No Spare Room for Work? Tell You How to Create a Home Office Easily

by okshop

home officeIf you’re setting a home office, regardless it’s large or small, unlike standard office equipments, there are some essentials for home office to let you keep productive and creative.

What do I need in my home office?

1. A desk and a chair.

A writing desk is the basic office furniture at home. A chair of the correct height can make your work day go much smoother. If you have dedicated office desk and office chair, that would be perfect.

2. A computer or laptop.

3. High speed internet service.

4. Convenient and reliable USB electric socket.

5. Storage area and organizer for peripheral stuff in arm reach.

6. Small potted green plants or flowers arrangements.

7. Warm and bright light source.

8. Stationary

A notebook and a pen in a convenient place allow you to record inspirations and ideas at the moment they pop up. So you need some basic writing materials such as pens, pencils, notebooks, scissors, markers, erasers, sharpeners.

9. Tape and glue

They are very useful and essential for easily sealing package boxes and bags.

10. Grouping materials

In order to have all documents and papers well organized, you need paper clips, staplers and staples, rubber bands, file folders. They save your time and energy on searching files.

11. Whiteboard and sticky notes

Unlike electric notes, whiteboard and sticky notes make your brainstorming and solutions visible, you can easily define the problem and sort out the solutions on the board.

12. Printers with/without scanning, copying or colored printing wireless features.

13. Inspiring artwork hanging.

14. Telephone if needed.

15. A comfortable blanket or cushion to make the space cozier.

16. An area rug, large or small, to protect your floor.

Where should my home office be located?

It would be perfect if you have a spare room for home office where can provide dedicated working environment and nobody can disturb your work.
If don’t, that’s not a big deal. Home office doesn’t require a designated room, but needs a designated space where is quiet enough and other people will not disturb you easily so that you can concentrate on your work and creativity.

1. Home office can be located in the corner of living room

basic home office furniture

The above is a basic wooden writing desk and a wooden chair of the same color as the wooden floor in bedroom. The round geometric print rug protects wooden floor from scratches and abrasion when moving chairs.
Basic writing desk has no storage drawers. The office desktop shelf below can organize your printer, files, working supplies in arms reach.

home office desk shelf to organize printer and office supplies

2. Home office can be set in the dinning room

Dining table is a perfect workspace if you can create a quiet working environment. Dining table, chairs, light, electric are ready-made office essentials, you don’t need to buy extra furniture for home office. A long dining table can create both working seats and study seats.

dinning table home office

3. Home workspace can be placed on the bedside table or cabinet in bedroom

Working from a dining table means working without storage space for peripheral items. The small foldable cabinet provides a sturdy work surface and handy space to organize office supplies without taking up too much space in rooms with small dimensions. It is your top choice for dining table, closet and bedroom workspace. There are four locking caster wheels for easily moving around at home. When it’s not in use, it functions as a bedside cabinet.

home office movable bedside cabinet

4. Home office can be located in the closet in your bedroom

This simple wooden writing desk and chair set is a good choice for working. Bedroom can separate you from the kids and create a dedicated workspace for you. Closet usually comes with storage. Some green life and a warm light are other perfect additions.

home office in closet

5. Home office can be located in your balcony where can provide quiet dedicated workspace for you

The customized desk and chair set let you have a personal space for work. The vertical cabinet and chair storage space can store your dedicated stuff. Unlike in closet, the seat is beside balcony windows, which add additional light and air all day. Some potted plants and decorations will make you wanna stay longer.

home office in balcony

How to select home office furniture?

When you’re setting a home office, regardless it’s large or small, the first thing is to have the right work desk and chair. A correct desk and chair set can make you work all day without neck and back pain. The type of furniture depends on the space you have and your needs.

1. How much workspace do I have in home office?

Before selecting any furniture, you should know how much workspace you have. Remember, work area must include the space of a desk, a chair and the space between them. After all, you will stay here for a few hours everyday, enough space will make you comfortably concentrate at work .
The foldable desk creates a designated work space in front of the window and comes with a foldable shelf for organizing home office essentials. It can be folded in the corner or under the bed when not in use.

2. What items will I put on the desktop?

For example, a computer occupies more space than a laptop does. Is there a printer? A potted plant? Some artworks and books? A telephone?

3. Are the corners of furniture rounded or sharp?

The rounded corners protect you and your family members from sharp hurt.

4. Does the furniture have any storage space?

If no, how can I organize my home office desk without drawers?

5. What is my work style, stand more or sit more? Do I need an adjustable desk and chair?

If you prefer to work standing up, a set of standing desk and tall stool or tall chair is the best option, you can sit and take a break if you feel tired after standing a long time.
The electric height-adjustable standing desk can customize your desired desk height from sitting to standing up by one-touch switching. Its sturdy desktop can stably support your office necessities.

6. Is the desk or chair movable?

Movable furniture helps you change location easily, usually has lockable caster wheels.

7. Is the furniture easy to clean?

Apparently, most people didn’t think about it before choosing a set of desk and chair.

8. Do you need an ergonomic chair, which can improve better sitting posture?

9. What are the materials of the desk and chair?

Office desks are usually made of wood, metal, tempered glass and plastic. In the field of office furniture, wood is the most common desk top material and metal is the most popular leg material.

10. How much do the desk and chairs cost?

Home office furniture should have reasonable price with sturdy structure, practical for many purposes and easy to clean. Saving space furniture would be perfect for a small house. In brief, all aspects we consider before selecting is aiming to make you keep productive and creative without inconvenience.

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