Is Sleeping With Socks on Beneficial for Your Sleep Quality?

Do you wear socks in bed? Different people have different answers. Some people wear socks in winter to make their feet warm in bed. But some people only wear socks when they are wearing shoes. If wearing socks could help you fall asleep quicker, would you reconsider your decision to do this every night? In this article, we are discussing the surprising and scientifically-backed benefits of wearing socks while you sleep.

The basic use of socks is related to foot health. Socks can absorb the moisture your feet sweat during walking. And they are cushions between your feet and shoes. They will protect your feet from rubbing against shoes. Wearing clean socks every day can prevent bad odor and bacteria growth in your shoes.

Is Wearing Socks In Bed Good For Your Sleep?

Yes. Multiple studies have shown that warming the feet can help people fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and wake up less often. People usually use foot baths to warm the feet rather than socks.

Nobody likes cold feet under cover. Cold feet and hands are uncomfortable, fall asleep slower, and can wake you up often at night.

Adding a pair of fluffy socks to your feet is the easiest way to warm your feet and improve blood circulation during sleep.

How Do Socks Improve Your Sleep Quality?

Sleep is associated with a decrease in core body temperature or internal organ temperature. The core body temperature is different from the skin temperature. In order to help you sleep, your body will naturally lower your core temperature at night. When your core body temperature drops, it’s time to fall asleep.

The bedroom temperature, clothing, and bedding have a significant impact on your skin and body temperature. A cooler room temperature is better for sleeping. The ideal temperature for sleeping depends on the person’s choice of bedding and pajamas.

If your feet get too cold, your core temperature could rise a bit. This is because your body sends more blood flow and heat to your core. Wearing soft socks can warm your feet by increasing blood circulation to the feet. Then your blood core temperature will drop and you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How to Choose the Best Socks for Sleeping?

There are three simple rules to choose the right socks for sleeping:

Firstly, choose loose socks that allow blood to flow freely. Compression socks are not good for blood flowing.

Secondly, choose natural materials rather than synthetic materials. Cotton, bamboo, and wool socks are better than polyester socks. This is because natural materials retain moisture better than synthetic materials. This can prevent bacteria from growing.

Because of the small size of the fibers, cashmere and Merino wool socks allow for adequate heat build-up and expulsion. These socks are very comfortable and soft. Of course, they are usually more expensive than other types. It has been shown that wool socks and sleepwear can reduce sleep-wakefulness at night.

Cotton socks allow for heat buildup and expulsion, without trapping moisture or allowing bacteria growth. Cotton socks should be on the larger side for a comfortable and loose fit. They are thick and loose and prevent bacteria and moisture from growing. You can find them easily online.

Finally, it’s a good idea to wash your feet with warm water before wearing your socks to bed.

Are There Other Ways to Improve Sleep Quality?

A good night of sleep can be affected by many factors, including family obligations and work stress. Quality sleep can sometimes be difficult to find.

It is possible to not control all the things that can affect your sleep. But you can follow some simple tips to get you started.

Prioritize sleep

A healthy adult should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Make a schedule for your bedtime and wake-up time every day. Complete chores or work before your bedtime, go to bed, and wake up at the same time. Do not allow other things to interrupt your sleep schedule. This includes weekends. Many people will make some fun and stay up late at the weekends. If you want to improve your sleep quality, keep your schedule. Let the consistency strengthen your body’s ability to sleep and wake up.

Make your environment peaceful

Your room should be kept cool, dark, and quiet. It may be more difficult to fall asleep if you are exposed to bright light at night. Avoid long-term exposure to light-emitting screens before bedtime. To create a comfortable environment, you can use room-darkening shades or earplugs to help.

You might be able to sleep better if you do calming activities before bed.

Do calming activities

Before you go to bed, resolve any worries and concerns. Write down your thoughts and put them aside for tomorrow.
It might be helpful to learn how stress management can help. Meditation can also help with anxiety. Starting with the basics like home organizing, prioritizing, and delegating tasks.

Shorter daytime naps

Nighttime sleep can be disrupted by long daytime naps. Avoid naps lasting more than an hour and don’t nap late at night. The best length of a nap for adults is 20 minutes to 30 minutes. A 20-minute nap allows for a little bit of light sleep, which can be helpful in boosting alertness and preventing the person from falling into a deep sleep. Deep sleep can lead to grogginess, and even worsen sleepiness.

If you work at night, however, you may need to take a nap in the morning to make up for your sleep debt.

Eat supper wisely

Do not go to bed hungry and too full. Avoid eating large or heavy meals within two hours of bedtime. Discomfort might keep you up.

Also, be cautious with alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. It can take several hours for the stimulating effects of nicotine or caffeine to wear off, and interfere with sleep. Even though alcohol can make you feel more sleepy initially, it can cause sleep disruptions later on in the night.

Do exercises

Better sleep can be promoted by regular physical activity. Avoid being too active close to bedtime. It might also be beneficial to spend 1-2 hours outdoors every day.

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