarantee over a 10 dollars table lamp.

9. Budget.

The price is always related to quality. You get what you pay for. Before placing the order, shop around and compare the above features and the price.

10. Other factors.

There are also some other considerations before you buy a table lamp, such as a table lamp with a wireless charger for the phone, USB port for other electric devices. Practical or beautiful? You’re gonna make a choice.

What light color should I choose?

Warm yellow light. It’s the most similar light to the sunshine.  Those dimmable lamps usually have three types of lights: cool white, warm white, and warm yellow.

In this post, we have compiled a list of creative wooden lamp designs.

1. Wood Lamps with Wireless & USB Charger

Minimalism design with a linen lampshade.
Warm yellow light adds a cozy touch to the space.
Wireless charger for your phone, USB charger for electronic devices.
Restart the lamp every 7 days for successful wireless charging.
Dimmable lights from white, warm white to warm.
Adjustable shade for different light angles.

wireless charger wood lamp

Source: Pincee

2. Color-Changing Wooden Lamp

Beechwood base with an aluminum silicone lamp post.
3 dimmable brightness for warm white light.
7 color-changing options in RGB mode.
Maximize the simplicity in design.
Add a modern touch to the space.
Looks like decor art when it’s off.

color changing wood lamp

Source: Amazon LONRISWAY

3. Swing Arm LED Wood Lamp

Elegant swing arm combined of wood and metal
Retractable cord strongly covered with nylon.
Adjustable lamp post to any angle or height
Simple to put together without any tools needed.
Easy to untighten the bolts, adjust the angle, then tight again.
Beautifully go with any table, nightstand, or office desk.

adjustable wood desk lamp

Source: Amazon Tomons

4. Polygon Wood Lamp with Decorative Bulbs

Irregular polygon wood base with decorative bulbs.
Comes with a dimmer cord.
Dimmable light needs to by a dimmable LED bulb.
The anti-skid solid wood bottom is not easy to tip over.
Great for use as a nightlight.

polygon wood lamp with decorative bulbs

Source: Amazon Agirlvct

5. Minimalist Ellipse USB Wood Lamp

Simplistic and unique design.
3 dimmable soft light tones: cool, warm, incandescent yellow.
Press the buttons to adjust brightness.
Sturdy beech wood base with metal and plastic.
USB cord for power charging.

minimalist ellipse usb wood lamp

Source: Amazon LONRISWAY

6. Small Wood Lamp

Little but bright enough for reading, working on the computer, and nursing.
Dimmable flicker-free light with a USB interface.
Minimalist tiny decor for any space.
USB charging block needed.

small cylindrical nightstand wood lamp

Source: Amazon LONRISWAY

7. Animal Wood Carved LED Night Lights

Animal shapes carved in the composite wood.
The LED bulb in the carved casing gives soft warm white light.
USB cable with button switch.

dog wood carved led night lights

Source: BenchmasterWoodworx.

8. Hollow Wood Vertical Table Lamp

vertical wood lamp

Source: Zenqdesigns

9. Handmade Nordic Solid Wood Night Lamp

Creative solid wood box design.
USE charger lamp with warm yellow light.
20 hours use after fully charged.

unique wood box night lamp

Source: Etsy Arturest

10. Pinecone Handmade Wood Desk Lamp

This table lamp allows you to brighten up your room with comfortable yellow light. The stunning pinecone design goes well with all wood furniture. When you have a new room plan, it’s the perfect time to custom a unique table lamp you like.

pinecone shape handmade table lamp

Source: Etsy Arturest

11. Creative Nightstand Wood Lamp

Cool and adorable looking add a creative touch.
USB cord for more possibility.
Visible switch in the dark.
Small but soft and bright light for bedroom and child’s room.
A practical but beautiful new home gift.

creative nightstand wood lamp

Source: Amazon LONRISWAY

12. Dog Adjustable Bedside Desk Lamp

Cute wood dog design with adjustable joints.
3 dimmer touch control.
The touch sensor on/off switch is on the top of the dog head.

dog adjustable bedside desk lamp

Source: Walmart

13. Handmade Wood Spiral Reading Lamp

When you want a concept of the lamp, that is “A wooden spiral that creates light games”. It creates harmonious geometric shading. A light bulb type E27 is recommended to use in this lamp.

handmade wood spiral reading lamp

Source: Etsy Ideesign

14. Wood Frame Nightstand Lamp

The nightstand lamp has a unique modern style with a functional USB port for other portable electronic devices. The decorative off-white shade sheds beautiful lights and adds a warm tone to the room. This lamp is a wall switch and smart outlet compatible with Alexa, Echo, Dot, Google Home. You can control the lights with your voice. It includes a 9.5 Watt power-saving LED warm white light. This table lamp offers a full 3-year warranty.

wood frame nightstand lamp

Source: Amazon Brightech Maxwell

15. Wooden Vase Table Lamp

This striking wooden vase night light will spruce up the night. Featuring a unique design, this wooden vase is interesting on its own, or you can add your own flair. Made of durable wood, this light is dimmable and modern, making it a good addition to any space.

wooden vase table lamp

Source: novus-decor.com

16. Classic Rectangular Table Lamp

When you prefer a comfortable glow, besides the color of light, only the beige linen fabric can shed the soft, warm light. The minimalist vertical lamp takes up the least in tight spaces. The sturdy square base is made of solid wood, which has a soft smooth surface. The open-top cloth shade makes the nightstand lamp not too bright to create a cozy corner for reading.

classic rectangular table lamp

Source: Amazon Aooshine

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