9 Cool Bathroom Essentials to Help You Relax

Regardless of the style of your bathroom, this particular room of your house has an exclusive function. That is precisely why you need to make sure that it is equipped with all the must-have bathroom products. Everything from towel racks and laundry baskets to the numerous personal care product holders is needed to organize everything. Let’s look at the must-have bathroom accessories we have selected for you.

1. Shower Curtains

polyester dinosaur shower curtain

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A shower curtain is one of the most important accessories for bathrooms with tubs or those that have wet and dry areas. It is not just a decoration item. It will also keep your floors dry while offering privacy.

Replacing the shower curtain is also one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a new look. Shower curtains are available in a variety of classy designs with a variety of styles and patterns. The best shower curtains are the ones that keep mildew at bay, dry fast and look good. Here are a few other points to keep in mind when looking for a shower curtain.

The standard size of a shower curtain is 72 by 72 inches. It should go over the tub and extend all the way to the floor. If your shower area is custom built then the standard size will not be suitable for you. In that case, you will need to have your curtain custom-fitted also.

Bathroom curtains are usually available in vinyl, microfiber, polyester or cotton blends. The material you choose impacts the overall bathroom look. Vinyl curtains are easy to maintain and least expensive hence they are good for daily use. Whereas cotton blends are more expensive and more appropriate for less frequently used spaces.

Shower curtain tops are also available in different styles. Some have buttonholes, which require that you buy the rings or hooks for hanging separately. Shower curtains made with gourmet holes do not need hooks or rings. All you have to do is slide them onto the shower rod.

Shower curtains treated with 3M Scotchgard protect your cotton curtains against moisture and minimize stains. This also translates to less maintenance.

2. Electric Heated Towel Bar

electric heater towel bar

Towel bar is another vital bathroom must-have accessory. These too are available in a large variety of designs and sizes. They can be mounted on a wall or if bathroom size allows, resemble a large cloth stand. The benefit of this type is that you avoid drilling holes in walls. If your space is limited, then you can mount one at the end of a bathtub or over the toilet. Some styles even have additional storage space within their design.

However, due to the high humidity, limited sunlight and air in the bathroom, your towels are damp all day. The towels become sticky and have awful odors, especially in the winter. This will generate harmful bacteria to our skin.

Hence, an electric towel bar can sufficiently solve this problem. It warms up your towels and dries them fast. The stainless steel makes the towel warmer suitable for any bathroom style.

The only concern about the heated towel racks is to learn to use them properly. Some may need you to fold or wrap the towels in the bars. And if you can accept the cord at the end of the towel warmer.

Installing a programmable timer will allow you to set the heating time to start/ finish at any time. Also, save your energy from turning it on all way.

3. Dollar Mats

100 dollar bathroom mat

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The right bathroom mat is a crucial accessory in designing your bathroom. It imparts a big impact on the overall look of the space. Beyond the aesthetics, they feel good under your feet as opposed to the hard, cold tiles. From a safety point of view, they help to minimize slipping and hurting yourself. Here are some points to consider when in the market for bathroom mats.

  • Look at the bathroom layout and size. This will help you decide how many mats are needed. Measure the area where you plan to place the mats so you know what size mats to purchase.
  • Take a good look at the bathroom and decide on the basic color that will coordinate everything in your bathroom. Everything from flooring to all other items can be tied together with the right mat color combinations.
  • Bathroom falls are a common occurrence. It is important to choose a mat that will help to prevent this. One hundred fabric mats percent are often slippery, especially on tiled floors. Look for non-slip mats so your bathroom is safe. While it is a purely personal choice, moisture-absorbing mats are recommended. The growth of molds is deterred with mats that absorb moisture.
  • Mats are available in a large number of shapes. A good rule to observe is if the bathroom is small then round mats look better. However, if it is big then rectangular or square mats offer a more appealing look.

4. Foldable Clothes Hamper

A clothes hamper is another bathroom essential. After all, you don’t have a bathroom cluttered with clothes all over the floor. You can select from basic solid color-coordinated ones to something more stylish. For example waterproof ones made of rattan-type plastic. If your space is limited or you are short on storage space, then a basket styled with extra shelves will be perfect.

foldable clothes hamper

The clothes hamper is anti-mildew because it is made of plastic. It is lightweight, can be mounted punch-freely on the wall. The clothes basket can be used to not only organize your clothes but also for your shampoo and towels, etc. When it’s not in use, you can easily fold it up to save more space if you have a small bathroom.

5. Automatic Waste Basket

Things like wrappers, strands of hair, and empty shampoo bottles all need a place. Left scattered around the bathroom, they quickly take the luster out of your otherwise stylish bathroom. To keep the unsightly litter hidden; a wastebasket is a must-have bathroom product. Here are some pointers when choosing a waste holder for the bathroom

A covered basked will keep all the garbage hidden and waterproof; it will also keep odors and water at bay.

Select a material that is easy to clean, such as plastic or stainless. These are also long-lasting. Something delicate may look bathroom accessories, cool bathroom products, cool bathroom essentials, really pretty, but being in the presence of moisture will spoil it faster.

Infrared touchless trash cans or step trash can allows you to throw garbage without touching the lid.

Automatic packing garbage bin can self-seal and self change the trash bags. It saves you from dealing with trash bags.

automatic self-sealing self-changing trash can

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6. Assorted Bottles Dispensers & Organizers

The bathroom is one place many people go to at the end of the day to refresh and relax. Nothing beats an hour or so of being submerged in refreshing aromatic bath oils after a hard day. Of course, you need something to hold all the shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and oils for special treatment. Nothing works better than a selection of bottles for this purpose. For those on a budget, you can opt for the plastic variety. However, if you are in the mood to splurge, then go for the colorful glass ones.

assorted shampoo bottbles holder

If you have loads of hair styling tools that clutter in your bathroom space, then a wall-mounted holder can help. They are made of steel or aluminum and can keep your devices organized. These are specially designed to provide a safe space for your hot devices. If wall mounting is not your thing, then over-the-door stations work just as well. They require no messy drilling. You can easily slip them over a railing or under the sink cabinet door. All your bulky styling items will be tucked safely out of sight.

bathroom corner caddy

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7. Hair Catcher

Hair fall is a normal occurrence and the source of major nuisance in every bathroom. Strands of hair floating around all over the floor and sink look very untidy. They can also create bigger problems by clogging drains. Hair catchers go a long in helping to stop these troublesome particles before they enter the drainage pipes. Simply run water or sweep and all the strands will be caught in one place. They can be collected from here and disposed of. Hair catchers are available in many colors, so it will be easy enough to find some that match your décor.

bath tub hair catcher

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8. Candles

Nothing provides more calming surroundings and ambiance than the flickering flames of candles. This is one of the best ways of pampering yourself. Treat yourself to a spa-like environment at home by adding some candles to your bathroom décor. Candles are available in an endless variety of scents, colors, and shapes. Here are some pointers to help you select the best possible ones for your bathrooms.

The main aim of candles is to neutralize odors. Yet strong scents can be overpowering, especially in smaller spaces. Remember in this case “less is more”.

A clean aroma such as that of an ocean breeze, citrus, or mint is best for bathroom areas. Don’t limit yourself, try exotic ones like a kumquat.

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to unwind. Give lavender scented candles a try and just slip into the warm sudsy water. Vanilla and linen scents are also very popular.

bathroom candle

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9. Plants

Plants are a great way to add that touch of a spa style to your bathroom. Due to the natural humidity usually present in the bathrooms, plants thrive there will little care. Plants also need light to grow, the good thing not all of them need a lot of it.

English Ivy, Boston Fern, Philodendron all do well in low light and high humidity. However, if the light in your bathroom is dim, you can consider rotating plants between the bathroom and outdoors. If you are totally hopeless when it comes to living plants, then faux plants are an excellent alternative.

The bathroom is a relaxation haven. Equipping it with the best must-have bathroom accessories ensures that your experience is enjoyable.

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