25 Most Creative Coffee Mugs You Will Love

A coffee mug can be not only the container for your everyday drink but also a personalized decoration on your dining table. Creative coffee mugs refresh you every day from the moment you wake up. If you would like to add a bit more creativity and a good mood to your coffee time or cheer someone up with a unique present, these clever designs will brighten up your day.

Ceramic / Porcelain Coffee Mugs

Now there is a growing awareness of the necessity to own some healthy and eco-friendly coffee mugs. The best material for coffee cups is ceramic. It’s easy to wash and with slow heat conductivity.

1. Macaron Color Mermaid Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Are you fond of the legend of mermaids? Don’t you think this little naughty golden mermaid tail helps you start your day right? No girls don’t love the adorable coffee mug of macaron colors.

macaron color ceramic mermaid coffee cup

2. Magic Christmas Heat Sensitive Coffee Mugs

The pure black is beautiful but a little bit boring? Add some hot drinks into the ceramic mug, now it’s an amazing time. You will never be boring during your coffee time.
What Christmas gift should I prepare for friends? A magic Christmas heat-sensitive coffee mug is going to be a good surprise.

heat sensitive ceramic Christmas coffee mug

3. LuxuriousGolden Screw Shape Ceramic Coffee Mug

golden screw ceramic coffee mug

4. Simulated Potty-mouth Coffee Mug

simulated ceramic potty mouth coffee mug

5. Skull Mugs

It’s a cute skull mug, isn’t it?

ceramic skull coffee mug

6. Magic Color Changing Heat Sensitive Coffee Mugs

If you are thinking those black or white coffee cups are too common, why not try these creative heat-sensitive coffee mugs? Play with the coffee mug when sipping your drinks at different temperatures.

heat sensitive porcelain coffee mug

7. Lovely Skull Bride Coffee Mug

skull bride coffee mug

8. Skull Groom Coffee Mug

skull groom coffee mug

9. Ceramic Night Owl Coffee Mug

night owl coffee cup

10. Lady Statue Porcelain Coffee Cup

porcelain lady statue head coffee cup

11. French Bulldog Shape Ceramic Mugs

These cute French bulldogs show love to you by giving you a cup of warm coffee.

ceramic bulldog head coffee cup

12. Muscles Black Ceramic Coffee Mug

Since coffee helps in muscle growth, then start brewing your coffee in a muscle coffee mug.

black muscle coffee mug

13. Grenade Shaped Ceramic Coffee Mugs with Lid

A bomb-shaped ceramic coffee cup is cool and handy. It’s also a cool table decor. Gift it to a cool teen boy!

Grenade Shaped Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid

14. Star Wars Coffee Mugs

star war coffee mug

Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

15. Adjustable Camera Lens Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid

Stainless steel coffee mug keeps your liquid hot or cold for hours, it’s the best coffee mug for outdoor lovers and tech enthusiasts all year round. You don’t need to worry about a broken coffee mug, and can enjoy a cup of hot coffee everywhere anytime. Or a cup of ice-cold drinks in summer, with some snacks together!
Need more vacuum? Adjust it to a bigger one just like what you do for a real camera lens.
Best gift for travel fanatics! Every photographer needs an adjustable camera lens stainless steel coffee mug with a lid.

adjustable stainless steel lens coffee mugs

16. Self Stirring Camera Lens Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

Is the above camera lens coffee mug attractive enough? If you are bothered by cleaning the spilled coffee when stirring, try this self-stirring camera lens vacuum coffee mug.

self stirring camera lens stainless steel coffee mug

17. Camera Shape Coffee Mugs

Camera lens coffee mug is cool, but if you need a super cute camera, add these camera shape coffee cups of multiple colors to your collection.

camera shape coffee mug

18. Tree Man Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

stainless steel tree man coffee mug

19. Game of Thrones Stainless Steel Mugs

game of thrones stainless steel mugs

20. Pirate Skull Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

pirate skull stainless steel coffee mug

Glass Coffee Cups

21. Christmas Tree Glass Coffee/ Tea Cup

The appearance of coffee is rather important to coffee lovers. The Christmas tree coffee mugs make your coffee more beautiful and even tasty. It’s a merry gift for someone who has a coffee addiction during festivals.

christmas tree glass coffee/ tea cup

22. Christmas Tree Coffee Glass with Lid

christmas tree shape coffee mug with lid

23. Enameled Glass Flower Butterfly Coffee Mug Set

The craftsmanship of enameled flowers and butterflies makes the coffee glass exquisite. Butterflies look so vivid and the colors are vibrant. Plan afternoon tea or coffee with your bestie on your porch,  she will be surprised by these sets in the sunshine.

enameled glass flower butterfly coffee mug set

24. Glass Sip Pipe Coffee Mugs

glass sip pipe coffee mug

Silicone Coffee Cup

25. Collapsible Silicone Coffee Cup

Food grade silicone cup is heat resistant and more durable than other cup material. The collapsible design only takes a small space in your bag. It’s so convenient for traveling and eating out.

collapsible silicone coffee cup


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