How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer?

Summer is an exciting and free season, as you can enjoy warm weather and fresh fruits and veggies, swimming freely in the pool, a trip to the beach, etc. However, there are some dangers along with the high heat weather. Extreme weather conditions and insect invasions may pose a danger to your home and family. Here are some preparation tips to protect you against weather hazards and help you have a comfortable summer at the minimum cost.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Power Outage

Pop-up thunderstorms can cause power outages during the summer months. They can cause power outages for several hours or days and can also disrupt the electrical system in your home. High voltage can cause a temporary surge in power that can impact your appliances.

High winds and flying debris can often cause unexpected power outages in summer. This damage to the power lines can lead to an unexpected power outage. Flooding can also cause damage to the electrical infrastructure.

To avoid power outages in your home, there are a few things you can do: Purchase a generator to provide power to your house.

Get a few light options ready, such as flashlights, batteries, candles, and a lighter. Pay attention to fire safety when burning a candle.

Turn off and unplug all appliances that might be damaged by a storm. You should unplug your electronics when you leave for work or vacation in summer. This is to ensure that you don’t get a stormy weather warning.

Strong Wind

Strong winds are a danger in summer because they can occur during tropical storms or low-pressure systems. They can cause significant damage to your home, including the destruction of your roof and structural strength.
Secure your home’s exterior, locking windows and doors, locking your car in your garage, and removing any branches that could fall on your property.


The hurricane season is usually in summer, which can lead to flooding. Your basement is more likely to flood if you live in a tropical climate. Your household’s foundation could also be at risk from flooding and water damage.

Inspect the basement for cracks or leaks, and ensure that your pump sump works properly during the summer months if your basement is susceptible to flooding.

Check your pump sump for debris buildup before the storm season arrives. To ensure the pump releases water outside your home, you can add a few buckets of water to the pit. A backup pump can be installed to provide better protection for your basement from water damage.

Water Damage

Thunderstorms are the most common weather phenomenon during summer. Most areas experience heavy rains and thunderstorms in summer which can cause property damage.

Your roof may be susceptible to water damage from heavy rains and strong winds. Before the summer rains arrive, check your roof for missing or cracked tiles, as well as any other damage that could cause water damage to your home. Make sure to have your roof repaired or replaced by a professional. This is possible to save a lot on future repairs and home water damage.

High Humidity

Humidity levels are higher in the summer months. It makes summer feel hotter and can have an adverse effect on your household. High humidity levels can cause mold growth and crack in hardwood floors.

Dehumidifiers can be installed in areas that receive the least sunlight to reduce humidity in summer.

Live Comfortably and Efficiently

Install a Programmable Thermostat.

These handy devices can be used to control the temperature of your home and provide energy-saving alternatives to air conditioners during the summer heat. To keep your costs down, set the temperature higher when you’re not home.

Replace the Air Filter

The summer heat can cause your HVAC system to use more air filters. It should be checked every 30 days during the summer and replaced if necessary.

Seal Leakage

Pay attention to the insulation level in your home. Check if there is any crack or gaps around your windows and doors. Make sure your home is well-sealed and maintained if any. This can prevent the outside heat from entering and the inside cold air from leaking, moreover, it protects your home from insect invasions and water from heavy rains.

Reduce Energy Loss

When the air conditioner is running, open windows and doors lose valuable energy. To prevent the cold air from escaping, make sure you and your family reduce unnecessary trips around the house.

Clean the Refrigerator Coils.

When refrigerators are not working efficiently, they can use a lot of energy. Clean out the condensing coils to get the most performance from your refrigerator.

Smart Physical Options

Install Window Coverings

Hanging blackout curtains can block some heat from bright sunlight and keeps the room cooler.

Cover exterior windows with window treatments. You can also add awnings and screen shades to your windows to shade the exterior.

Use Greenery

It is a great way to stop heat from being transferred into your home by strategically planting trees and shrubs near windows.

Increase Air Ventilation

Ceiling fans and other fans in busy traffic areas can increase air ventilation throughout the year. They blow your heat away and cool you down. In hot summer, the fans can easily spread the cold air from air conditioners widely into every corner of the room.

After a cool night with the air conditioner, open windows and doors in the morning to let in the fresh air and exhaust air out. This can increases air ventilation in the home.

Add Mosquito Nets, Window Screens, and Door Screens

Mosquito bed nets allow you and your family to have a good night’s sleep with no worry about insects.

Installing window screens and magnetic door screens can keep mosquitoes and other insects out of your home without sacrificing air circulation. Magnetic screen doors seal automatically after you walk in.

Most importantly, this method is eco-friendly, because you don’t need to use any insecticide and these products can last for years.

Sleep with Cooling Bed Sheets

Bamboo cooling bed sheets or mats provide a cool-to-touch sleep experience. If you sleep on a cool bed, you can raise the temperature of the air-conditioner and save energy.

Get The Most Out Of Summer

Do Laundry

Laundry dries fast in summer. Even though dryers can dry out your belongings, it’s a good idea to wash your thick blankets, coats, cushions, plush toys, winter shoes, window blinds, and curtains on sunny days. Air-drying your belongings is energy-efficient and safe for your items. Best of all, sunlight can disinfect your belongings at no additional cost.

Sun-dry Vegetables and Fruits

In summer, there is an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can buy them for very low prices in the summer. It’s a good idea to make good use of the sunlight and preserve your summer produce as dehydrated vegetables and fruits.

Sun-dried vegetables and fruits retain a lot of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other nutrients. These dried food don’t contain any chemicals or other additives. They can be stored for up to five years if they are properly stored with low humidity, low heat, and good air circulation. Moreover, they don’t take up much space.

Even though you can dry these foods in an electric dryer, sun-drying is a huge money-saver. You can freeze or naturally store sun-dried veggies and fruits for a delicious soup, dish, and snacks until fresh vegetables and fruits are unavailable or expensive.


Preparing your home for summer is not only energy-efficient but also saves money on future home maintenance. As long as you inspect all areas that are susceptible to potential summer weather hazards, and make some small changes for summer, you will have a cool and comfortable summer home.

Things that Help You Have A Comfortable Summer Home

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