How to Keep Your Bedroom Minimalist and Cozy?

Compared to maximalism which impresses people with passion and abundance, minimalism looks more simplistic and clinical. If you don’t like the rooms filled with heavy furniture, many fabrics, and accessories, or when you can not find your room relaxing and happy anymore, it might be time to refresh. Minimalistic homes can combine aesthetics, comfort, and functionality in some easy ways.

Keep Home Clean and Organized

A minimalist home is rooms with fewer but favorite stuff. Organizing is very important to minimalists. If your bedroom used to have a lot of stuff, like various posters, picture frames of different sizes and designs, figurines, plush toys, and too many pillows, it is time to organize them and get rid of what you won’t use anymore. You don’t need to get rid of everything. You can choose a few mementos that will fit the theme of your project.

While some items may be difficult to part with, they are essential if you want to maintain a minimalist look. Selling valuable items can help you raise some money. You can then use the money to fund your remodeling. You can donate those stuff with value but you will not use them anymore, such as beddings, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.

Stick To Neutral Colors

A minimalist bedroom can be distinguished from other bedrooms by its neutral colors. A minimalist bedroom can be simple and clean with neutral colors like white, grey, or beige. Instead of bursting your space with colors and patterns, use basics.

However, you don’t always have to stick with pastels and muted colors. A splash of color can make a room more lively than a dull bedroom without character. As long as the color doesn’t dominate the space, a few colors here and there will not hurt.

Use a black blanket to cover the white bed. Black and white can add contrast but are great for balancing each other without creating chaos.

Let Natural Light In

Although lighting fixtures can decorate your bedroom, don’t forget to include natural light. This will depend on how much sunlight you can get from your windows and doors. Natural light can not only save money on lighting fixtures and energy but also brighten up the whole bedroom.

If your flooring has a lighter tone, the sunlight can bounce off the floor and make the room appear brighter and more spacious.

If you want privacy, you can hang curtains on the window, don’t make windows. However, don’t make windows look gloomy and heavy with thick fabrics or shades, you can choose sheer curtains or leave your windows bare.

Accessorize with Consistency

Minimalist bedrooms just mean removing all unnecessary items and keeping necessary and favorite items. It’s a matter of personal preference.

You can add indirect lighting fixtures as decorative elements. There are many styles to choose from, including intricate but modern fixtures, or simple but sleek fixtures. For a minimalist bedroom, it’s better to choose the latter. Simple design means easy to clean.

Hang your favorite piece of wall art on one wall. Keep your books organized and place a few of your personal items on the shelf. One potted plant can be placed in one corner. Or you could arrange several small succulents on the tabletop.

Accessories are intended to accent and not overwhelm.

If you want to create a minimalist bedroom, keep a consistent thread between your limited decorations. You can stick to the same color tones or the same shapes.

Select a Simple Bed

There are some ways to make your bed the focal point of your bedroom but keep it simple:

  • Fewer details on bedframes. But stick to high quality.
  • Fewer pillows and covers that you won’t use. A blanket or one accent pillow is enough.
  • Choose beddings made with natural and sustainable materials, such as cotton, linen, and wool.
  • Choose sheets in neutral tones. Keep your pillows the same accent or only add some contrasting colors to the pillows.
  • Make your bed every time you get up.

Labor Day is a great time for beds and mattresses purchases as the new products are usually released in June, and then they become hot selling in September when the weather gets colder and colder. Companies want to get rid of their older models. You might find amazing deals that will save you lots of money if you are willing to put in more effort.

Add Greenery

Plants in your bedroom can purify the air, reduce stress and boose creativity.

A vase, planter, or pot containing sculptural greenery can bring calm and an even closer connection to nature. They can help filter harmful air and bring fresh air into your bedroom.

A minimal bedroom only needs one or two of your favorite plants.

Some plants are not suitable for indoors as they may cause allergies to people, or their leaves and flowers may be toxic to humans. Consult a pro about if the plants do not release harmful air to the bedroom.

Avoid prickly and pointy plants. These plants emit “spiky” or overstimulating energy, according to Feng Shui. Climbing plants should also be avoided.

Choose Natural Wood Furniture

Nothing can express minimalism more than natural wood accents. Light wood bed, nightstands, floating shelves, or flooring. It creates a traditional look with a natural texture. You will enjoy the calm atmosphere brought by the smell of logs.
However, there are some minimalistic ways to set up your wood furniture:

  • Higher legs make it easy to clean the floor under your wood furniture, including a bed structure or office desk with high legs.
  • Function and aesthetics are equally important to minimalism. You should choose furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as the nightstands with high legs. You can use them as tables, shelves, storage options, and dressers as well as they look sleek and beautiful in your bedroom. Moreover, the floor under the nightstands is easy to clean.
  • Nightstands and bedroom desks are not always necessary. Floating shelves on the wall beside the bed can replace the traditional nightstands and desks. They have no legs. You can use a cleaning robot or household cleaning tools to clean the floor effortlessly.
  • A headboard is not a must for the bed.
  • The clutter-free surface is the key to a minimalist bedroom.

Decor Your Wall with Symmetry and Textures

Minimalist walls don’t have to be pale. You can turn your small collections or photo frames into wall decor. Hanging some symmetric elements above your bed can create a specialty. Decorate your wall with what you already have, rather than purchasing new items.

Add texture like a plaster finish on the plain wall. You can cover walls with different items to make them look more interesting.

Add Coziness with Floor Mat

A large, solid-colored rug with a subtle sheen is a good choice. It is just soft enough to not overcrowd the space visually. It’s a great choice, given minimalism’s love for simplicity and comfort. You can easily vacuum the rug to keep it clean.

However, if you are concerned about long-term hygiene and allergy issues, don’t use a rug.

If yoga is one of your daily routines, place your yoga mat beside the bed, so your feet don’t have to touch the cold floor. Thicker, multi-purpose yoga mats provide comfort and softness and are usually non-slip. Best of all, yoga mats are easy to clean and dry, so you don’t need to worry about allergies. In hot weather, it can be hung on the wall when not in use.

Final Thoughts

A minimalist bedroom makes you calm and happy. It’s important to keep it clutter-free and organized. Keep consistency on color palette, styles, and textures. You can also create small contrast and focal point while keeping commonalities. A minimalist bedroom means an organized bedroom with your own style and minimum necessary but multi-purpose stuff.

Things that Keep Your Bedroom Minimalist and Cozy

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