Gardening Tips: How to Trim Hedges and Maintain Them Properly

As much as you’ll love hedges for helping you manage the garden’s health, let’s face it, it’s even tough to trim hedges and maintain them. Hedges require a lot of care once they’re fully grown and all set to be chopped. Cutting them can be tricky, but once you know, it’ll be easier for you to maintain a nice boundary. There are several benefits of having hedges in your garden; it helps you keep the pollution out, slows down the rainfall flow, and promotes healthy insects. But for maintaining, you constantly need to cut, prune, and trim them. So how to cut hedges exactly? It is important to know it very well.

For all this basic information, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide that’ll help you identify the process and provide you all the answers for maintaining hedges.

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Choose the Best Hedge Tools

If you’re thinking about how to trim hedges, several tools are put to use for cutting them out. It can even be something manual or something automatic. A matter of fact is that you need to have a cutter that can manage the work well.

Then, you need to identify the kind of hedges you’re looking to have, i.e., larger or smaller ones, formal or informal, or something that’s kind of evergreen. Once you know the kind of hedge you have, then opt from the electronic or manual cutters.

Safety from any thorns also matters a lot, so go for gloves, buckets, wheelbarrows, goggles, and steel tapped boots. Electric cutters might be only useful if you’re making haste and can’t spend quite a lot of time in the garden. But the best outcomes will come once you cut manually, giving it the time it needs.

Using Hand Shears to Trim Hedges

It will take a lot of time and so many skills to do it in the right way, but the end outcome is just so neat and amazing. Hand shears also need to be sharpened every few minutes to provide clear cuts. If you’re thinking about how to cut hedges way back, then this would be the best option.

Also, if you’re considering whether how to trim bushes round, then with a hand shear, you will be able to give it the shape you want to properly. It even doesn’t grow out into some brown and crispy leaves but rather provides a cleaner look, with complete healing of the cuts on the plants.

Trim Hedges Carefully

Thinking about how to trim hedges? Both options are present over here, just as they are for cutting them out. But rather, if you go ahead with trimming, it’ll require more precision and dedication because it’s no easy job. Using electric trimmers will help you achieve great bushes, but handheld products are better.

You get a great level of finish and neatness once you start cutting with handheld shears. It is a tougher process since the time spent in achieving a proper sweep is a lot. You’re able to take smaller sections and then chopping them off, and it’s better since you’re not bringing it out in bigger uneven chunks.

Both hedge trimming tools are good; it just depends from person to person based on what they’re trying to get out of the hedges look-wise.

Keep the Shape in Mind

The shape of a hedge matters quite a lot because these are bushy areas useful in multiple ways. It is planted in even distances. Hence it should only be chopped off evenly to provide a better look. Some might prefer their bushes to narrow down from top to bottom, some square, or some even in circles.

So it’s not just about how to prune hedges, but it’s also about how to prune hedges for them to grow fuller. How it receives the cuts matters a lot in how it is going to grow in the future. Just like human hair structure depends on the haircut, so is the case with hedges.

Schedule the Best Time to Trim Hedges

You must cut the hedges twice a year, differentiating between 5 to-6 months. The two ideal kinds of weather for cutting them off are spring and summer. But, if you’re considering trimming hedges in summer, it is better to do so in late August. In the early stages of the season, there might be birds or animals residing in it.

You wouldn’t want to witness them getting out of their nest and unable to recreate them due to changes in bushes. But rather prepare these in March so that they step in around April and empty it right before Fall. Also, since certain hedges shed in late Fall-early Winter, these are the two best seasons.

Remember to Maintain Cutting Tools

Remember always to maintain the hedge cutting tools and keep those sharpened at all moments. Oil them all, and then put them in your storage area if you don’t use them constantly. It will keep these free from rust, last longer, and won’t cause problems the next time you use them.

There isn’t any specific oil for it; you can use something as fancy as Japanese camellia or as simple as cooking mustard oil. It’s just that to have it maintained; there should be a lubricative source to keep it going. Important note, hand shears require more oiling and things than electric trimmers.


So if you’re thinking of options apart from cutting hedges, such as how to trim hedges or how to prune hedges, we’ve got you covered! This guide will provide you every piece of information on what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. When you consider any of these three steps, this guide explains all things.
You get to know how electric trimmers work, how to manage handheld shears, and even how to maintain both hedges and pieces of equipment.
Whether you’re trimming overgrown hedges or considering how to trim hedges straight, this piece of information will help you throughout. Go ahead and have a fancy gardening time!

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