6 Best Air Beds Make the Most Comfortable Guest Bed

An airbed is a great option if you have a spare bed that you can use occasionally and can pack away when not in use. It is useful for when your child is having a sleepover, family visits during holidays, or camping trips. A twin or queen spare bed is sometimes not enough, if there’s still plenty of room, a full-sized airbed will be perfect.  It can fit in a three or four-person tent and still have enough room for gear.

When searching for the perfect full-sized airbed, there are many things to take into consideration. Are you looking for a regular airbed or an elevated one? Is a built-in pump more convenient or would you prefer an external pump? These are just a few of the many questions this guide will answer. For more information, read on. Don’t forget about our top full airbeds.

Best Full Air Beds

1. Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Airbed Series

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Best guest air bed for the price

2. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

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Top rated

3. Intex Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Classic Airbed Series

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Durable and comfortable

4. Ivation EZ-Bed Full Size Air Mattress

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Best for camping

5. EnerPlex Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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Guest bed alternative

6. King Koil Luxury Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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Last update was on: April 6, 2024 4:42 pm
Versatile for home use

What to Consider When Buying a Full Air Bed?

Bed thickness

Full airbeds can be either standard or elevated in height (also known as “single height”). Most models today measure between 6 and 15 inches in thickness. The overall air bed thickness is generally related to its comfort layer components. Most airbed support cores are between 5 to 8 inches thick regardless of airbed thickness.

Airbeds with a single height are usually between 6 and 10 inches high. These airbeds are inexpensive and easy to inflate. They can also be compacted easily and stored away quickly. They aren’t as comfortable as the raised models and can be more difficult to use, so they may not be as suitable for seniors.

Airbeds with double-height are typically between 15 and 20 inches high. This makes them as easy to use as regular beds. These airbeds are more comfortable than single-height ones and can be used for extended stays of up to two nights. They are slow to inflate and can be bulky once deflated so it is not ideal for camping.

Built-in pillow

A built-in pillow is available for some full-sized airbeds. It’s not like a regular pillow, but it has a larger area at the top. It will still provide some support and elevation to your head. This is useful for those who don’t want to carry a pillow or don’t have any at home.

Built-in headboard

Although it isn’t common, you can still find full-sized airbeds that have built-in headboards. Although they take longer to inflate, headboards will keep your head and pillows from sliding across the airbed’s end if it isn’t against a wall.

Built-in pump

Airbeds with double height usually come standard with a pump that plugs into an electrical outlet. This is useful for home, but not so much for camping. Some models allow you to use an external pump instead of the built-in one.

In addition, it is crucial to retain air. Air retention is vital to retain air. A quality airbed quality should have strong air retention properties. Some airbeds have built-in pumps that monitor the air level and can be topped up if necessary.

Internal coils

Full airbeds can be equipped with internal beams or coils that provide more support and effectiveness. Airbeds that do not have air coils or beams can sag at the center which can lead to a less comfortable night’s rest.

Flocked top

A soft, velvety top of an airbed is called a flocked. Flocked tops make it more comfortable to sleep on an airbed without the use of a sheet.

Storage bag

Many full airbeds come with storage bags that allow you to store your airbed away when it is not being used. This protects your airbed from punctures and makes it easy to clean up between uses. You can also transport your airbed with the handles on the storage bag.
Many airbeds come with a small patch kit that can be used to fix punctures and tears.


Prices for full airbeds will vary depending on the height and quality of the model. Double-height airbeds will cost more than singe-height models. Moreover, an added pump may cost an additional fee.

Think about how often you will use your entire airbed. If you choose an inexpensive airbed that is only used occasionally, you should know that it won’t last as long if it is used every weekend.


Consider where your airbed will be placed and the right size of the full airbed. Standard full airbeds measure 54×75 inches. Full XL airbeds are 54×80 inches.
To prevent your airbed from moving during the night, place a rug underneath if you plan to set it up on uncarpeted floors like tile or hardwood.

Are Full Airbeds Suitable For Long-term Usage?

Airbeds can be quite comfortable but are only meant for short-term use. They are not strong enough to support long-term use and can cause back pain and other body aches.

How to Fix A Leaky Air Bed?

Air beds are popular because they are convenient for guests and portable when you go on vacation. However, they have a major drawback- air leakage in the valve and fabric. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed with simple solutions depending on the type of leak. This guide will show you how to fix a leaking air mattress step by step.

Confirm the leak

Before you attempt to fix a leak, confirm that it is actually happening. Air mattresses naturally lose air over time. Temperature changes can accelerate this process.

New air beds that haven’t had a chance to expand fully can cause air loss. You should pump the new air bed every day for a few days at first use to allow the bed to get fully stretched. You can then pump it 1-2 times per week.

When you are checking the leakage, make sure there is enough space and light to perform a repair. It’s better to find a quiet place with no wind.

Re-inflate your mattress to 90 percent capacity before you start looking for the leak. Avoid over-inflate the air bed or you may make the leak worse.

Lie on the mattress for a while to check if it starts to deflate. If the air volume drops, it is likely that it has a hole in its wall or a tear, even some leakage around the valve.

Find the leak

Place it against a wall with the bottom facing up after inflation. Take a close look at the surface to see if there are any signs of damage. You should inspect seams for cracks that can often be found in these areas.

Press gently on the mattress and listen to the hissing sound of the air escaping after inflating the air bed. Gently rub your hand over the mattress surface to detect air, especially around seams and valves.

Mix soap and water in a small spray bottle. Spray this mixture on any areas where air leaks are likely to occur, such as seams and near the valve. The leak will be obvious if the soap mixture bubbles.

A soapy sponge applied to a mattress that is fully inflated will also help you find a leak. Any bubbles that form or grow in areas of a mattress can indicate a leak.

Clean the area and mark it

After locating the source of the leakage, thoroughly clean the area. Let it air dry completely. Use a marker to gently mark the area where the leak is so you don’t lose sight of it.

You want the surface to be as smooth as possible in order for the patch to stick. You may need to lightly sand down an air mattress with fine or very fine sandpaper if it has a rough surface.

Repair the leak

After the area has dried completely, you can patch the leak with the included patch kit or a bike tire patch set. Also, you can make your own patch from a thin plastic material such as a shower curtain.

Follow the instructions of your manufacturer if you are using a patch kit. You may have to be creative depending on the severity and size of the leak, as well as the material that you use for the patch.

Here’s how you can patch a leaky mattress:

  • Seal the air mattress by completely deflating it.
  • Make sure the area that is leaking is dry and clean.
  • To ensure that the area of leakage is fully exposed, adjust the mattress.
  • Apply the patch to the affected areas, making sure there is at most half an inch coverage.
  • Use a bandage-style adhesive patch to fix the area.
  • Apply strong glue to the edges of a patch if you are using a simple patch.
  • To ensure that the edges of the patch don’t curl, apply a flat, heavy object to it after the patch has been applied.
  • Let the patch dry for at least 8 hours.
  • Inflate the mattress carefully and test for any leaks.

These are the steps to patch an air mattress. After the air mattress has been repaired, make sure to inspect it regularly to ensure that it isn’t peeling away. If the patch seal begins to leak again, you may need to do it again.

How Long Does It Take For An Airbed Of Full Size To Be Inflated?

It depends on how high your bed is and what method you use to inflate it. An electric pump will take about three to five minutes for a double-height bed, while a foot or hand pump can take between 10 and 20 minutes. An electric pump should be used to inflate a single-height bed within one to three minutes, or five to ten minutes with a manual pump.

Do Full-sized Airbeds Have A Maximum Bodyweight Limit?

The bed may burst or sag excessively if you exceed the limit. Most full airbeds can support 300-600 pounds. This is enough for most singles. It’s much easier to exceed this limit if you plan to sleep on an airbed for two.
You can adjust the firmness of an airbed to your liking by either inflating or deflating it.
You should inspect the area in which you plan to place your airbed.


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