How To Plant A Hedge: Detailed Tips and Tricks For You!

Hedges are the kind of plants that people love, not only because they look all tall and beautiful, but also because it tends to protect other plants. Usually, these plants are quite big and create a boundary in your garden, looking more like a design factor. But, it has some other benefits too! These plants promote a healthier plant lifestyle and ensure that the plants have insects that play a huge role in their growth. Also, it is quite easy to have them in your garden because these require lesser efforts, mainly just giving it a nicer shape. The only question is, how to plant a hedge?

You might be looking for ways to grow it in your garden, but do you know how many types of hedges are present? Well, there are several options to choose from, and it can get confusing trying to identify the right kind for you. The process of growing it might seem a bit tough to you; it doesn’t take much time.

In this guide, you’ll find out which hedge plant seeds to use, how to use them, and how to ensure their proper growth. Also, you’ll learn how to grow hedge plants from cuttings.

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Choose The Kind Of Hedge You Want

As mentioned above as well, there are different types of hedges. Some might shed during the autumn, some might change shades, and some might be evergreen. Also, some even bear fruits and flowers, so the options are quite a lot. Choose the one you’d see in your garden and will be able to maintain.

Hedges are also classified based on their height. Several options only grow till around 3 ft, whereas some even grow till a whopping 65 ft. Hedges require constant shaping & care, and having a plant that goes too tall might be too tough to manage in the garden.

The best possible types for your garden, regardless if you want a short one or you’re planting a hedge against a wall, are:
• Yew.
• Box.
• Leyland cypress.
• Barberry.
• New Zealand Broadleaf.
• Hornbeam
• Cherry laurel.
• Beech.
• Privet.
• Hawthorn.

plant short hedge

Have The Necessary Equipment

As you proceed towards planting hedges in your garden, ensure that you have all the desired equipment. If you think that how to plant a hedge without these pieces of equipment, well, it won’t be possible. The essential ones are:
• Garden Fork.
• A sharp garden spade.
• Measuring tape.
• Wheelbarrow.
• Watering can.
• Canes.
• Turf cutter.
• Seep hose.
• Petrol cultivator.

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Prepare The Soil

Not just for these, but for any plant, it is essential to have the soil prepared. Without the preparation, the plant won’t grow the right way, or worse, it wouldn’t grow. For hedges, remove the residue and then start planting at a distance. Any last left plant growing between the hedges will make it look worse.

Don’t get too excited and start pouring the compost in, but rather add it only after showing signs of moderate growth. With the compost, the plant will have access to nutrients that would be tough to consume and may end up getting spoilt.

prepare soil before planting hedge

Dig In & Start Planting

As you start planting it, remember to keep even spaces between the hedges as they need space to grow. Use the canes to even out each spread and then only begin placing them in the dug spaces. The plants need 1.5 feet of space at the bottom; only then will they be able to lay their roots.

Tease out the plant roots before you place them in, and ensure that it only has enough soil as much as it had in the pot. Do not keep it upper or lower than that because that will hamper the growth of the plant. If you’re placing hedge plant seeds, place them in a slightly dug area, cover it, and water it.

Also, if you’re thinking about how to grow hedge plants from cuttings, then place the stem in just as much space as the roots would require. Constantly keep tracking it, and ensure that the stem is not too much dug or too much exposed. It needs the time to develop new roots, so give it space.

dig in and plant

Mulch & Water

As much as you’ll be considering how to plant a hedge, also make sure you know how to take care of it after it’s planted. Every new hedge needs water at least twice a week, or even every day, depending on the area’s temperature. You can also lay a hose that will maintain the water supply.

Also, with good quality compost, once you start mulching, it will become better for you. The plants will have the feed they desire, and the growth will take place at a moderate speed. The plants will also be able to keep their moisture in apt levels.

water the hedge

Tips & Tricks

Hedges are not the ones that grow instantly; it will take time. But after a while, it will bolster and grow high. When you think about how easy it is to plant a hedge, it’s very simple, but further consistency should be maintained. Consider how to make hedges grow thicker and better.

Growing these plants is not like a magic trick; it takes some consistency and dedication to grow them out efficiently. The roots are very sensitive in the beginning, and it needs care.

maintain the hedge


If you’re thinking about how to plant a hedge, the points mentioned above are the key to follow since these will help you grow beautiful plants. Hedges also fix up in a garden-style, so it looks very beautiful when designed together.
These planting hedges tips are amazing, they will provide you the results, and soon you’ll have a garden protected well by these bushes. Once you follow them, you’re all set to have a dainty area that’ll elevate your mood every time you take a look at those hedges.

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