Here are All Gorgeous Throw Pillows You Will Love for Home Decor

by okshop

When it comes to living room decor, some think wall painting is very important, some prefer beautiful sofas. Rather than spending huge time and money on choosing wall painting or a big sofa of unchangeable prints, we recommend to have some beautiful and soft throw pillows of different style prints on random sofa, so you can transform your room style from time to time.

Throw pillows can be placed on the armchairs, beds, windows to mix and match the room main accent. There are a lot of throw pillow styles to brighten your life. Get some inspirations from the following throw pillow ideas.

Plant Print Throw Pillowcase

Plants are the timeless element in home decor. A plant-type throw pillow case can be floral printed or greenery pattern, which can beautify your boring sofa and empty window, and boost your mood.

1.Floral Print Pillowcase

Refresh your home decor with blooming flower pillow covers.
blooming flower pillow covers

2. Rural Flower Embroidery Pillowcases

Rustic Embroidery Flower Pillowcases

3. Greenery Pattern Pillowcase

Greenery Pattern Pillowcase

4. Autumn Orange Leaves Sofa Pillowcase

Autumn is the harvest season, with fallen leaves, crops and fruits, is full of yellow and orange atmosphere. Celebrate your autumn festivals with these autumn throw pillow covers.

autumn vibe throw pillows

Animal Pattern Sofa Pillow Cover

Sofas are furniture with unchangeable prints and colors, which will be dull after some times. Some adorable animal pattern sofa pillow covers will make your living room from boring to interesting without spending too much money.

5. Flamingo Sofa Pillow Case

The flamingo is the sign of joy and harmony. The flamingo pattern pillow covers are designed with vibrant colors and natural cotton-linen. Transform your indoor or outdoor space with these wonderful cushion covers.

Flamingo Sofa Pillow Case

6. Bird Sofa Pillow Case

Refresh your home by adding some beautiful bird throw pillow covers that match your budget.

Bird Sofa Pillow Case

7. Peacock Throw Pillowcase

Peacock is stunning with mesmerizing colors and meaning of prosperity.

peacock throw pillows

8.Butterfly Cushion Case

Butterflies fly in flowers with their beautiful light wings, making you miss your delicate, colorful and relaxing home.

butterfly throw pillow cases

9. Elephant Sofa Pillowcase

Elephants represent wisdom, strength and moderation, they have a spirit of cooperation and are loyal to their partners. Are you fond of a colorful elephant pillow cover?

colorful elephant throw pillow case

10.  Leopard Pattern Pillowcase

Leopard pattern is widely used in fashion brands. People who use leopard prints are full of confidence and intelligence.

luxury leopard throw pillow

11.Dog Sofa Pillow Case

Nothing can match the natural loyalty of a dog after you give them food and shelter. They are grateful. If you are a dog lover, or you don’t have a dog, place a cute funny dog print pillow case on the sofa.

dog throw pillow

12. Cat Print Sofa Pillowcase

The most adorable animal prints on pillowcases will make your day and melt your heart. Cat is the one.

cat throw pillows

13. Zebra Print Throw Pillowcase

It’s a good idea to decor your couch with the beautiful stripes of lovely zebra. What colors will you choose, black & white or colorful?

multicolor zebra throw pillows

14. Unicorn Sofa Pillow Case

Cartoon makes unicorns not mystery anymore. Unicorns become cute and magic. If there is any little girls in your family, unicorn throw pillows will definitely shorten the distance between you.
unicorn throw pillow for girls

15. Sea Fish Throw Pillow Cover

These sea fish throw pillows will add some navy blue to your home.

sea fish throw pillows

16. Deer Throw Pillow Case

christmas deer throw pillows

Holiday Decor Pillow Cover

Holiday home decorations can spread extra holiday cheers, and brightening up your house will not break the bank if you choose some holiday throw pillow cases.

17. Pillow Case for Lovers

Show your love with the very best unique Valentine’s Day throw pillows to decor your space.

valentine's day throw pillows

18. Happy Easter Decor Pillow Cover

Easter bunnies are always welcome. The Easter bunny throw pillows make your spring family day cozy and happy. It’s festive and vigorous to mix and match the bunny pillows with some botanical throw pillows.

happy easter bunny throw pillows

19. Halloween Decor Pillow Cover

What are the must-have Halloween items in your home? Set up a spooky home with some ghoulish and stylish Halloween throw pillows. They are kid friendly and cozy.

happy halloween throw pillows

20. Thanksgiving Decor Throw Pillow Cover

thanksgiving throw pillows

21. Christmas Decor Pillow Case

The most essential decoration for Christmas is a trimmed tree. How about placing some Christmas throw pillows under the tree or on the sofa? Happiness and charity is the best way to get the spirit of Christmas.

christmas decor throw pillows

22. Geometric Art Pillow Case

Geometric art is the ultimate interpretation of lines and colors. The combination of geometric art and throw pillows design your home and life.

geometric art throw pillows

23. Scene Throw Pillow Cover

scene pattern throw pillows

24. Music Note Pillow Cover

music note throw pillows

25. Fashion Print Pillowcase

26. Royal Pillow Cover

royal baroque style throw pillows

27. Life Quotes Pillow Covers

28. Flag Pillow Covers

canada flag uk flag us flag throw pillows

29. Braided Pillow Cover 

knitted cushion pillows

30. Pure Color Pillow Cover

Get bored and dazzled with those abundant patterns and colors? Try some pure color pillow case to live a simple life.

pure color throw pillows

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