7 Effort-Saving Tools Save Your Back in Moving Heavy Furniture

No matter whether you’re planning to clean up the house or running them to rearrange the house. It can be tiresome to move heavy furniture. You may seek help from your family and friends. However, what if you’re the only one in your house or you need to move your furniture immediately, you have to move by yourself. Hence, you will need some useful tricks and tools to save your back.

Before moving, you need to take a measurement of your furniture and doors, stairways, or other areas that you need to pass through. This will help you determine if the furniture needs to be disassembled, what obstacles need to be removed, and if you need to protect the doors, walls, and furniture during moving. This is necessary for moving large furniture.

No matter what tools you are going to use, you should clean up the ground carefully before sliding your furniture. Otherwise, the dirt or sand on the ground will also scratch your floors in sliding.
If possible, you can take some time to empty your furniture before moving. This will make your furniture lighter and prevent stuff from falling out. But if you’re just trying to clean up the underneath, you will only need to ensure the doors and drawers are securely closed.

There are some useful tools to save your back and efforts in moving heavy furniture.


Furniture sliders are useful but require some tricks in moving heavy furniture. There are two main types of furniture sliders: For carpet and For hard floors.

Sliders for carpets are made from firm foam and smooth rubber or plastic. They can withstand heavy furniture and move quickly on thick carpets.

Furniture sliders for hard floors are made of strong and smooth foam. They can withstand heavy loads and move on hardwood floors, tiled floors, and vinyl floors without scratches and abrasion.

Place the sliders under your furniture legs and ensure that the plastic part is against the carpet. Then lift the furniture slightly and center the sliders under the furniture.

Pull and push in the direction you want to go. This is how you can move your furniture without any stress.

However, some people may find that furniture foot come off the sliders during movement. You can choose the nail sliders, which have nails that puncture into the furniture feet. Or sliders with single-side adhesive stickers can also reduce the chance of sliding off.

Moving dolly

A moving dolly usually has a square or rectangular wooden frame and four attached swivel wheels. It can be used to transport heavy furniture over the flat floor. There are carpet cover pads on the hardwood frame to protect your furniture from scratching. Place the dolly underneath the furniture and push or draw it to the desired location.

There are also other types of dollies for moving furniture. If you’re seeking to complete cleanup underneath the furniture or appliance, you can place an extensible appliance roller cart, permanently under your furniture or appliance. So that you can move whenever you want.

This method is not suitable for moving downstairs or upstairs.

Shoulder dollies

A set of shoulder dollies will force you to lift furniture with your shoulders and legs. Fit the buckles through the webbing, the strong harness is comfortable over your shoulders. The strap is attached under the furniture and used to lift it carefully. This can reduce the chance of strains or pains on your lower back, hands, and forearms. This method is more natural than lifting the furniture and suitable for moving with steps and flat floors. However, it can only be done by two people. It works better for large, high furniture.

Hand truck

A hand truck has an L-shaped bottom platform with 2 or 4 big wheels. Thanks to its vertical design, it performs well in moving stacked small items. Also, it can be used for moving tall and heavy furniture or appliances, such as bookcases and wardrobes. Some stair climber hand trucks will allow you to move up or downstairs.

However, if there are stairs when moving, you will need a helper or two on the opposite side to assist you.

Place the flat side of the furniture on the hand truck, and pull the top towards you. Center it for balance and hold it tightly. If you need to move a little distance, secure the furniture with rubber bands or straps. This will prevent it from falling.

Stand behind the hand truck with the handles facing forward and a helper standing behind you. Tilt the truck towards your body. Take each step one at a time.


You can also use cardboard to accomplish the same task quickly and inexpensively. You can use strong cardboard to transport heavy tables or chairs. The cardboard can be placed on the legs of the furniture. You will want to make sure that the legs of your furniture do not slip from the cardboard.

To make sure that the cardboard is strong enough for your purpose, you can connect many pieces of cardboard together. This will allow you to transport the strongest furniture possible using cardboards.

Plastic lids or plates

These plastic lids include containers and lids, frisbees, or plates. Make sure the plastic lid is durable and flat on the floor. Flip it upside down and place it underneath the furniture. You can now move the furniture smoothly to the desired place by carefully observing the carpet and furniture. You can use either containers or lids depending on the purpose. So choose wisely.

Towels or cloth

If you have smooth tiles floor and don’t want to get any scratches on the floor, you can wrap your furniture feet with towels or cloth, or just place a big piece of fabric underneath the furniture, and pull the furniture to the desired location. Make sure the towel or cloth stays in place in moving.

Aluminum Foil

It’s now easier than ever to move furniture across carpets. Place a small amount of aluminum foil under your furniture’s legs. Mold the foil onto the furniture leg to ensure it stays in place. Use the foil to mold under the legs of your furniture to push or pull it on the carpet.

There are many methods you can use today to move furniture more easily. You don’t have to panic if you live alone. It is possible to clean your home with minimal effort and use the most efficient ways to move furniture around. The work is now more enjoyable and efficient than ever before, from the use of aluminum foils to the use of a moving dolly.

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