Look! These Cool Rugs Will Make Your Rooms Unique!

Rugs are necessary floor covering for protecting our wood or stone floor from scratches and abrasion, decreasing the noise of foot traffic, protecting people from sliding and falling on the slippery floors. Now area rugs are beautiful decorations for any given room. That is to say, every home needs rugs of various designs and materials.  Here are some trendy and cool rugs that bring your space uniqueness.

1. Mosaic PVC Leather Rug

A perfect doormat for the front door. As PVC leather rugs can bear heavy traffic, it’s waterproof and anti-abrasion.
Easy to care for and clean. You can wipe the stains or muddy water with a mop or wet cloth, which saves your time and energy.
DIY this mosaic design to any shape you like. It adds a creative touch to your space.

green mosaic PVC leather rug

2. Leaf Shape Bedroom Rug

Mild leaf color and shape designed for bedroom rug. It is a perfect match and completes your bedroom look. It’s also a soft bay window rug in your reading corner.

leaf shape bedroom rug
3. Multicolor KAWS Runner Rug

This is the coolest girls’ room rug. Lay out the beautiful color artwork beside your comfortable bed. It can prevent cold feet on the floor in the morning, and it adds vigorous colors to refresh your space.

multicolor kaws rug
4. 3D Ocean Print Large Rug for Living Room

This must be the best rug for boy homes. The 3d dimensional underwater pattern is so real and beautiful. It is made of a high-quality memory sponge, which is very comfortable when you walk barefoot on this. You will not feel cold when sitting on the rug and read your favorite books.

3d ocean print large rug for living room
5. Green Forest Rug for Living Room

The rugs are creatively designed as a real forest. The handwoven rug sets are luxurious in detail, with super softness and durability. They are perfect room rugs for kids. Cool rugs with long hair like this need more maintenance in daily use.

green forest rug for living room

Source: Easymat

6. Mosaic Long Hallway Runner Rug

Runner rug makes your narrow but long hallway look even wider.  It also can be used on your kitchen floor.

mosaic long hall runner rug
7. Creative Pebble Pattern Doorway Rug

Are you considering having a cool pebble walkway? This pebble print rug lets your doorway look so unique, and you can place it elsewhere anytime and you don’t spend much on it. Cool rugs make a cool space.

creative pebble pattern doorway rug
8. 3D Dimensional Fish Doorway Runner Rug

3d dimensional fish doorway rug
9. Bohemian Area Rug

Free-spirited design works beautifully in any space. It is pretty decent and the colors are vibrant.

10. Optical Illusion Vortex Checkerboard Area Rug

Are you going to step on the horrible bottomless rug or try to avoid it every time you walk through?

optical illusion vortex checkerboard area rug
11. Red Mouth Print Indoor Area Rug

red mouth print indoor area rug
12. Simulated Tree Annual Ring Rug

simulated tree annual ring rug
13. Lucky Rocket Bathroom Rug

lucky rocket bathroom rug
14. Hell Doorway Rug

Halloween hell doorway rug
15. Meow Paws Rug for Living Room & Kids Room

Place this super lovely and smooth surface in the living room. Meow and paws union prints rug create adorable home décor in kids’ room.

meow paws rug for living room

16. Happy Animal Doormat

Smiling faces make you happy every time you go through the doorway. It’s a rug full of happiness.

17. Cow Print Rug for Home Office

cow print rug for home office
18. Cat Shape Area Rug

cat shape area rug

19. Fluffy Faux Panda Fur Rug

fluffy faux panda fur rug
20. Black Magic Rug

The mysterious magic design makes it a perfect room rug for men.

black magic rug
21. Round Rug for Home Office Chair

A geometric pattern with simple light grey refreshes the look of your corner. The rugs have strong water absorbency and a super cozy texture. The thickness and durability can bear high foot traffic at home.

round rug for home office chair

How to select an area rug?

Before purchasing a rug for an area, you should:

1. Know the size you want.

Measure the area you want to place a rug before you buy. If you’d like to place any furniture in it, get the size of your furniture (length* width) first. Make sure all your furniture legs are on the rug.

2. Know the look you’d like to achieve.

Determine what kind of look and what function the area is, so you’ll know what pattern and styles of rug you want to buy.

3. Know the material you want.

However, it depends on what location you’d like to place the rug. For indoor areas, wool rugs, blends rugs, cotton and jute rugs, chenille rugs are good choices. For outdoor and garden areas, synthetic and plastic rugs are good choices. About rug material, you can check area rug ideas and tips for the home.

4. Know rug maintenance tips.

Before you buy the rug, you need to know if the rug is machine washable or hand wash only. What detergent can be used to wash the rug? Can I brush the rug? Is it anti-slip? Can I bleach a rug? Can I tumble dry my rug? Is it stain-resistant?

5. Know the price range you can accept.

Price determines quality and material. The price of rugs varies from 20 dollars to thousands of dollars.

6. Know where you can buy your desired rugs.

You can buy rugs online and in grocery stores, such as Amazon, ETSY, EBAY, search home, and kitchen gadgets stores, the grocery stores near you. Follow the above 4 rules to choose some desired rugs.

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