Wanna Start a Garden? Are These Garden Tools Ready?

by okshop

We are looking forward to healthy food, fragranced flowers that beautify our living environment, the best solution is to own an organic garden in the backyard or balcony, regardless how big it is and where it locates, growing organic vegetables and flowers have so many benefits to our life, but planting does need a gardening plan.

What are the benefits of planting in backyard or balcony?

1. Green plants, flowers improve our living environment and mental health. Gardening relieves your stress and anxiety when you concentrate on it.

2. The process of growing vegetables half an hour a day is doing exercises and burning calories.

3. The quality of vegetables is under your control, is organic and healthy.

4. Picking vegetables boost your happiness and sense of achievement. Harvest is the biggest joy in life.

5. Growing your own vegetables can save money and time. You can enjoy the freshest, sweet and juicy vegetables on the lowest budget without having to enter the market.

What to grow in my backyard garden?

It is so lucky to have a backyard, no matter small or big, gardening in backyard brings joys and healthy food. There are plenty of things you can grow in the garden, such as planting vegetables, fruits, grains, flowers, grass, or raising chickens.

How do I start a vegetable garden?

1. A sunny location is essential. It can be a part of our backyard or on the balcony at home. Most plants need more than 6-8 hours direct sunlight every day. A few vegetables can grow in less sunlight like carrots, cauliflowers, garlic.

2. Good environment helps plants grow safely. Avoid places with heavy winds, floods and heavy traffic. You don’t want to move your plants from time to time when your family members complain.

2. The planting area is close to outside faucet. Otherwise, you need to connect a long garden hose.

3. Healthy garden soil makes good vegetables. The best soil for plants is the mixture of silt, sand and clay. It retains moisture and drains well. The soil should not be too wet or too dry.

4. Start with proper containers for small planting area. At the beginning of gardening, plant 3-4 potted easy grow vegetables, such as potatoes, lettuce, hot peppers, and green beans.

5. Convenient gardening tools save your time and protect your hands.

What are the most common gardening tools?

1. Gloves.

Gloves protect your hand and fingernails from scrapes and cuts, dirt and wetness when you are doing all the gardening work you like: gardening, fishing or doing house chores. They are made of leather, rubber, coating woven fabric, which are comfortable and durable. Long gloves can protect your hands and wrists when pruning thorns. There are, however, some people who don’t like to wear gloves when doing light gardening work. They like the natural touch of soil and plants.
This pair of garden gloves is coated with rubber with four plastic claws for digging up roots and stubborn dirt in housework. The claws can be taken off. You can wear them when you hold a garden rake, seeding, digging or pruning, painting, planting.

garden glove with claws to dig soil very easily

2. Pruning shears

The sharp blade of pruning shears helps cut small stems and light branches cleanly and easily.
Good pruners should be comfortable to handle, durable and sharp enough, easy to clean, suitable for both men and women. With a handy stem scissor, you can keep your plants beautiful and healthy very easily.
Clean, dry and store in dry place after each use, the pruners can last for years.

pruning shears to cut light branches in garden

3. Hoe

With a hoe, you can easily prepare your garden before cultivating vegetables and flowers. It can break hard soil, weeding and placing seeds or plant in the ground.

prepare planting soil with hoe

4. Garden tool kit

This tool kit includes a full list of small gardening tools such as hand rake, hand trowel, hand pruner, spray bottle and so on. The bag is convenient and easy to pack and keep your tools inside.
The tool set is really helpful when you are enjoying your garden work, will make you stay home and backyard longer time.

cultivate vegetables and flowers with these small garden tools kit rake spade

5. Lopper

When cutting thicker, tougher branches, a professional gardener needs a powerful tool to finish the trimming task, regardless the branches is fresh or dried. You can use this lopper to start your spring trimming. The long handle allows you reach farther branches.

trim big branches with a lopper

6. Garden leaf rake

This metal rake helps you collect fallen leaves and dried grass effectively in your yard. The adjustable head lets you close or open the rake upon your need. And the lightweight design with expandable handle makes cleaning your garden much easier.

garden leaf rake helps clean fallen leaves and dry grass

7. Garden shoes

Garden shoes are very necessary and professional for gardening, as gardening is a job of soil, rocks and plants. Ordinary sport or casual shoes are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. Garden shoes are usually made of rubber or plastic, which are durable and water resistant, and are easy to clean. Most importantly, they are not expensive. Wearing a pair of garden shoes for gardening can protect your feet from scratches without spending too much. That saves your money and time in cleaning.
The style of garden shoes depends on the weather and season. In spring and winter, you need a pair of rain boots to protect your feet from water and cold. In summer, a pair of non-slip sloggers is comfortable enough for your summer garden work.
The length of these boots allows you walk on grass without water getting in, and they are easy to slip on and off when you’re going out in wet weather.

garden shoes are necessary for gardening

8. Dump cart

If you do a lot of gardening work and landscaping, with a dump cart, you can manage all materials easily around the yard, for instance load up heavy soil rocks and pull around the yard without assistance. It loads everything you need up in one trip when you work outside. You can dump dirt 90 degrees. The dump cart protects your shoulders and back from overwork.

a gorilla dump cart can load up all your garden tools and save your energy

9. Watering can

Watering can is a must-have item for your patio plants, whether on your balcony or small backyard, it is generous enough to water several plants. You can easily accomplish watering plan after a few refills under a standard kitchen tap. The pump design saves energy. The semi-transparent plastic allows you know how much water left in the can and how much water a plant needs. Moreover, it has 3 different spouts to fit different watering environment.

watering spray can is a good helper in garden work

10. Garden hose

Unlike traditional garden hose, this one is very clever and lightweight. Its length can be flexibly expanded triple longer with water pressure in the hose, shrink to the original length when water is turned off. Multi-purpose nozzle allows you use in different ways, such as washing car, garden water play, watering plants, cleaning floors. It’s a good choice when you have a lot of plants to water in the backyard.

expandable garden hose with different nozzle types