Best Candle Toppers Help Scented Candles Burn the Best

Scented candles bring you an amazing experience in both smell and design. That will be perfect if you can burn the scented candles beautifully. However, many scented candle lovers find that, when they burn candles, the candles always burned partially or only burn around the candlewick. No matter how long time you burn, the unmelted wax cannot be melted. It’s a waste of bucks. That is called candle tunneling. It’s a common issue for candle burning in cold weather.
Is it due to poor quality scented candles or improper lighting skills? How to prevent candle flicker? How to fix candle tunneling?

With several years of scented candle experience, after a deep research on scented candles and candle tools, I will introduce some useful candle-burning tips.

Why is there a hole when you burn a scented candle? How to prevent it?

There are three main factors that form candle tunneling during candle burning.

1. Do you have a proper first burn?

A good first burn makes a beautiful candle burning. As long as the surface wax layer can be completely melted into a wax pool for the first time, you may never have a candle tunneling.

That’s because the candlewick only burns downwards, and the unmelted wax looks like a memory boundary. Without a good start, the hole will always exist if you don’t fix it, no matter how long you burn. The unmelted wax will be leftover after the wick is burned out.

It takes around 40 minutes to melt the surface wax depending on the weather and candle size.

important first burn for candles

2. Do you burn scented candles in the drafty area?

Burning a scented candle in the drafty area makes a partially burned candle. You may think that burning a candle in the area helps spread the aroma.

Actually, the wind will lead the candle fire to burn only the wax on one side, instead of burning wax around the wick. Also, the burning candle may be blown out and emit a smoky smell. That’s the same thing as you blow out the candle and it produces a smoky smell.

In order to prevent candle tunneling and partial burning, you’d better burn candles away from the drafty area, such as around the door, windows, and the air outlet of AC.

3. Is the weather cold?

Cold weather can easily lead to candle tunneling. Candle burning is a process of gathering heat. In winter, candles burn slowly, and the heat of candle fire cannot be transferred to farther wax, nor can it melt. Candle tunneling caused by cold weather can be fixed by external heat.

How to fix candle tunneling?

If your candle already has tunneling, don’t worry. To get the most burn of your bucks, we can fix and smooth it with some tools.

Use hairdryer

Use continuous mild hot air to blow the unmelted wax on the cup until the surface wax becomes level. Let it solidify naturally. Next time you relight the candle until the surface wax layer has completed melted. Candle tunneling will never happen again.

Make sure to start with milder hot air, otherwise, the strong hot air will splash the wax pool.

use hairdryer to fix candle tunneling

Use aluminum foil

Use aluminum foil to wrap the top of the candle cup before lighting the candle. Candles need a warm coat in cold weather, too.

Make a hollow aluminum foil hat for your scented candles in winter. It can effectively reduce candle fire flicker. However, you may not see a beautiful candle anymore. Do you still remember the purpose of a scented candle– have an amazing enjoyment for both smell and vision.

Use a fork or scraper

Scrape the unmelted wax off the cup with a fork or scraper, place it around the wick, relight it for a while. After the surface wax becomes a pool, the whole candle will be much smoother. Similarly, it takes a while and may not be that pretty.

Use a candle topper

So, is there a way to allow you to see a beautiful candle, enjoy the perfect fragrance, and burn the candle beautifully without any effort? Yes, the answer is to use a candle topper.

What is a candle topper?

A candle topper is a round hollow alloy lid. After the processes of die-casting, polishing, plating, etc, it comes out of a hollow lid with exquisite patterns. It may have a metal chain for handy picking. A candle topper is an accessory for a better burning experience of scented candles.

What is the purpose of candle toppers?

1. Help wax melt faster. Candle toppers are made of alloy, which is a good conductor of heat. The heat of candle fire will be transferred to the candle cup and wax through the candle topper. It helps the whole surface wax layer burn evenly and beautifully, and prevents candle tunneling. In cold weather, the candle topper helps burn the candles the best. The faster the wax melts, the faster you smell the aroma. You get the best bang for your bucks. All you need to do is to cover the candle cup with a candle topper.

2. Reduce candle fire flicker. Candle fire flickering will cause partially burning. It can be fixed by a candle topper.

3. Decorate your candle. Candle toppers have beautiful patterns. They boost the beauty of your candle. Let you enjoy the candle from both smelling and visual delight.

How to choose the best candle topper?

Firstly, know the types and colors.

Candle topper types:
There are two types of candle toppers: embedded candle topper, and external buckle candle topper.
Both of them are round and hollow, used to cover the mouth of the candle cup, function the samely to help wax burn evenly. They are different in dimensions and appearance.
Color: Most candle toppers in the market are plated with vintage and bright tones of gold, silver, rose gold, and copper.

embedded candle topper

external buckle candle topper

Secondly, choose the best size.

If you would like to buy an embedded candle topper, you need to take a precise measurement of the mouth inner diameter of your candle cup.

candle mouth inner diameter

For example, this candle’s mouth diameter is 7cm, which means the most suitable candle topper should have an inner diameter under 6.9cm.

As the thickness of the candle cup is no more than 0.2cm, if you don’t care about the best fit and you have a low budget for this, you can choose a bigger candle topper, which will cover the candle cup mouth from the outside, not embedded.

However, the purpose of using a candle topper is to have a visual delight. Why not choose the most suitable one?

If you prefer the external buckle candle topper, you need to measure the outer diameter of your candle mouth for the best fit.
For example, the below candle mouth is 7.2cm, the most suitable external buckle candle topper should have an inner diameter over 7.3cm.

Some may think that why not buy an x-large candle topper, so it will be suitable for all candle sizes. Well, it sounds great to have a ‘mushroom candle’.  Do what you love.

candle mouth outer diameterThe diameter is the longest length of the round cup mouth.
Write the numbers down on your notebook or mobile phone notebook before purchase.

If you buy from a grocery store or scented candle shop, the most effective way is to tell the seller your candle cup’s mouth size and ask what the most suitable is.

When you buy from an online store, read candle topper dimensions in descriptions carefully. Check if your candle’s inner diameter and outer diameter are in the size range.

Moreover, when you’re not sure about the size, put a ruler on your candle, then take a photo, ask customer support.

Due to different sizes of scented candle cups, candle toppers are placed on the mouth of the cup, instead of being stuck in the cup.

Thirdly, choose the best quality.

A good quality candle topper must have a smooth surface, fine polishing, metallic feel, sufficient weight. Patterns are dimensional, vivid, and exquisite. Also, there are no burrs, no fading, and no rust.

If you live in an area with a cold climate, and you need a candle topper that can collect more heat to melt the wax, the dense pattern will be the best choice.

Branded candle toppers may have a logo chain or decorative chain for easy picking.

external buckle candle topper

How many candle toppers should I have?

For candle fanatics, collecting different candle designs and fragrances has always been a hobby. Candle toppers of different designs and sizes are never enough.

If you burn candles with less frequency, or you have a love for a specific candle size, one of the most suitable sizes is enough.

If you have a low budget for candle accessories, you can buy the X-large size. After all, a large candle topper can cover a small cup, but a small candle topper cannot cover a bigger cup. Although, with a big hat on a small candle, your candle looks like a big mushroom. At least, it works.

How to use a candle topper properly and safely?

Covering a candle topper on the tunneled candle can fix the problem. However, Using a candle topper on a new burning candle can prevent tunneling.

It usually takes about 40 minutes to melt the surface wax layer. Then you can extinguish the candle.

The candle topper after burned is very hot, don’t move it until it’s cold. When there is a hot candle topper on the candle, you want to extinguish the fire without producing any smoke, push the wick into the wax pool with a candle wick dipper, a candle snuffer, a toothpick, or a wire. After that, don’t forget to put the wick upright immediately.

Pay attention to your table and pads when placing the hot lid.

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