7 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air-Conditoner

Heating and cooling are one of the most expensive household electricity consumption for most homes. You may spend more than half of the total utility bills to keep your home comfortable every year. Central air conditioners are used most often during summer to cool the whole house throughout the day.

We’ve compiled a list of simple, cost-effective, and low-cost ways to increase air conditioner efficiency in your house. Therefore, you can not only save money on energy but also prolong the system’s service life and maximize its performance.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

Regularly clean your air conditioner. This includes indoor vents, condenser unit fan, coil, and drain line.

AC vents can be on the ceiling or the floor. Inspect your AC unit if there is any debris clogging your vents, such as hair, dirt, or even rugs, toys, furniture, and blinds. Vacuum these areas and clear away small items around the vents. This can ensure you have a constant indoor airflow.

Refrigerant is a liquid that absorbs heat and cools the air with the aid of air conditioning coils. These coils can become clogged with dust, which reduces their ability to absorb heat. This causes the air conditioner to have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. To avoid this problem, make sure the coils are clean.

The outdoor condenser fan cools the refrigerant gases and is crucial to the AC’s success. If this unit isn’t functioning properly, it won’t be able to cool the room. It will perform at its best when it is free from debris. But be aware that cleaning the condenser is not easy.

Learn some condenser unit cleaning skills on Youtube before you begin. The condenser fan could be the problem if you hear strange sounds coming from your AC. You should immediately contact experts to examine the motor for any cracks or chips.

However, if you are not familiar with AC cleaning, professionals can handle the more detailed AC cleanings. They will ensure that the right methods are used to prevent any serious damage.

Replace AC Filter

A dirty AC filter will make your AC more difficult to work and reduce your home air quality. The replacement of a new clean filter is the most inexpensive way to ensure your AC efficiency.

Close Doors, Windows, Curtains, and Blinds

If you leave your windows and doors open, the conditioned air inside your home could escape to the outdoors. This could lead to inefficiencies.

You must turn off your air conditioner unit first if you wish to air the area. It’s not your responsibility to cool the whole neighborhood.

To reduce solar heat accumulation, keep your windows and drapes closed during the day. Shiny, reflective shades, blackout curtains, and light color curtains are also possible when the sun shines directly on your windows. This will keep the heat out and your home a few degrees cooler. Your air conditioner will work less efficiently if your home is cool.

Install A Smart Programmable Thermostat

A programmable smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature at different times of the day or when you’re away from home for several hours from your smartphone. To save money on your energy bills, you can set the thermostat to control the temperature automatically.

You can raise your thermostat by just a few degrees. Temperature adjustments of several degrees (down in winter and up in summer) are a good way to save money.

Install A Zoning System

Sensor-based zoning allows you to divide your home into zones for customized temperatures in each zone. If your home has a central smart thermostat, your zoning system can perform at its best to control the temperature and increase efficiency throughout the house.

Keep Heat-producing Appliances Away from The Thermostat

Heat-producing appliances, such as lamps, refrigerators, stoves, hair dryers, or ovens, may cause your thermostat not to be able to accurately gauge the temperature of your home.

In summer, they can tell the thermostat that it needs to cool faster and more space than it actually does. This will cause the system to work harder and take longer to cool down. As a result, it leads to higher cooling costs and more wear on your AC system.

Reversely, in winter, heat-producing appliances nearby your thermostat lead to lower home temperature than you want.

This is why certified HVAC technicians will not place a thermostat in an area that is exposed to high heat or lower temperature area than normal. It’s worth it to repair an older thermostat if it is in a poor spot.

Block Air Leakage

Air leaks can be another reason for the inefficiency of AC in your home. It can often lead to a longer running time for the AC system and higher energy bills.

Repair any cracks on your doors, walls, windows, or even on the ceiling. Block the gap under your doors, and windows with door draft stoppers.

Heating and cooling air loss can achieve up to 25%. If you are planning to replace existing windows, you can choose some energy-efficient windows based on your budget.

Regular Maintenance

The AC unit can become dirty and may have clogged filters after a few months. Regular preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to improve your AC system’s performance and prolong its life.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to keep your AC in good condition. Clean dust with a vacuum cleaner, warm water, and a cloth. Check it at least once a year.

To ensure your air conditioner works at its peak performance, follow the above simple tips and maintain your AC unit at a very low cost. You can enjoy all four seasons with no worries.

Things that Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

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