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OKShop is one of the practitioners of sustainable and minimalist living. We’re delivering knowledge about how to live and how to choose living essentials sustainably and simply. We’re trying to help you find an eco-friendly lifestyle and products to protect our beloved planet without sacrificing life quality. You will benefit from our well-researched and fact-checked reviews and tips before making purchasing decisions.

Shopping online is quite a daunting thing. As there is plenty of specious information and personal ideas on the internet. That information makes us confusing and helpless at times. Also, there are tons of options when you choose items. It can be difficult and time-consuming to have a full deep consideration before buying, then get your ideal products without seeing and touching them. Let’s face the truth, you have better things to do. Therefore, we are here to help!

Why Trust Us

We have faith in teamwork. We believe in science and the value of expert knowledge. We are practitioners of sustainable and minimalist living.

As product reviewers may get caught up in their biases and base their conclusions on non-comprehensive testing. We have a team that includes expert writers, editors, and professional product reviewers who have years of experience in selecting and testing high-quality products for stores and brands around the world.

When it comes to products, their opinions have gone through extensive research on product information, product use environments, product safety guidelines, consumer feedback, user demands, and different budgets. They also researched practical life hacks to help you live a harmonious life. All of our findings are then compiled into digestible, yet complete reviews and a shopping guide.

We do not use software or algorithms to select products. All of our products are hand-picked, researched, and tested by us. We believe that rigorous, objective, hands-on testing can be the best way of measuring the product’s quality.

How You Will Benefit

We narrow down your choices with comprehensive, in-depth answers to all of the most important questions and product reviews on only good-rating products from all the major brands and models on the market. We empower consumers to choose products with confidence.

We also want to help you save money.

We help you find the best products and enjoy what you already have. We’ll make solid recommendations, no matter what your budget, and we’ll show you how to unlock the hidden benefits of the items you already have.

We are happy to share any information we have learned along the journey, get inspired, research the feasibility of the ideas and tips, and get responses from people, even though not everyone will agree with our recommendations.

Affiliate Disclosure

When readers click through our links to retailers and buy products, we may earn a small commission. However, It doesn’t impact which products are featured in articles.

Product recommendations are independently by our editors and writers. In most cases, they don’t know which brands or products provide us with a commission. All products that we recommend are highly recommended for their performance, quality, and overall reputation, regardless of affiliate relationships.

Many of the products that we recommend are from shops that only make small quantities of products. They don’t offer sales commissions for recommending them. They are however some of the most popular products on the market and we highly recommend them.

We aim to recommend products that are most appealing to all audiences.

We make commissions from these articles to ensure that we pay our team workers at the highest rates and allow us to invest as much time and effort into the research and vetting sides of the review process. We won’t cut corners and want to pay our writers and testers what it’s worth.

We enjoy following the latest trends, digging deep into products people use every day, sharing what we know to simplify your life, and having fun doing it.

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