Is This Closet Yours? Read These Genius Ways before Organizing.

by okshop

Does your closet always seem cluttered and unorganized? One day your closet is clean, and the next, there’s a pile of clothes scattered on the floor, shoes are everywhere, and you feel like you have too much stuff? We’ve all been there. Luckily there’s still hope! With the help of these genius ways to organize your closet, you will be able to reach the optimal bedroom organization of your dreams.

1. The dreaded clean out

The first thing you should do to organize your closet is go through all of your clothes, belts, shoes, etc. and throw out all of the stuff you no longer need. This can take some time, and it is difficult to part with some clothes you love yet never wear, but this is necessary so you can make room for the clothes you do use.

If you’re not sure if you should keep something, try to brainstorm the last time you wore it. If you wore that striped skirt once three years ago, chances are you aren’t going to wear it anytime soon, so throw it out! If you have sentimental old clothing, you don’t wear but just can’t throw out, try to put them in a box that you can place somewhere other than your closet to save closet space.

2. Sort clothes by seasons

sort clothes by seasons

After decluttering your closet, you might feel like you still have an overwhelming amount of clothing and struggle to find more space. Another way to organize your closet and keep it looking clutter-free is by sorting your clothes by season and boxing up the season you don’t currently need.

For example, if it’s mid-July in a hot climate, you’re not going to need that cashmere sweater, puffy jacket, or scarf. Instead of just letting all these cold clothing take up space in the closet, you can put these items into labeled boxes and store them elsewhere until the season comes.

3. Use rolling carts or dressers

3. Use rolling carts or dressers

If you have enough space underneath your clothes hanging rack, you can organize your closet even better by bringing in a rolling cart or dresser. The extra drawers and compartments can help you store items like underwear, shorts, socks, or belts that otherwise are more difficult to organize.

While you’re thinking of purchasing a new dresser or cart, don’t forget to take measurements to ensure it will fit perfectly in your closet. You can find cheap dressers or cheap rolling carts at furniture stores like Ikea or discount stores like Marshalls or Ross.

4. Organize Your Shoes

organize your shoes

Another way to organize your closet is to establish a specific place for your shoes. Shoes can be all over the place, especially if you have a countless number of pairs. To avoid your shoes from being scattered all on your closet floor or around your house, you can use an over-the-door shoe organizer. These organizers usually hold around 10-15 pairs of shoes and will save you lots of space.

If you have extra space on the ground of your closet, you can also bring in a shoe rack for more shoe storage. These racks vary in size and shape and can be incredibly helpful for organizing your shoes effectively.

5. Baskets, baskets, baskets

use basket to sort clothes separately

A key way to organize your closet is to use baskets for everything you possibly can. You’ll be most organized if you use baskets for every single type of item, like one box for socks, one for bathing suits, one for underwear, etc. Be sure to label each box, that way, you’ll easily be able to find what you need each time you go to your closet.

You could use stacking baskets or box drawers for optimal organization. These are awesome for closets because you won’t have to stack baskets on top of each other, and everything is easily accessible. These stacking basket drawers can be found pretty much anywhere, like Walmart, Target, Marshalls, or Amazon.

6. Use leftover wall space

Use leftover wall space to store jewelries

If you have lots of open wall space, you can organize your closet to an even higher level by adding shelving, hooks, or baskets. Adding shelving can give you more room to place small baskets to organize smaller items. Hooks are a great idea as well because you could hang up cardigans, jackets, scarves, and even hats.

There are also baskets that attach to walls, which are perfect for that extra touch of organization. Small wall baskets like this are great for storing non-clothing-related items like hair scrunchies, clips, and other accessories.

If you need a place for jewelry, you can use command hooks or simple nails on your leftover wall space as a handy way to hang hoop earrings or necklaces and prevent them from tangling. You could also install a towel rack on the wall and use hooks to hang up necklaces and bracelets.

7. Fold clothes to save space

Fold clothes to save space

Another way to organize your closet is to fold clothes to save more space. Instead of hanging up every shirt and pair of pants, try folding things that won’t wrinkle and place these in a drawer or shelf. Some example items you could fold instead of hanging up are jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

The more clothes you fold, the more room you will have to hang up clothes known for wrinkling, or you can even make enough room for other hanging organizers.

Folding and stacking clothes is an excellent option if you are limited on hanging space and shelf space. You can also roll certain clothes, like leggings, and put them on shelves.

8. Store bags and purses on the top shelf

Store bags and purses on the top shelf

Bags and purses can take up a lot of room in your closet. One easy way to avoid this and organize your closet effectively is to place all of your bags, purses, and backpacks on your closet’s top shelf, so they are out of the way. Another helpful tip to save space is to put bags inside of bags.

If you have particular purses or bags that you use daily or very often, you can get over-the-door hooks to hold these bags in an easily accessible spot. These hooks are incredibly cheap and can be found online or at multiple home good stores.

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