16 Practical Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Houses are our property and cozy shelters against the weather conditions. To make our house last as long as possible, every house should prepare for the coming season. We should plan an inspection in advance for our home before the chilly season is coming. It’s important as some home maintenance is difficult to be done during the cold months. It does take a lot of care to maintain a home, however, if they are not maintained, they can become unsafe and cause damage to your belongings. In this article, we will you’re you some essential home maintenance tasks for winter.

Check the Roof

In winter, you may experience rain, snow, and ice. A leaky roof can cause damage to your belongings, furniture, and floors. Rain and water from snow melt after a snowfall can seep into your home during the rainy season. If they are severe, the water can overflow and cause interior damage.

Therefore, it is important to inspect your roof before the cold season arrives. You should repair any cracks or weak spots that may lead to leaks. This job must be done on sunny days because it’s dangerous to inspect and repair your roof in the wet season, the possible long rainy days can make your roof very slippery.

Close the Pool

Fall is the best time to close the pool. Although many people might prefer to hire an expert to complete this job, it’s better to close the pool yourself with the right tools and knowledge.

Firstly, you need to test and balance the water pH, alkalinity level, and calcium hardness with a pool tester and pool chemicals. This task must be completed 24 hours prior to cleaning the pool. This can kill bacteria and prevent algae growth.

Secondly, follow the same cleaning routine to completely clean the pool.
Use a handheld skimmer to clean up floating debris. Empty the skimmer basket. Remove dirt and debris from the bottom and sides of the pool and filter the system with a vacuum.

Lastly, remove, wash, dry, and store the rails, ladders, vacuum, and skimmer.

Check Your Home Heating System

Although most air conditioners and electric fireplaces can last over 10 years, it’s best to check and maintain them regularly. The better you maintain them, the longer they will last.

It is best to replace the HVAC filters before the temperature drops. In the meanwhile, check if the system accessories are well protected, so they will not freeze on icy winter days.

Examine If There Are Any Air Leaks

A well-sealed house can ensure your heating system function properly and save you a lot on the energy bill. Your heating air can escape from the gaps around windows and doors. Inspect the seals if there are any cracks or loss. Place door draft stoppers under the door and use some waterproof silicone seals around the windows. This can prevent air leakage all year long.

Clean Your Chimney

It is important to clean the chimney before you install the fireplace. The fireplace will be used for the next few months. A clean chimney makes it possible for everyone to gather at the same spot to eliminate all the pollution.

You can spend some time covering the wood in your yard and removing the rotten firewood. A dirty chimney can cause respiratory problems for all who live in it.

Check the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Winter is the time when house fires are at their highest. This is also when furnace blasts and building fires are at their highest. Carbon monoxide, which is a major threat to the home’s safety, will be a significant concern.

Check and ensure that your smoke detectors are functioning properly. Make sure to get battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors if you don’t already have them. The HVAC inspection will also inform you of any potential loopholes and help to determine if your home is the best possible source of carbon monoxide.

Take Care of the Exterior

Protect the wooden exterior of your home. The deck’s wood can be treated with pressure and can withstand extreme temperatures. However, it is still important to protect it from snow. Experts believe that the wood on the outside of the house is not as thick as the inside.

Modern homes often have rotten wood outside their exterior doors. It is possible to hire professionals to repair the deck, as replacing it will be expensive. It is important to ensure that the wood doesn’t rot. This will give you the most assurance about its strength. You can inspect the exterior of your house to see if you can make any improvements.

A comfortable couch in your backyard is a nice thing to have. Outdoor furniture, especially plastic or rattan furniture should be protected during the snow season. You can cover them with a thick tarp or move them indoors if there is enough space.

Wrap Your Pipes before Snowfall

Exposed pipes can freeze when the temperatures drop lower than 20°F. It’s best to buy some foam sleeves to insulate the pipes. This will keep the pipes well above the freezing point so that the water inside the pipe doesn’t freeze.

Prepare Necessary Snow Removing Tools

In certain regions, snow is a regular feature of winter. Some countries receive more snow than others, which can cause problems for those who live there.

If you want to get rid of all the snow on the road and roof by yourself, you will need to have a snowblower, a  durable snow shovel, and other useful tools. These tools can be stored near entryways to make them easy to access.

Prevent Ice Dams Formation

Ice dams can form on roof edges with slanting roofs during winter. Icicles may form from melting ice that has frozen over the edges. You could use a rake to remove accumulated ice from the roof. You might consider heating cables to prevent snow from freezing at the roof edge if you are willing to spend a bit more than your physical effort.

Seal all Hard Surfaces

A stunning patio needs to be maintained. Concrete patios, for example, require the protection of walkways and driveways. A concrete sealer can be used if you don’t have the budget to spend on this activity.

Every concrete flatwork will eventually crack. Seek a professional to help you solve the problem. You should thoroughly inspect the structure and take care to fix any cracks. This will reduce the chance of future concrete costs being too expensive.

Clean the Gutters

It is essential to clean your gutters around the house regularly before the rainy and snow season. If there are trees in your garden, fallen leaves, food waste, and other debris may clog your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and eventually lead to exterior damage, such as damage to your property’s foundations and the basement.

Prepare the Lawn for Winter

Pots and planters may crack in extremely low temperatures. You can clean them and move them indoors until the winter season ends.

You must give your lawn attention now if you want it to look amazing in winter. The new grass will not grow in extreme temperatures. If you want your new grass to bloom, the only months you have are September and October. If you neglect falls, it will take more time and more care to achieve this goal when the heat stops.

Prepare an Emergency Survival Kit

Severe winter storms can cause power outages, freezing water pipes, and blocked traffic. It can be difficult to survive if you don’t have enough supplies.

You should prepare enough canned food, snacks, bottled water, and warm items such as hats, mittens, thermal blankets, and clothes. If possible, prepare a food warmer or a fireplace that allows you to boil your food and water also keeps you warm.

Also, you should have several torchlights and batteries just in case of a power outage. Our phones are our only communication with the outside world. If your phone is dead or you’re stuck, a backup battery can be extremely helpful.

Protect Your Car

Tire chains and a snow shovel are very helpful in your snow driving. A windshield scraper can help you remove snow and ice on the car before driving. If you don’t want to scrape snow, move your car inside the garage, or protect your vehicle with a snow car cover. This will also prevent paint damage by harsh conditions. It’s a good idea to install car seat warmers for comfortable winter driving.

Keep Your Pets Warm

No matter what pets you have, please remember that if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet. Move your outdoor pet’s bed inside. Prepare a warm bed for your pets to sleep in. It should be placed away from the door drafts.

Final Words

You can enjoy warm blankets and hot chocolate in winter. However, winter also brings snowstorms, and freezing temperatures. In addition to the excitement of a new season, it is important to stay current on how to survive different weather conditions. The above checklist would be a good idea to keep track of everything you need to do in preparation for winter. Remember to never ignore these home maintenance tasks that we have already mentioned. These tasks are lifesavers and will ensure that you have a happy winter season.

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