How to Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe?

In hot summer, there is nothing better than relaxing at the pool with a cold beverage in your hand. It can be hard work to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe throughout the swimming season. But it is definitely worth it.
You may wonder why you need to scrub your pool after you add chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals to it. These chemicals can help keep your pool water and even pool walls and floors clean for a period of time. But they are unable to kill bugs, remove stains, and keep leaves and debris out of your swimming pool. Therefore, it’s necessary to thoroughly clean your pool regularly.

The rule behind is very simple: If you don’t clean your pool properly, you may not swim or play in it, because the dirty water may cause health problems such as skin irritation, and otitis media. In this article, we will discuss how to clean your pool and how to remove stains effectively and effortlessly.

Keep Your Pool Deck Clean

Cleaning the pool deck is an essential first step in keeping a pool clean. Think about the wind blowing dirt, leaves, and other debris into the pool water a few minutes after you’ve worked hard to clean your pool.

Most of the time, spraying and sweeping the pool deck is sufficient. But you may also need to regularly disinfect your pool deck to prevent bacteria, mold, or algae from breeding. Spray some water-soluble solutions to the deck after sweeping it. So your deck will not turn slippery, dirty, and dangerous.

Regardless of what cleaning solution you choose, follow the user instructions. The amount and method you use should be based on your pool deck material.

After applying the solution, it’s necessary to scrub the deck with an outdoor stiff-bristled brush. A long handle or telescopic handle will save your back a lot.

If your pool deck is very large, it can be a time-consuming job to hand brush the whole deck. A pressure washer or a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle will make cleaning your pool deck easier.

Skim Debris Daily

Fallen leaves, twigs, grass, hair, and other debris can easily get into your pool in wind, especially if your pool is in a garden with trees and grass. This can often cause a blockage in your filter system, making it more difficult to maintain a clean pool.

Skimming the pool on a daily basis can prevent this debris from sinking into the bottom.

A skimmer net attached to the long-handled pole allows you to scoop up any debris below the water surface. There are two types of skimmer nets to choose from: A flat skimmer makes it easier to clean up the pool debris but it holds less debris at a time. A bag skimmer net can hold more debris but it’s heavier and is more difficult to empty when it’s wet.

No matter what type of skimmer net you have, it’s important to buy a heavy-duty, long-lasting skimmer net rather than a cheap skimmer. Otherwise, you will have to spend money on a skimmer the next year.

A right telescopic pole will be very useful in pool cleaning. You can easily skim debris and clean the pool walls & floors after attaching skimmer nets, brushes, and vacuum heads to it. Its length can be adjusted to your needs and it is easy to store in the garage.

Brush The Pool Every Week

Brush your pool walls, floors, corners, and ladders at least once a week before these areas become slippery and get stained by small particles.

Choose the right pool brush according to your pool surface materials. Stiff nylon bristles are suitable for painted concrete, porcelain, fiberglass, and vinyl pool floors. Stainless steel bristles can brush gunite and unpainted concrete floors.

Just like the skimmer net, it’s best to buy a heavy-duty pool brush. Cheap brushes will be broken easily in chemical exposure and heavy brushing.

Test Pool Water and Add Chemicals

Monitor the pH level of your pool water based on how often you use it. The right pH range for pool water should between 7.8 and 7.2. The test frequency is usually three times a week.

Add necessary chemicals to reduce the growth of bacteria and algae in the pool. These pool chemicals include a variety of disinfectants and sanitizer tablets and solutions. pH testers and pool chemicals can be purchased at your local supermarket or online stores.

Get Algae Out of Your Pool

If your pool has developed an algae problem, algae can quickly turn your pool green, which makes it difficult to swim and clean the pool. Brushing won’t be enough, and it will push algae into the water.

There are several things you can do to get rid of algae from your pool. The most popular method is adding shock or chlorine tablets to kill algae and clear the pool. You can also use an algicide after carefully reading and following the instructions. Make sure you reach every corner.

Vacuum Your Pool Every Two Days

Use a pool vacuum cleaner to agitate and remove debris from the floor, wall, and stairs.

There are three most common pool vacuum cleaners: robotic pool cleaner, suction-side pool cleaner, and pressure-side pool cleaner.

You can vacuum a poor manually if your pool is not that large. But it is a time-consuming job, especially after a storm. There are many leaves, twigs, and other debris in the pool. It will be time to invest in a robot pool cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner, also known as an automatic pool cleaner, is a small, portable unit that drives around your pool picking up debris. It works in a similar way to a robot cleaner for your home. Its special bumper tells the computer about obstacles, then brushes the debris into a central suction tube.

There are no external connections for the pump motor, skimmer, and brush. You don’t need to change your pool maintenance system to use a robotic cleaner. The only thing you will need is a water-safe electric cord.

However, there are also some drawbacks to this pool cleaner. You have to manually install and take it out of the water after the cleaning cycle is complete. The collection filter needs more often cleaning during the cleaning cycle. Also, it’s not suitable for all pool surfaces.

Robotic vacuums tend to cost more to buy and repair if something goes wrong. We recommend you buy a robotic pool vacuum of high quality with a good warranty from a reliable brand.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

The device works in the same way as a manual pool vacuum. Attaches to the pool skimmer via a suction-side cleaner. The skimmer draws water in and creates a siphon for your filter system.

We don’t recommend using suction-side cleaners. It is not worth taking the chance that the cleaner might pick up something like rocks, which is dangerous to your filter system.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner

If your pool collects large amounts of debris, it’s best to consider to invest a pressure-side pool cleaner. This device cleans the pool using the water pressure from your filter system. Attached to your return jet, a pressure-side cleaner creates a vortex of water that pushes debris into a mesh bag. After the pool is clean, empty the bag.

The unit is usually mounted on small wheels and wanders around the pool bottom floor in working. It’s safe for your filter system.

You don’t need to enter the pool to install or retrieve the pressure side cleaner. But you’ll need to regularly change the location and backwash your filter to prevent clogging.

Although it’s more effective at cleaning stubborn algae and dirt than a suction-side model, the pressure-side pool cleaners may not be suitable for vinyl surfaces.

As smaller pool pumps don’t generate enough energy to power a pressure side cleaner. It’s best to choose the one with a larger pool pump and a separate pump. This may increase expenses for budget-conscious homeowners.

Clean Your Pool filter

Your water will be dirty no matter how many times you vacuum, skim, brush or vacuum.
No matter what type of filter you have, make sure to clean it on a regular basis and check for any debris in between cleanings.


It may be hard work to keep your pool clean, but it is definitely worth the effort. Now you know the basics of keeping your pool clean and your surrounding areas clean. Also, you can ensure that you are using the right chemicals and tools to clean your pool. Have a happy summer day!

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